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Angry unionists reject unpleasant facts

Striking wharfies reacted angrily today to NBR Online's exclusive "biker gang" disclosures, ironically accusing Ports of Auckland (PoAL) of a "smear campaign."

In an exclusive interview with NBR Online, Ports of Auckland (PoAL) organisational strategist Rod Lingard revealed a series of disciplinary actions against members of the union's negotiating team made the union look like a "biker gang."

Four wharfies were disciplined by PoAL during the bargaining process.

BusinessDay could not get a followup to the NBR Online story because the port's media team would not make Mr Lingard available. BusinessDay relied instead on union president Gary Parsloe to make his smear allegations and leak employee details.

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Comments and questions

There is nothing more pathetic than to hear the protests of bullies once they have been publicly exposed for their cowardly behaviour.

The ratepayers of Auckland own these wharves....,Its time for the Wharfies showed some backbone and found other employment where they would be welcome ,and stop using their wives and children in such an embarrassing fashion.

What appalling journalism - NBR you should be ashamed.

How do you know that Lingard's "facts" are true or rather mischievous media manipulation? And who is doing the leaks? Are youy really suggesting POA aren't?

How do you know they are not? If they werent the union would be producing eveidence dammning the POAL "smear campaign". Instead they focus on the release of the fact the data was released to the media. I agree that they shouldnt be airing the dirty laundry but both sides are doing everything they can to win.

Nothing disinfects and obliterates lies and deceit like the light of day.

I wonder what the police records would show about the people of the MUNZ / CTU executive??

Bring it out - let the public decide on who is credible - and who are lying, deceitful, renta-thugs...

Wtf? Since when is media reporting on what stories other media couldn't get news? Try again nbr. Pathetic, just pathetic.