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AsureQuality的总裁 Michael Thomas先生和新西兰普华永道的总裁 Bruce Hassall先生今天在北京代表新西兰方签署协议并表示:这项协议标志着AsureQuality的专业得到了中国的认可。我们四方的正式合作将有助于我们,乃至其他广大的新西兰农业单位,在中国市场建立深入合作,开展业务。

“我们签署这项协议的时刻正处在中新建交以来关系最紧密的时期:新西兰总理率领代表团首次在中国举办“新西兰 - 中国关系促进委员会合作论坛”;新西兰与中国建交40周年;《中新自由贸易协定》签订5周年。这些都进一步加强了新西兰与中国的关系。”


Partnership offers significant benefits for New Zealand and China agriculture industries
New Zealand government-owned AsureQuality and PwC New Zealand signed a collaboration framework agreement with China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited and COFCO Corporation to investigate the development of a China New Zealand agribusiness service and Food Safety Centre of Excellence in China.

Initially AsureQuality and PwC will work with Mengniu and COFCO on a dairy-related food safety and farm assurance project. As the partnership evolves it is expected that additional New Zealand commercial and research entities with expertise in other areas of the agricultural sector will be brought in.

AsureQuality's CEO Mr Michael Thomas and PwC New Zealand's CEO Mr Bruce Hassall, who signed the agreement in Beijing today, say, "This agreement acknowledges the expertise held by AsureQuality, and the benefits that formal collaboration offers for us, and potentially the wider New Zealand agribusiness sector, in the Chinese market.

"We believe this partnership agreement will enable New Zealand’s world-class food safety models, agricultural systems and skill sets to be provided on a commercial basis in China."

The partnership also has the support of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and is the result of extensive research work commissioned by NZTE and carried out by PwC in 2012 to identify international opportunities for New Zealand’s agribusiness sector. In addition, agritechnology is a sector of focus for New Zealand in China, as outlined in the NZ Inc China Strategy.

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