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Air NZ offers $7 fares between Auckland and Wellington

Air New Zealand is offering passengers a $7 flight between Auckland and Wellington in the week leading up to Christmas.

The deal is an extension of its Night Rider service it launched a week ago and applies only to the airline's final flight of the day.

The $7 fare, which does not include any bags, will be available between December 17 and 24.

The Night Rider flight departs from Auckland and Wellington at 10 o'clock every night between Sunday and Friday.

On Saturdays, it leaves Auckland for Wellington at 9pm, returning to Auckland at 10.30pm. 

Comments and questions

Shouldn't your headline be "Air New Zealand Abandon's Gisborne" ?

And Hawke's Bay, and every other provincial area forced to pay Air New Zealand excessive air fares because there is no competition. Air New Zealand should be prevented from charging more on services where there is no competition as routes where there is. It is time for Government and Commerce Commission to act.

Lol most of the time they only operate in those provinces because they are required to by the govt. Maybe you should encourage competition - obviously it's not profitable for anyone else to be there else they would be. Air NZ is well within their rights to charge whatever they please especially when they are the sole service providers. Don't like it, don't fly. Bigger cities have substantially more travelers and airlines can still make profit while selling a few seats at ridiculous prices - just the way the world works.

Okay, so fully flexi fare, get into lounge 5 hours early, refund fare, book $7 fare and hide in toilets with beers?

No get on their site and no $7fares ate showing. Good publicity tho,

I feel angry and conned by Air NZ, having just bought a $29 fare before this announcemet. Wake up, Air NZ! You are losing customers.

So Air NZ are selling seats at $29, you buy one and now they have to advertise them at $7 to find some one to sit next to you. Who's the problem??

$29 fare, my god, the bank just broke

Whinge whinge whinge! Love airnz definitely best airline in the world!

Blimey - You need to get out more !

Spoken like someone who has never flown Emirates where economy on the upper deck of an A380 is better than Business on an Air NZ cripple seven.

#5 Anonymouse

What planet are you on
Air New Zealand is not in the top 10 Airline as rated by Skytrax customers.
It is not in the bottom 10 either

Obviously you don't have much experience with other airlines.

It makes a $50 plus taxi fare to the city seem a complete ripoff. Do the taxi companies offer $7 fares too to meet these late night bargains?
When the government part-sell Air NZ will these deals continue, or is there a hidden agenda here.