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And the prize for the most boring country in the world goes to...

New Zealanders still smarting over a Travel MSN British poll which rated their country as the most boring place on Earth can now have the last laugh.

It’s the British, not us, who are indisputably the most boring, tedious and dull people on the planet, and the evidence is not hard to find.

This weekend, Boring 2012, a conference to celebrate all things boring, is being staged in London – and it’s a sellout.

The event, which is now into its third year, will feature “nothing interesting, worthwhile or important”.

According to the organisers, it’s a “celebration of the prosaic and the mundane” and will include talks on self-service checkouts, yellow lines, toast, pylons and shop fronts.

Previous mindlessly mundane topics have been electric hand dryers, square roots and the thoughts of a man who kept a list of everything he had eaten in the past year.

The creator of the event, James Ward, is quoted as saying the event is an antidote to the “in-your-face, noisy world of modern advertising and media”.

It might be one big yawn, but for Mr Ward it could be a nice little earner.

Doubtless an entrepreneurial New Zealander will start something similar here, given the plethora of mind-numbingly boring issues that occupy our attention.

How about talks on sheep drenches, living in Hamilton, Sally Ridge’s love life, electric fences, Hobbiton and the Black Caps.

Bound to be a sellout.

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Comments and questions

Definitely should hold it in Auckland where there's plenty of boring topics, such as house prices, suburbs, house prices in suburbs, traffic, traffic in suburbs....

Or maybe they could hold it in Canterbury. After four days of everyone talking about what ship their ancestors came on and what rugby club they played for, they could then move on to the earthquakes.

You forgot the Labour Party and Dotcom!

I think New Zealand is boring only because of the importance that sports pay here. It's all about rugby, Olympics and cricket. Barbeques and boats and property.

Boring and nothing of any importance.

I think those are the most interesting things in New Zealand... sport and the outdoors is what defines NZ for me.

Trafficking in house prices, suburbs in the traffic, etc.

Guest speaker - Len Brown

As my daughter wisely put it at age 11 years: 'All you grown-ups talk about is the house, work and money.' Was a timely wake-up call.

Yes, interesting to see Rafa taking over at Chelsea until the end of the season, wasn't it ....

And teachers' pay would be up there, I reckon.

BTW, who's Sally Ridge?

Sustainability would make a great keynote topic.
And you could have workshops on organics, homeopathy, the future of Christchurch's cathedral....

The rugby. Or even worse historical rugby facts.

Esther, your daughter is telling the truth about a lot of people in this country. It is SO boring and leads to nowhere. Selling houses to each other is not the answer to productivity issues.

Cornflakes cornflakes cornflakes Cornflakes cornflakes cornflakes Cornflakes cornflakes cornflakes cornflakes


... but now we have Marmite also to talk about.

On my CV, Hobbies I put cosmology, philosophy, chess, mathematics

And if prospective employer is too stupid/PC to call me on it, they are not worth working for.

Druggies in the Suburbs, trafficking by druggies in the Suburbs, Stubbies on druggies in the Suburbs ...

Labour Party election tactics... Union productivity initiatives...

If you look at TV programmes as the representative of what people value then you can see why New Zealand should be the most boring place on earth. I have stopped watching (no)News and all the local programmes for many years now. Typical Kiwis can't hold any conversation that does not involve house price, beer, rugby and needing more money from the government.

Lets face it, if you think boring is boring, one could suspect you are either a constant whinger or very unhappy.

In my house, boring is a swear word.

It indicates lack of thinking, lack of drive, lack of ideas, lack of IQ and a fair amount of laziness.

None of which New Zealand has as a whole.

"In the final minutes of play, who do ya reckon will come off the bench?"

"...Living in Hamilton"? How about swapping that for "...reading Rod Vaughan articles".

Or the documentary on the history of coleslaw.