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Air New Zealand to fly direct to Bali

Air New Zealand has launched a new route flying direct from Bali to Auckland.

The service will operate twice weekly over peak periods from June to October with potential for a year round service if demand is sufficient.

The route will be serviced by a Boeing 767-300, which has 24 business class seats and 204 economy seats.

The inaugural flight will depart on Wednesday June 20, subject to government and regulatory approvals.

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Comments and questions

Good stuff AirNZ.

"I've been thinking about going 'fly in, fly out' from Bali"

No more Jetstar. Heavens be praised. Shame it's not a 777-200. 767 is an average in flight experience.

yes i was thinking the same i want it to be a 777-200 that would make the fligh experience even more enjoyable :)

great news..i'll use it...saves going via SPP

Strange move. Only going there for a few months and the alliance partner already goes there. Isn't that cannibalisation? Good to see the service being done with NZ metal though so jobs to Kiwis rather than offshore.

Direct flights to Bali....Fantastic...... I have only ever flown direct once before by Garuda before they decided to stop off at Brisbane and then stopped the service altogether. Tried Virgin Pacific but never again. I am now waiting to hear that the flights have been approved. Bring it on

Air New Zealand used to fly Bali non-stop in the early 1990's