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ACC levies drop from today

An effective tax cut for workers and businesses applies from today with a reduction in ACC levies.

ACC Minister Judith Collins says it amounts to $387 million total saving and is a result of the scheme’s “excellent performance” over the past few years.

“It marks the 40th birthday of the Accident Compensation scheme and it’s great that New Zealanders will be celebrating by keeping more money in their pockets,” she says.

The average household will be just over $200 better off each year from today, while small businesses will gain around $180 in saving. Larger employers will receive, on average, a $6000 reduction.

Comments and questions

Well done! Now, let's get rid of the those dubious claims (cat scratches and sun burn). If the claimant can watch TV, they can work.

Spoken like someone that has never done a proper day's work in his life. I'm guessing you think 'work' is answering emails, writing reports, and attending meetings. You might be surprised to know that some people actually do physical (i.e. useful) work for a living and ACC levies help those people recover to go back out and do the useful work you then write your reports and attend your meetings about.

Really - somebody doing physical work pre-accident should not stop them from doing non-physical work post-accident or during recovery; which, I believe, was what Dirk's point was.


Well I suppose thats something from a cost plus monopoly. There is enough money in the ACC fund, providing enough revenue to virtually have no levies at all.

For NZ citizens still no competition and no choice. Its a bit like Obamacare, its so good we have to use force.

Having a choice to not pay ACC works for the rich but not for those can't afford private healthcare. Privatisation the medical industry doesn't benefit society as a whole, just the rich, the lawyers and the mates of the politicians who privatise it and pick up the contracts.

"... keeping more money in their pockets ..."

... ah, no. You are just rightly returning what you stole an excess of ... and some would say, still taking way more than what ACC needs to operate.