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ACT leader Jamie Whyte to stand against Maurice Williamson in Pakuranga

ACT leader Jamie Whyte will stand as the party's candidate in Pakuranga.

“ACT’s policy of three strikes for burglary, which would put serial burglars in prison for at least three years, will particularly appeal to Pakuranga residents,” says Dr Whyte.

“While I am campaigning strictly for the party vote, ACT’s policies will go a long way to making Pakuranga more prosperous, and its streets and homes safer.”

Dr Whyte has close ties with Pakuranga, having attended Mellons Bay Primary, Bucklands Beach Intermediate (BBI) and Pakuranga College. 

Following John Banks resignation as he faced electoral return charges, former ACT youth leader David Seymour was named as the party's candidate for its sole seat of Epsom.

The East Auckland seat has been in minor party hands before.

Social Credit's Neil Morrison won Pakaranga as National was swept aside in the 1984 landslide.

Mr Morrison lost in 1987 to National's Maurice Williamson, who still holds the seat.

Mr Williamson resigned from cabinet May 1 after allegedly interfering in a police domestic violence investigation involving large National Party donor Donghua Liu.

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Comments and questions

Go for "two ticks" Dr Whyte. Inform the people of Pakaurangi that they will be doing the Nats an enormous favour if they vote you in and Mr Williamson out.

NZ has to move away from a total focus on inequality to a focus on producing something to be equal about.

Dr Whyte can introduce the necessary changes that previous politicians are too timid or too mindful of their own positions to make any change.

The stuctured removal of WFF and reducing company tax to 17% is a good start.

Yes, but that aberrant result was a Social Credit win! I don't think a major business newspaper like yours should be reminiscing about that little moment of surrealism...