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Claims of $7m against Hubbard fund

About $7 million is being claimed against the statutory-managed Hubbard Management Fund.

In their 12th report, statutory managers Grant Thorton says Allan Hubbard's widow Jean and her family are contesting $4.3 million and ASB Bank's $2.1 million claim is heading to court.

Grant Thornton has also urged investors not to appeal a High Court judgment on funds distribution. It hopes the court will approve a final distribution formula.

"We are in the unfortunate position where the total value of assets available is likely to be no more than 50% of what would be required to settle the total obligations on investor statements."

ASB says it has security over Scales Corporation shares, worth $2.1 million, relating to a loan made some years ago to Mr and Mrs Hubbard.

Total claims against Mercer Group shares are $3.9 million, including Mrs Hubbard's claim the shares were inappropriately introduced to HMF.

Mrs Hubbard also says she did not consent to the transfer of South American Ferro Metals shares to HMF, which are thought to be worth more than $400,000.

Claims from investors who injected shares to managed by HMF - not cash - are worth about $524,000. 

"A further complexity to reconcile is that the HMF accounts show an investment in Aorangi Securities of $3.6 million but only $0.47 million is recorded in the Aorangi accounts," Grant Thornton says in a statement today.

"It appears that the HMF figure is overstated but the reconciliation will be subject to an independent review. 

"If this is the case, it will reduce the value of the HMF portfolio."

Grant Thornton has reviewed 20 years of deposits and withdrawals to establish what investors are owed, but no further payments have been made to investors.

Regarding Aorangi Securities, for which Grant Thornton is also statutory manager, a court case to decide Mrs Hubbard's $60 million claim is expected to start soon.

“If we are unsuccessful in these proceedings, this will have a severe impact on returns to Aorangi investors,” Grant Thornton says.

There are also eight or more loans "in dispute or at risk".

Recoveries from third party loans are estimated at approximately $39 million, depending on the market and legal challenges.

Statutory management costs for both companies are $10.86 million since June 2010, including $5.21 million of fees and disbursements to Grant Thornton.

To date, Aorangi investors have received 15 cents in the dollar, totalling approximately $14.5 million.

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Comments and questions

What a total mess. I wonder how many Aorangi investors still think well of their erstwhile hero now?

Havent been so many marches in Timaru lately. I wonder what the sibblings will do with the money if they win - maybe start a food bank for Aorangi investors.

All the ones who got free money and didnt have to repay their debts.

$100m fund
50% return maybe
$10m fees to date
The Ivory Tower brigade

Sorry Mrs Hubbard, but any moneys that you have squirreled away is absolutely not yours or your late husbands, so may I suggest that you return it to where it came from, and at least show some of the investors who had absolute faith in your late Husband, that you in your twilight years at least have a little bit of a consiounce, plus to be fair, you can't take it with you when you depart this broken planet, plus it will save your siblings fighting over the ill gotten gains.