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190,000 Auckland customers lose power

Thousands of customers throughout the North Island went without power today because of an issue with the high-voltage direct current (HVDC) link.

The transmission system connecting the electricity networks of the North and South Islands went down during the commissioning of poles.

About 10% of the North Island lost power, according to Rebecca Wilson, corporate communications manager for Transpower.

By 12:30 about 95% of customers were restored, she told NBR ONLINE. The remainder of the network is expected to be back up and running by 1 pm.

In fact Vector has just issued a statement saying full power has been restored to Auckland.

At the peak of the outages, 190,000 Auckland customers lost power and 13,000 homes in Hamilton were also affected, according to Vector.

Comments and questions

Good to see Auckland has moved on from the Mercury Energy debacle(s) of 1997.

This was a North Island wide event, Good to see NBR taking it's time to report an event of this scale