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ACT candidacy in Epsom: Brewer puts it in black-and-white

There's disappointment for ACT members who hoped high-flying Auckland City Counciller Cameron Brewer would take a tilt at the party's leadership, and its sole seat of Epsom.

Since Mr Brewer declined to take a shot at the Auckland Mayoralty, there has been speculation about his ambition on the national political stage.

But if he takes a tilt at the Beehive, it won't be with  ACT.

“It’s nice to be speculated about, but I think it’s more important to now give the community some certainty about my intentions," Mr Brewer told NBR this morning.

“I will not be seeking the candidacy to be the next ACT MP for Epsom," he said.

“I’ve been a member of the National Party since 1996, and that is where my political loyalties remain."

He added, “I am also completely committed to local ratepayers. Let’s not forget that only a few weeks ago I was sworn in for a second term as a councillor. Forcing a costly council by-election would not be popular. I have had a lot more local support to remain at Auckland Council fighting for ratepayers than tearing off to Wellington.

“I am also completely committed to spending time with my wife and eight-year-old daughter in the next few years, and I know just how hard parliament is on families.”

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That's a huge relief, because Auckland ratepayers need him to stay where he is.

Totally agree sherrol


How about changing the Electoral Act before Banksie leaves to give Mt Eden 2 MPs? That would restore some stability and avoid the need to bring anyone else up from the crypt

The C & R councillors are useless, untalented and in no way qualified to check the Hulse machine. Like the Act MPs they often seem selected on the basis its best to select relatively ordinary people who can be basically just controlled PR presenters But it never seems to work . Effective right wingers largely determine their own line and veto point nb Reagan, Thatcher and Abbott. The superiority of W41 over W43 proves the point.
Brewer and Coddington have no place in a right wing party. Note how Portillo and Major immediately reverted to the centre and left once out of Maggies control. Hide selected Laila Harre to plan the Auckland Super Council and not coincidentally created a structue Banks was certain to lose, under. Banks and Bennett advocate Charter schools for the stupid to train for the military. But actually the infantry, police and nursing should be from the second quartile. Good technicians come from the second quartile. IC and Electricians from the borderline first. Its helps and makes everybody feel good if the hairdressers, nurses and bar staff are goodlooking. Its the first and essential requirement. No Rodney. No Coddington Kerr and No Brewer.