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Apple owns the page turn now

"If you want to know just how broken the patent system is, just look at patent D670,713 filed by Apple and approved this week by the United States Patent Office," complains The New York Times.

Apple says its e-book software has a unique page-turning animation - although the uniqueness isn't immediately obvious from three illustrations used to support the company's filing.

One shows a page beginning to turn, the second the page turning a bit more, and the third the page turning a bit more again.

To the layman, it might look silly.

But to an army of lawyers it will look like another motherlode as Apple swaps smartphone and tablet patent lawsuits in its worldwide fight with Google, Samsung and others in the Android camp.

And if you think a page-turn patent is over-the-top, consider that Apple also recently won a patent for a rounded rectangle shape, and is attempting to patent the iPhone's vibrate mode.


Comments and questions

The digital page turn has been around for 30 years, when it was invented by Ampex and Abecas for their video effects systems. How Apple can claim it is their invention confounds me. I wonder how much IP claimed to be Apple's invention is stolen from others who came before.

The original Graphical User Interface using icons and the mouse, which Apple claimed it invented, were developed at Xerox PARC. Apple lost that suit too. But it was headlines in the late 80s. They've been claiming Intellectual Property that isn't theirs for a very long time. Maybe they should apply for a patent on Theft of Intellectual Property!

This is STUPID

Why don't we file a patent of "managing patent office" and file suit against patent office itself? Or file a patent for filing patent lawsuit and so on

Yeah...remember MyST and Riven? Pretty similar page turning effect...

Something needs to be done-- who has the power to change it?

Anon #1 hits it spot on!!

In this time you need to protect your ideas and Apple is doing just that. When Windows stole their OS from apple years ago they got away with it because apple didn't patent everything. Now that they are trying to protect their products to prevent this occurring a second time they are being scrutinized for it? "Don't blame the player blame the game."

Oh come on. Apple adapted Xerox's PARC research wysiwyg experiment after they gave Jobs a guided tour. Microsoft borrowed bits from Xerox and then bits from Apple. Apple invented little - it just packaged existing design and technology better than its competitors. And no-one "steals" design, they might infringe copyright but no goods are removed. Be a Mac fan boy by all means but keep some common sense about you.

another win for apple :D
windowfags are just being immature as usual.

I bet with out current Patent process I should apply for a bird. The middle finger type. How in the hell can one Patent rounded rectangler? Patents are now replacing innovation and Apple is the #1 one Patent Troll.

The digital page turn has been around for 30 years, when it was invented by Ampex and Abecas for their video effects systems. How Apple can claim it is their invention confounds me. I wonder how much IP claimed to be Apple's invention is stolen from others who came before.

I have a very simple solution for the patent problem:

"Company A is allowed to sue company B only if A's market capitalization is 10 or more times lower that the market capitalization of company B".

This would eliminate all the too and fro bickering of patent wars, but at the same time would protect IP rights of smaller start-ups for which their IP is their bread and butter.

Anyone agrees/disagrees?

"Something needs to be done-- who has the power to change it?" We are, we have the power by putting these comments and making sure that they are heard by people responsible.

Who the heck at the patent office is inspecting and approving these stupid applications? Are they not trained correctly?

I have some experience of this and I think a lot of the examiners in patent offiices are young and/or inexperienced.

They are ethical and professional but I suspect they can be influenced by big companies and their smooth patent attorneys.

Once a patent is granted, however absurd it may seem it can be enforced until it is struck out and that process can take years.

That shows how bias the courts are. This is also going to destroy the country. Ridiculous. Well I guess people here are rich enough to pay more for stuff while the rest of the world gets it cheaper

There can be infinite number of patents with page turning. 1 step, 2 steps, 3 steps (Apple), 4 steps, 5 steps, turn from the upper corner, turn from the middle, 3.4 up, 3/4 down, etc.
The patents office will make millions in application fees.

When is apple going to get hit with a monopoly lawsuit

Does not matter who invented it first. What matters is who patented it first.

Yes it does matter. If it was in the public domain and "obvious", than they have no patent....

No your comment is factually incorrect. If its been invented then they try and patent it its call prior art!

I'll never buy an Apple product just because of these baseless attempts to try and stop the progress of technology. They are dead to me.

Apple are innovators? Yeah right!

I hate to inform Apple, but that rounded rectangle shape was invented by Tuperware!

Only in America! This is too ridiculous. Apple, you're gonna get karma'd for being soooo greedy.

I hate to inform Apple, but the rounded rectangle shape was invented by Tuperware!!!

Unfortunately, the inventor/ owner is the patent holder regardless...We can certainly do something about it.... Just don't buy the product due to these frivolous patents and lawsuits

This whole thing is getting so ludicrous! Enough already!

Perhaps they will try to patent the way you hold your phone to your ear, whilst standing up, or sitting, or laying down.

This is just as stupid as the guy in Australia who patented the wheel.

Bend over Al Gore, next Apple will be claiming that they invented the internet.

I think whoever invented books and those who flip books like Apple turn page animation should sue apple for trade dress infringement.

Apple might now be able to sue book publishers

As long as they don't use circles, I'm cool with it. I have a patent on circles.

This is a design patent, hence the leading "D", which means they patented the shapes that appear on the screen. If you follow the link and do a "quick search", there are a bunch more Apple patents like this one. I have two design patents and still don't understand how appearance can be patented. I wonder if Ga Ga patents all her different looks?

People!!!! Archaeologists have recently found 500,000 year old spear tips in South Africa...and Apple will claim that it invented those spears and probably ask Judge Koh to place immediate injunction on any and all tools that have pointy tips and tapered edges are sold on earth.

It's like the rounded corners on the Iphone. Calculators have had that design since the 1970's.

I love Apple products but HATE Apple. They are the new evil corporation. Therefore with lotalty to them now lost I am any competitor's customer as long as they make good products and ethical business decisions. I hate ridiculous patents and the corrupt US system that allows them.

it is sad. Apple went from recovering in the late 90's to being a company with their finger on the pulse of the market. Up until a few years ago they were cranking out must have gear.

Now it is simply a re-hash of the same tired formula and a complete lack of imagination and innovation.

Now that the so -called "professionals" (accountants and lawyers) have got their teeth into Apple, it is rapidly becoming a me too company as everyone had predicted upon Jobs sad demise.

Perhaps they need to put the energy they are investing in patent squabbles back into r&d so they don't end up becoming another tech industry road kill like silicon graphics

Apple is the digital equivalent of scientology

Apple is greed, yes, we knew it,
but the real evil is "United States Patent and Trademark Office", they should discard those silly patents at first place, it seems Apple pay them very well....oh well, money talks