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Apple boss Tim Cook slags Microsoft Surface tablet

During Apple's earnings call today, CEO Tim Cook was asked "With the launch of Surface, what are you seeing from a competitive standpoint?"

Mr Cook replied at length, flattering Microsoft with attention, if not praise:

I haven’t personally played with the Surface yet, but what we’re reading about it, it’s a fairly compromised, confusing product.

One of the toughest things you do when deciding to make a product is make hard trade-offs in deciding what a product should be.

We’ve done that with the iPad. I suppose you could design a car that flies and floats, but I don’t think it would do all of those things very well. I think people, when they look at the iPad, they’ll conclude they really want an iPad.

For Microsoft, often left out of the Apple vs Android mobile conversation altogether, it's a change of pace.

The company launched its Surface tablet this morning NZ time in parallel to its worldwide release of Windows 8.

The company has touted the Surface as a gadget that can act as a tablet or, when docked to a keyboard and monitor, a full-blooded PC replacement.

The Surface is not available in New Zealand, and Microsoft's NZ operation has no indication at this point when it will arrive.

This morning, Microsoft country manager Paul Muckleston said people could order it from Australia or the US, then ship it in.

Comments and questions

I'm sorry. The reason that most people have gone to an iPad, is because it was the only thing out there.
With both Andriod and PC tablets starting to come through, you will see a real drop in iPad sales going forward.

Pfft, ever used an iPad? They are so incredibly easy to use, plus they have thousands of iPad ready apps available straight away. No android tablets come near it in terms of usability.

How many of those ipad apps do you actually use?
The ipad is actually locked right down if you think about it. With my google tablet I can install almost any ROM I want, I have mapped network drives to access my 3TB HD of TV shows, I also can host a file sharing server off it. Tell me now that the Android OS doesn't come close to its usability. If you don't like the way it looks you can install ANY theme and GUI

Your talking about functionality, I was talking about usability. Even I will admit you can do far more with an android tablet in terms of customising it, hacking it etc if you really want to. The thing is, only a small proportion of people actually want to, or have the time and brains to do it. The rest of us just want to turn the device on and have it work, and work well, every time. That's why I have an iPad.

Yes, so incredibly easy to pick your wallet from an over priced product, because you think it is Cool and so you pay way too much. Do you understand anything about Margins? Probably not, as you live in New Zealand and are used to paying too much for things. Apple is stealing you blind, and you praise it. So many other tablets out there where you get a lot more for your money, but if you don't value you own money, Apple is happy to take it.

I didn't feel ripped off when I bought my iPad, and I'd happily go out and buy another if I lost it. In my brief 2 minutes of research before writing this post, it doesn't seem like the iPad is overpriced, indeed, it seems far better value for money than some of the alternatives (eg galaxy note 10.1, $799 vs iPad 3 $634).

Dear Gods cam we please have an end to Apple and Android proselytising? Apple true believers buy on emotion and Android users on a more Presbyterian outlook. You will never agree.

If he's too stupid to work out what it is then he shouldn't be running apple.

If he's too stupid not to know when his opnion isn't adding anything then he's too stupid to run Apple

i will buy it, someday

Surely Paul Muckleston should himself organise ordering from Australia or the US and ship them in - I thought that would be the purpose of Microsoft having a NZ based sales staff?

They're not being sold here in NZ _yet_

They'd need to organise, support, warranties, consumer guarantees act blah blah

Just do what I did and order from US and ship it in with youshop

Or: If Apple didn't think of it then it's not worth doing. Only Apple has good ideas and everyone else's ideas are rubbish.

Yeah right!

A bit of an idiot to diss something he's never seen, used or even touched

Ipad is great for the consumer market but we want something that we can manage/intergrate to Active Diretory for our cooperate users. We'll need to upgrade it to windows 8 enterprise edition to take advantage of all the features available. I can't wait for it to be available in NZ.

I have a ipad 2 and it's really useless, except for reading in the toilet. It is really just a piece of over priced junk.

Yeah right. Why dont you sell since you hate it so much?

Message to #8
If your ipad2 is so useless give it away to someone who can use it and enjoy it.

order them via youshop - even with the currency/shipping they'll probably be 20% cheaper than what is being charged here

Apple would bag the surface - they're scared (and they should be)

Never saw Jobs rubbish the competition. You know your loosing when you have to talk about them....

I think you'll find Saint Steven dedicated a reasonable amount of time to slagging off Android and (at times) Microsoft.

hear hear I agree - Jobs bagged android frequently, remember the stink he created about fragmentation

And he was right.
When Apple comes out with a new version of iOS it works on the legacy devices and is widely adopted by the majority of users. When a new version of Android appears, chaos ensues as users find they have to wait months for an update, then accept further delays, then find updates staggered to different markets and some devices are left behind with no further updates.

@catlitter Dont worry stick with your IOS hardware and enjoy having your pockets emptied by Apple for a diminishing number of apps. Dont get lost with apple maps now!

If they were scared they probably would have sued them just like samsung

Now why on earth would Apple slag Microsoft ?_? lol

Isnt it amazing how times have changed - Apple and Microsoft seemed to have swapped characteristics over the last 20 years... Apple the underdog david to the Microsoft dominant Goliath.. now the shine is rapidly dulling down off of Apple whilst Microsoft who were frequently reviled in the 90's are now the good guys? Very interesting....

The US launch is being called 'muddled' at best.
The NZ launch is disasterous. Windows 8 is designed with the Surface tablet in mind and desktop / laptop installations are comprised at best. Consumers will be going to retailers looking for the Surface tablet and either going away disappointed or buying a compromised device which they will slag off to all their friends, destroying Microsoft's reputation and that of it's hardware partners.

Enterprise customers will be holding off fearing another Vista style debarcle.

I'm sticking with my Vista and W7 installations for the foreseeable future.
If you don't believe Microsoft is out on a limb with Windows 8 watch this:

parklitter have you even tried Win 8? Bagging it from the comfort of your ivory tower equals doing so from a position of absolute ignorance. I have used a surface and are running win 8 on several devices at home. It os pretty darned good.

Win 8/tablets will do to Apple what Windows did to Macintosh back in the 80's !!

Er, no they won't. Androids already doing to Apple in the mobile space what Microsoft did to Apple in the desktop space in the 1990s. And Android is both lower cost and more open than Microsoft which means that the niche MS filled in the 1990s is no longer there.

Microsoft are 2 years late to the party, and their offering is not compelling enough to make a difference. I predict that the market's response will be a resounding "meh".

Microsoft have a plan and so far they have executed it very well. They have a huge place in the market (ask anyone in the know about the sheer scale of their office/exchange/skype/Windows OS share if you are in any doubt).

I say being on Apple, Android, Linux and Bring on Microsoft. More competition equals more innovation and that my friends is a win for us the end user.