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Apple working on a TV

Apple has recruited the engineer who built iTunes to develop a television set, media have reported.

Not content with having more cash than the United States government, the company has reportedly enlisted the help of Jeff Robbin, the software engineer who helped created the iPod and iTunes.

Bloomberg is reporting that three people with “knowledge of the project” have confirmed Mr Robbins is heading the development of an Apple TV.

The television would wirelessly synchronise content from Apple devices with a simple user interface, late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs reportedly told biographer Walter Isaacson.

Apple currently offers "Apple TV" in the little black box that allows movies and TV shows (and YouTube clips) downloaded from the internet to be played on a regular television.

Bloomberg quotes an analyst who said based on meetings with contacts close to Apple’s suppliers in Asia and more, that Apple already had a prototype TV in the works and could introduce a product for sale by late next year or 2013.

PCWorld quotes a patent watcher who said a patent filed by Apple in June for an “advance widget paradigm” could be a key component in a television set which seamlessly synchs devices.

Apple recently reported fourth quarter net profit of $US6.62 billion and in December, said it expected Apple TV sales to top one million units.

Apple director corporate communications Fiona Martin said the company did not comment on rumour or speculation.

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Comments and questions

Awesome. I can't wait for a TV that I have to replace every 18 months.

Not to mention only being allowed to watch content that Apple thinks suitable...

Not to mention massive updates of 700Mb!! like the latest iphone update

I love how this article is written. It's like they're saying that Apple has brought out the "big gun" or the "secret weapon" or something and now competitors should be trembling in fear.

If Apple DOES come out with a TV though, I vote that they put a few of them in at my local LA Fitness. You'd think that a "super-gym" could afford to put in some type of flat-panel TVs instead of the ancient clunkers they've got in there now.

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