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'Anonymous' hacker collective targets Israeli govt, business sites

The hacker collective 'Anonymous' has increased attacks on Israel’s government websites, taking the country's Foreign Ministry website and the municipal website for Tel Aviv ( offline.

The group has also launched cyber attacks on more than 600 Israeli businesses websites, it claims via Twitter (where it his using the hashtag  #OpIsrael.

The attacks are in retaliation for Israeli military strikes on Hamas in Gaza, the group says.

The Anonymous campaign began Friday NZ time.

Last year, Anonymous threatened to take Internal Affairs' website offline in protest against a (voluntary) filter the department had proposed for ISPs.

Internal Affairs website did go down, but it claimed there was no evidence the outage was caused by a hack attack.

Comments and questions

Way to do:)

To what end?

"Anonymous" supporting terrorists. In other words, one criminal organisation supporting another one. How surprising.

I think you forget that Israel assassinates an elected military leader of what SHOULD be a foreign state then they spin the media to say they are responding to missile attacks..... Israel commits war crimes on a monthly basis but we ignore it.

Actually Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel with increasing regularity for over a month. This latest round of fighting did not start with an Israeli instigation.

You have out of control generals on one side and out of control teenagers on the other. You can't control either lot.

Actually, Hamas have been firing rockets into Israel for YEARS now. Thousands of them (by their own admission) even after agreeing to a ceasefire.

You are obviously talking about the palestinians lol