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Apple considers stake in Twitter, valuing social network at $US10b

Cash-rich Apple is in talks to take a strategic stake in Twitter, according to a New York Times report.

If it goes ahead, the deal would value the near-revenueless social network at more than $US10 billion – up from a private equity valuation last year of $US8.4 billion.

Neither company would comment.

Twitter is attractive to Apple, which has struggled to gain traction in social networking.

But Twitter, with a reported $US600 million in the bank and multiple suitors, is said to be under no pressure to make a deal.

Comments and questions

With Apple likely to charge for twitter or make it itunes a mandatory part of twitter I can foresee a mass exodus from twitter. Copuld be the best thing ever to happen to facebook or google plus

Near revenueless and USD600m in the bank? I have always wondered how social networking sites can essentially remain free and profitable. Advertising obviously is key. But how to make it not too intrusive? Sites like Youtube and Facebook have been able to achieve that in a way, but I wonder, with how much success - and profit?

People who use Apple products will welcome this piece of news as twitter has a huge following. Twitter can consider investing in Apple as it is a dominant player in the technology industry.