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Another Internet-Mana meltdown


3News reports:

The Internet Mana Party has had another media blowout, with Hone Harawira stopping an interview and walking off after just one question.

Mr Harawira refused to talk about his party’s U-turn on cannabis and would only take questions on a Te Tai Tokerau candidates’ debate.

He was once one of Parliament’s toughest opponents to cannabis, but Mr Harawira has flip flopped. Mana now wants to see decriminalisation – fitting with the preferred position of Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party.

Looks like $4 million doesn’t just buy you some candidates, but also some policies!

To understand how massive Hone’s u-turn is, consider that in March Hone said he wants to execute legal high sellers.

Also in March, the Herald reports:

Mr Harawira said he did not agree with Mr Dotcom’s policy that marijuana should be decriminalised.

Yet now he does. We knows who calls the shots now.

Political commentator David Farrar posts at Kiwiblog.

Comments and questions

Sounds like what is happening quietly within the National party

Team Key vs Team Collins - both feral and both out to screw each other post election.

It's a pity John Key doesn't have the balls to deal to Collins pre election - for his sake and the countries sake

Oh, look over there. Nothing to see here in hard-left GIMP-land. It's those other guys........

How wrong you are
Collins gone
Key next

The majority will decide not just the greedy bludging off a twisted economic system

Jeez Doc you have a huge chip on your shoulder. Open your eyes and look at where politics have gone thanks to the professional s-stirrers in this country. Do you think the lefties are as pure as the driven snow? Dream on. Thanks to the pimpled fat buffoon of politics we have gone to new low levels of politics never before experienced. Wake up.

No chip mate

Now we have Collins trying to say she is part of a two year smear campaign against her.

Let's just get the facts right - Nationals and Judith Collins set the rules. Collins has been feeding Cameron Slater confidential information for years as has John Key and most National MP's - since at least 2011 which is their whole second term.

There would be no Hagar book if that had not happened.

John Key has now broken the same law by releasing the email yesterday - he is now as guilty as Judith Collins and should face the same punishment as her

When you say the left - the only one on the left playing this game is the Mana Internet party.

Geoff I think you may need to wake up and take off your blinkers

If it is wrong ( which it is ) and National and Collins were the instigators of this new low level of politics then you can't do the normal National ' holier than thou' approach. And if you have any integrity you can't defend them


Your memory for someone claiming a doctorate is pretty short. Cast your mind back to 2008 when the then Clarke led Labour government was using tax payer funds to send party president Mike Williams to Australia to find evidence of John Key's supposed involvement in foreign exchange fraud. The sole purpose of this endeavour was to dig dirt to discredit Key. If trolling through the records of someone's previous employer to try and find non-existent documents that can potentially be used to smear their reputation isn't the same low level you currently accuse National of then please highlight the difference. What's worse is the Labour Party then had the audacity to slug the tax payer with the cost.

So yes, let's get the 'facts' right, the 'rules' as you call them were not set by the National party, they have been in existence as long as there have been politicians. To try and claim the moral high ground for the left is both disingenuous at best and hypocrisy at worst. Perhaps you may want to remove your own blinkers before asking others to do the same?

As Key used to also contact Whaleoil 2 or 3 times weekly (what for?) perhaps he, too, talked too much - and subsequently boasted to his inner few what he had leaked - and why -( if anything)?

We do know that the PM is not averse to showing off, don't we...

This would explain why he couldn't sack Collins, who would have been in a position to let this be known. Sauce for the goose...and sauce for the gander?

Only thinking...but it might explain the way he did everything except dismiss her - as he should have.

She would then have been in a position to say..."What about you..?"

If she is heroically now keeping quiet, for the sake of the party, can we expect a handsome quid pro-quo for her along the line?

Is this a case of saying, "Watch this space?"

It's only flip flop if John Key does it. If Hone does it, it is re-assessing what is best for his people.

*Wonders what Mr Harawira (and his family at large) will do once Kelvin Davis defeats him in TeTai Tokerau. Perhaps he is pushing this stance so he can prepare to be the biggest supplier in a very lucrative market in the North of the country...*

He who pays the money calls the shots. Hey, Hone, get me another coffee.

This is a desperate article.
Many parties go to decriminalisation at some point as they evolve on cutting edge topics. Just as consumer polls show.

"We knows who calls the shots now."

The members of MANA, a democratic organisation, who have been pushing for a decriminalisation as harm reduction policy for a long time? people like Annette Sykes, Te Hamua Nikora and hundreds of rank and file members?

That is of course what David means

Once were warriors - the sad and unsurprising decline of mana.

Just to state the obvious: they have well and truly lost any mana they might have had.

as a pro cannabis person I also would like to see the 'legal highs' off the shelves and those selling them put into criminal status if they continue to do so.

Cannabis has a plethora of positive uses fro industry to medicine while the others stuff is only destroying the minds of our youth.

The endocannabinoid system (naturally occurring) in out body is very sensitive and cannabis is welcomed by our bodies and helps us heal, while that crap that gets further and further away from the THC compound as they change it to get around the law only screws with your brain.

Cannabis prohibition is a crime against humanity.

THC coupled with CBD give a pleasant high and removing the CBD only makes one paranoid and anxious. Nature balances these, the black market and the 'legal highs' concentrate on the psychoactive THC or similar without actually adding the CBD than makes people feel good.

THC cures cancer and CBD stops seizures.

Plenty has come to light over the past year or 2 since cannabis can be studied legally in the US now due to prohibition ending in several states.

You uneducated bigots need to do some research.

Your points are valid but you stray by calling these commentators "bigots". I can't see many comments above about the pros or cons of legalising cannabis. The main thrust of the comments/criticisms about Internet/Mana are about Hone not staying true to his beliefs and selling out his principles to Dotcom. It's a travesty that our political landscape is being blighted by such blatant s***stirring for the benefit of one man's attempts to shield himself from his accusers. For the record - I'm 100% supportive of reasoned and considered debate and for the purposes of this comment I'm bipartisan in a political sense. I just can't for the life of me fathom why so many otherwise sensible people are backing such a blatant rort of our political system. Forget all the sideshows and let's focus on the big picture!

Hi David - could you help John join the dots please?

In reply to the Doctor who is a prolific anti-government blogger on the NBR site, your views are bigoted and make no attempt to provide balanced commentary. Try sticking to the topic here: the turn-around by Hone on allowing dope smoking is outrageous. Yet you try and change the topic to the Government. Even Labour - despite its terrible polling - refuses to work officially with Mana, should Mana retain any influence on 20 September which is thankfully is doubtful. No wonder.