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Assange to help Dotcom drop his Sept 15 bombshell on Key

Kim Dotcom has told OneNews the big international name who will play a role in the bombshell he'll drop on the prime minister: WikiLeaks founder and fugitive Julian Assange, who's holed up in Ecuador's London embassy, is set to take part in a pre-election attack on John Key.

"I can give you a hint. Someone who is currently locked up in an embassy might be on a live video link," Mr Dotcom said.

Mr Dotcom had warned something big will come out on September 15, just five days from the election.

The Internet Party founder has booked the Auckland Town Hall for a rally on that date — but he has played his cards close to his chest, not even telling Internet Party leader Laila Harre the contents of his news.

He has already hired journalist Glen Greenwald, who made public the Edward Snowdon leaks. Now the addition of Mr Assange confirms the September 15 event will be about New Zealand's spying.

Asked will September 15 do more damage to Mr Key than the Dirty Politics book has, Mr Dotcom told OneNews: "I think so."

Sweden is trying to extradite Mr Assange to face questioning over two alleged instances of sexual assault.

Mr Assange denies any wrong doing, but says if he leaves the embassy he fears he will be arrested by UK police and then sent to the US to face charges related to Wikileaks' release of sensitive diplomatic cables relating to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Separately, Mr Dotcom chirped on Twitter last night "BREAKING: WhaleOil hacker revealed & IT'S NOT ME!" — a reference to a hacker called "Rawshark" approaching Stuff and claiming to be the Whaleoil hacker. The article Mr Dotcom linked to does not identify the person going under the Rawshark handle.

What do you think? If Dotcom and Assange can prove PM was briefed about Dotcom earlier than Key has publicly admitted, would that harm National? Click here to vote in our subscriber-only business pulse poll.

Comments and questions

Newsflash: Julian Assange™ to talk about how wonderful and hard done by Julian Assange™ is. Matters not relating to Julian Assange™ may be covered in passing but will be of much less importance than Julian Assange™.

It is fortunate for NZ that Julian Assange™ can't be in Auckland for this. The presence of two such vast ego's in one room would probably cause a meltdown.

The ego of

So someone hiding from extradition and rape charges in another country are required for additional "media attention" and "sticking it to the man" by someone also trying to avoid extradition charges to another country - and all by trying to screw over our democracy principals against the wishes of the majority.

How fitting... poetic parallels indeed.

People in this country would not have to deal with this guy if it wasn't for the corrupt politicians who allowed him in NZ in the first place. Contrary to the popular belief, corruption is alive and well in NZ.

the corrupt politicians in the company wouldn't have had to deal with Kim Dotcom if the didn't illegally spy on him or illegally raid his home with 70 armed police with helicopter support. The FBI is still yet to provide any evidence to the New Zealand police. And do we really want to be extraditing people for a crime as common as copyright infringement. Who hasn't ever been given a flash drive with copied music or movies....

the raids were technically legal and anyone who claims they shouldnt of happened is a naive fool or in league with the fat criminal

and his crimes are much worse than copy right infringement, try domestic , digital and economic terrorism

Revelations: International Criminal has been spied upon!

Ad hominem aside, what are the odds the actual revelation is that Key lied about NZers being under wide, general surveillance, including as part of Five Eyes?

none the less the damage that these two can continue to do to the marginal vote is concerning , 5 days out before the election. I hope the marginal vote is insignificant. the less of the looneys in our parliament the better

Revelations: John Key had a mandate of privatisation from he US backers before he ever returned to NZ

Sigh....will the media stop giving this buffoon media coverage ?

Gosh, this whole shambles has become so damned exciting!

In my day, it was Brian Edwards interviewing the two party leaders a week out from the election.

I used to bother voting then as well........

Certainly not a good idea to encourage the major parties in their ongoing ignoring of the electorate (state asset sales, anyone?) between elections.

Worse, they're ignoring the sellout of NZ to far wealthier foreigners (no not xenohobia- just a simple fact ) and denying that it's even happening - a blatant untruth.

Giving the usual suspects a party vote keeps whittling away at our former democracy.

It's perfectly legitimate to point out we're being disposessed of our own country- it should be the most important issue for us all - and therefore and to vote only for politicians who've long stood up against these silver-backed males... to defend our right to prioristize NZers.

So, a person wanted on extradition is going to assist someone else wanted on extradition, to dish dirt on the most respected prime minister in many years.

Any interest I had in Kim Dotcom is long gone - and I am sure most kiwis feel the same

For someone not interested, your actions are somewhat baffling. First you read the article, then you feel the need to comment. I dread to think what you would have done if you had been interested.

As for you last point - respected PM is a moot point. I would suggest that the Teflon is peeling and the real (and extremely ugly) JK is starting to be revealed to the nation.

The damage that the 3 key clowns (, Dirty book writer and now the new white horse in an embassy) play within NZ politics is shocking and should be a concern for all NZ’ers as it not only damage democracy but also make voters even less interested. Let’s focus on the merits of policies and get rid of the crims that want to drag us all into their world.

ERK? It is the damage Key and his political henchmen have done to the political process that should be your concern, not the whistle blowers no matter how repugnant they are. Or is cronyism and corruption in Keyland your best of all worlds?

My comment was not mend to be along party lines at all, neither to protect the image of any one because no one is perferct but quite clear from your comment who is trawlling through the media to use this for their own political suvival. Politics was never clean but do not like what thugs and supporters (including those that play the man rather than policies) are introducing to NZ society.

>"Politics was never clean but do not like what thugs and supporters (including those that play the man rather than policies) are introducing to NZ society."

Agreed. Collins, Key and Slater should all resign.

Excuse me, but what right does some Australian Criminal have to interfere in our political process. This is becoming ridiculous. We have two people who are not even NZ citizens trying to manipulate the outcome of the General Election, all based on one's hatred of our Prime Minister. This is treason! Kick Dotcom out of the country!

It isn't treason if they aren't citizens.

Absolutely and they can take that Australian who heads up the green ( the people from other countries party ) party with them!

Can the NZ media please stop reporting's unsavoury fantasies, particularly when his own activities and behaviour (the abusive video for example) are hardly exemplary? We all know that 90-95% of voters will not change their mind one Dot! We would now like a rational discussion of electoral policies, not gossip and vitriol. Surely this is not too much to ask? Otherwise let's cancel all subscriptions, apart from the NBR.

Yep, he's beyond annoying. But it looks like focus is finally starting to shift back to policy now.
That said, i don't understand why anyone would shoot their economic credibility in the foot with a ridiculous home buyer subsidy policy in the current market environment, when everyone knows the price buble in Auckland is dangerous and even the reserve bank is currently working to reduce demand through lending restrictions and interest rate rises.
It wasn't necessary and all it serves to do is fuel further price rises, not help first time buyers (unanimous opinion of informed commentators, economists and even the Treasury, and proven through Australian experience). It won't encourage supply-house builders can sell to anyone and if you believe there is a shortage of supply coming into the market, then this policy does nothing to encourage them to build more. But it does give one class of buyer more money to bid up prices vs investors (resident and foreign). So it will lead directly to further interest rate rises as the RBNz has limited tools to dampen the demand back down.
It is also flawed from an investment perspective. A former banker should know that you diversify your investments. You dont throw all your eggs in one basket (and then lever your invested retirement savings 400% at a time when interest rates are about to enter a rising cycle!). It's the worst financial advice imaginable.
There are much more sensible policies to pursue. Taking the axe to Auckland Council's ridiculous planning regime is one, breaking up lifestyle blocks for residential housing etc. Anyone who has driven north or west knows there is endless land with great motorway access that is ripe for development. Any shortage is purely artificial based on silly planning restrictions. You could replicate most of Auckland in's garden!
Applying an annual land tax to vacant land and foreign owned (non tax resident) property would also help to reduce land banking by speculators and offshore demand. I strongly suspect 99% of offshore owners dont even file a tax return on rental property so the IrD data on ownership based on rental filings will be woefully inadequate. Why would someone in Aussie or Hong Kong declare income here when they are non resident? How can the IRD even police this under the current rules? But if you slap a tax on all property then waive it for resident taxpayers, this is easy to implement and police!
What i struggle with is that these policies are economically sensible (reduce house price pressure and hence slow household debt growth), net vote winners (they only hit non voters offshore and a small group of land bankers) and fundamentally fair (why should non residents get a tax free ride on our schools, roads, police etc that contribute to house value, and that are paid for by our taxes?).
Someone needs to get sensible on housing policy. Anyone who puts in the policies above will win huge votes.

If someones been illegally spying on me with the full knowledge of the NZ Government I'll be most annoyed. That getting up in the morning, going to work, dinner and bed then ground hog day should ever become public knowledge is totally unacceptable. It should topple Governments.

Another attempt by Dot Com to subvert NZ politics.

Dotcom is a criminal and a destroyer of wealth and value. He may be 45, but has the mind and morals of a mis-guided teenager. He openly flouts intellectual property rights, and threatens to destroy openly through the media, revealing his infantile bitterness more befitting of a ten year old. He makes veiled threats, and his own tweets indicate he had prior knowledge of Hager being in possession of copies of Whale Oil’s emails. And Hager’s claim that he ‘would not have accepted copies of the emails from Dot Com’ is probably correct. Both would have agreed that be the case in private conversation, so that nothing could ever link back to Dot Com.

Despite people like Steve Wozniak giving Dot Com moral support when he was in the country, Dot Com is still a thief. Hollywood have a genuine right to pursue loss of intellectual property rights on behalf of artists who lost out. Wozniak's better half, Steve Jobs, through ITunes, helped protect and promote artists royalties. Kim Dot Com's claim that file sharing is OK, citing one dubious exploit of Steve Jobs and Wozniak in the very early days. What Dot Com has forgotten, is that most people, including Steve Jobs, stopped being teenagers, and renounced those stupid illegal antics. It would appear however that Dot Com still views the world through infantile eyes.

Dot Com using someone else’s immature criminal actions as a justification for his own is childish. It has as much credence as condoning vandalism and violence because Helen Clark smashed windows during protests in her student days; or condoning crime as a way of life because Lindsay Lohan was caught shop lifting.

Steve Jobs acknowledged that what he and Wozniak did as students was wrong and was hell bent on protecting peoples private information and intellectual property rights. It is significant that Apple was the last major corporation to acquiesce to granting NSA access to private information, but only after the death of Jobs.

Unfortunately for people like Harre, they have been sucked in by Dot Com’s gleeful charismatic brainwashing because of his money and influence. Which for intelligent people serves to point out that some people will do anything for money or if it suits their cause.

This Assange episode is just another round in the chamber of Dot Com's volley of digital terrorism.

It is the blindness of voters of lower intellectual maturity and unawareness of history, who do not see Dot Com for what he is. It is that same blindness that has allowed dubious destructive types to rise to power in other countries.

"Live by the sword, die by the sword". We can only hope that one or more people previously close to Dotcom who retrospectively find his behaviour repulsive, or that have recovered from the charismatic brainwashing, may spill the beans on his treacherous private conversations and activities before the election, and thus avoid further damage to NZ politics.

John Key is rich and a puppet of the elite, dotcom and assange are just doing their duty by bringing these imbeciles who work for anyone other than the humans in NZ to task; if we've all been spied on without consent/knowledge then Key should be kicked out before the election...get rid of both major parties and let all the little ones have a go, stop pandering to corrupt rich elites

Are we applying "guilty unless proven innocent" to Assange?

Have those referring to Assange as "wanted for extradition" forgotten what he actually revealed to the world? The horrors and crimes of US occupation? Is there really any doubt about that? How convenient.

I don't know how Kim Dotcom "earned" his fortunes. I wouldn't be surprised if that is not kosher. We do know how JK earned his though: as an investment banker rigging the world's financial system to breaking point. Now his party is busy selling our assets to his mates so we can be charged for the use of what used to be ours.

The wealth pump of the poor and middle class to the extremely rich needs to continue to operate unless all fish stocks are depleted beyond recovery, all top soil has gone, the climate has been seriously messed up, do I need to go on?

No matter your political color or preference, that surely can't be what anyone wants for their children. Remember "Do the Russians love their children too"? I wonder if the National party member's love their children - never mind ours.