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$2.63 to the SFO: Online calculator reveals where your tax goes

A new online calculator, created as part of the Mix and Mash competition, graphically displays how the government spends your tax dollars.

For example, a person earning $100,000 would pay a total of $23,930 in tax.

Of that $23,930, the largest amount ($6,465.34) would go to the Ministry of Social Development.

But the calculator also takes in your personal contribution to smaller government agencies, such as the Serious Fraud Office ($2.63 in our example of a $100,000 earner) and the hither-to-unknown Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (96 cents).

And do check out that chunk of change clipped by IRD on $123,930 tax - $1866.24.

The Tax Receipt 2010 calculator was created by Southgate Labs, whose recent projects include the Sam Morgan-backed Vend online point-of-sale software.

See how they go when Mix and Mash winners are announced tomorrow, December 10.

The event is run by the Digital New Zealand business unit within the National Library of New Zealand, with Microsoft and InternetNZ as primary sponsors.

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Comments and questions

Instead of voting for which party we want at election, I would rather vote by allocation, how I want my tax dollars spent.

Good point Ken, though that probably happens now in a way (well it should)
Greens = More Tax and Spend on everything other than defence
Labour = More Tax and Spend on everything, especially sporting events
National = More Tax and Spend on everything, especially sporting events
Act = Cut Tax, Cut Spending and more user pays.

So the last one on the list would allow you to vote with your wallet every day in a way... but as we are a socialist country, that ain't going to happen as Act will not get voted in again.

ACT are a waste of space. One big joke.

And you believe the others aren't?? We simply get to vote for the party that is likely to do the least damage.

Social Development gets the most. Does this mean we are successful in developing more of them?

I am surprised at how much the IRD get - 3x more than the Police!