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NZ census targets online in 2013

Statistics' New Zealand is targeting the digital component of next year's census.

Statistics minister Maurice Williamson today announced recruitment has now begun ahead of the March 5, 2013, mass data collection.

Last year’s census did not go ahead because of the February 22 earthquake.

Statistics New Zealand is expecting next year’s census to cost $72 million – $18 million less than the budget for 2011.

Officials say it is because they can take advantage of the preparation already under way.

Mr Williamson says Statistics New Zealand is looking to employ 440 district supervisors and, later this year, 7500 collectors.

The internet uptake last census was low, and officials are hoping to encourage many more people to submit their statistics online.

Statistics NZ is expecting to count up to 4.6 million people and 1.8 million dwellings.

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Best the stats department send Maurice out for a long lunch. He only does most things half pie so better he be kept away from this venture into the interweb.