Air NZ delays biofuel flight due to A320 crash

Air New Zealand has postponed an historic biofuel test flight, originally scheduled for this Wednesday, as the airline comes to terms with the tragic loss of four employees in an Airbus A320 crash off the coast of France.

The world-first biofuel flight will now take place in early January next year.

The two hour 747-400 flight from Auckland had planned to use a jatropha-based fuel, sourced from seeds grown on environmentally sustainable farms.

“The full efforts and resources of Air New Zealand will be focused over the coming days on providing support to the family members of the missing New Zealanders and to our people, and assisting in the investigation of the A320 accident in France,” Air New Zealand says.

French authorities have recovered the cockpit voice recorder from the A320 aircraft that crashed into the sea on Friday morning (NZ time).

The plane had been leased from Air New Zealand by XL Airways Germany, which was operating it at the time of the crash.

The flight was to check that the aircraft, which had been repainted in Air New Zealand livery, was operating smoothly before Air New Zealand took the plane back and returned it to service.

Seven people died and it is not yet known what caused the accident.

The plane went down after an hour-long flight as it was approaching the airport at the city of Perpignan, and there was no radio correspondence between the pilots and air traffic control about any problems on board.

The incident was the 10th fatal accident involving the A320 aircraft.

The A320, first delivered in 1988, is one of the world’s most popular and respected aircraft.

It was the first commercial aircraft to use digital fly-by-wire flight control systems, and 3652 planes in the A320 family (which includes several other variants) have been built.

Of those, 19 have been involved in “hull loss accidents” – where the plane is completely destroyed or so badly damaged that it has to be written off – and these incidents have resulted in 631 fatalities.

The worst crash occurred last July, when a TAM Airlines flight was not able to stop while landing at an airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

All 187 passengers and crew died, as well as 12 people on the ground.
Brazilian and international authorities are still investigating the accident.

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So a pilot flying A320 planes has almost a 1% chance of dying during his career!!!

Bugger Me!

And so early in the life of these respected planes ampst 1 in 100 have fallen out of the sky.
Tell me they are more reliable as they get older please!!!


Even assuming that of the 10 fatal accidents, all involved pilot deaths, 10/3652 is not anywhere near 1%. It's 0.2738%. Anyway, based on your reasoning nobody should ever drive a Toyota Corolla, because so many have crashed.

Your maths is far less reliable than the aircraft.


Just to add to the comment which points out your incredibly poor maths, your also assuming each aircraft has only ever done one flight rather than the six sectors a day average most airlines runthem on. Factor that in with the changes of TWO crew and you will still get a minute figure. If you knew anything about these planes and the previous accidents you would know just how safe they are!


Of these statistics, a great many were not caused by aircraft or system failures. This is the usual uninformed misleading statistics we have come to expect, with or without buggery


Not that it bumps it up to 1%...but they do actually have TWO pilots flying those aircraft.


Algae is a renewable fuel, does not affect the food channel and eats C02. Algae oil can be converted into fuels such as jet fuel, biodiesel, and biomass for biogasoline.

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Tell me about, it this guy is a f>>>>n idiot! hes asking to be clowned on.


1% ha ha, yes slightly miscalculated. A320 family are very safe aircraft, however a much more in depth understanding of the aircraft systems, and auto pilot modes is more critical for safe operation than other aircraft types. The airbus really can 'catch you out' in a few operational scenarios, and ecam proceedures in emergencies can sometimes lead you down a bad path, like smoke in the flightdeck, gets you just to go straight into emegency electrical config, and a fuel imbalance tells you to open the crossfeed, but you could end up transfering fuel into a leaking tank just a few examples. My point is airbus operators MUST be have good training, and lack of understanding of the systems has lead to a few of the accidents mentioned above, like the test flight of the A320, the test pilots did not know enough about how the fly by wire protection systems work, or the TAM aircraft, when they left one thrust lever in the Climb gate when they touched down.


Good afternoon i was due to fly to sydney from wellington on the 14th nov flight nz 743 due to the flight being cancelled we were put on a flight to brisbane and told had on going flight to sydney that afternoon got to brisbane flight had been cancelled a worry i had people waiting for me in sydney plus there time and fuel coming from the hunter i had to be in the hunter vally for a wedding at 1030 sat morn well i missed that not a very good flight to brisbane on screen tv not working the food was shocking offered 2 drinks whole flight i lost just about 2 days of my holiday plus a wedding the nz staff at wellington were pretty bad i am one that does not like to complain but it really stuffed my holiday been planning it for a while as i was only going to be there for a short time can you please tell me wot air newzealand is go to do about our flight balls up really lookiny forward to seeing what you can do for me and looking forward to your reply not very happy


On a recent trip to North Korea. I few an ancient Tu-154B-2 variant!
No life jackets under the seats, people still smoking, They have no onboard entertainment (only a packet of North Korean cigarettes?) and Officials shun you for taking photos out of the window.. incase you take a photo of a Surface to air missile site? They have have no or limited food that smells like cat bile and when the aircraft landed heavily some of the overhead cabin baggage fell out concussing an elderly lady. When they opened the door (no air bridges) the slide activated causing mild panic in the cabin. Air Koryo. Air NZ isnt nearly as bad. Also they lost our luggage and when it was returned items were missing.


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