Asset sales legislation 'mandate' approval – Joyce

BUSINESSDESK: Legislation to allow the partial sale of state-owned energy companies returned to Parliament this afternoon as the government prepares for the sale of a minority stake in power MightyRiverPower in the next 16 weeks.

The Mixed Ownership Model Bill will allow the sale of up to 49% of electricity companies MRP, Meridian Energy and Genesis Energy, and coal-miner Solid Energy, against a backdrop of widespread public opposition and a national petition seeking a citizens' initiated referendum on the policy.

However, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce said in a speech for the bill's second reading that the National-led government had gained a mandate for partial sales at last year's general election.

He stressed the legislation requires the government to retain a 51% controlling shareholding, claiming the policy would "help control debt, increase savings, strengthen capital markets, and help get New Zealand through the worst economic times in nearly a century".

Labour's SOE spokesman Clayton Cosgrove called for a U-turn on the asset sales policy.

"They did it with education. They should do it with assets," he told Parliament.

"Even if they get one away, the people of New Zealand have the opportunity to stop them on the second, and the third, and the fourth."

Describing the bill's return to Parliament as a "dark day for New Zealand", Mr Cosgrove admitted Labour had gone down the privatisation path in the past, but "learnt from its mistakes" and bought assets back.

A crowd of around 50 people gathered outside Parliament in the early afternoon to protest against the policy.

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How is 59 National MPs out of a total of 121 MPs a 'mandate' - if it is not a majority?

If this 'partial privatisation' model is so popular with voters - how come National didn't get a majority of MPs?

Penny Bright
'Anti-corruption campaigner'


Maori Party supported it, think National gave them a few Blankets and a Musket.


Penny - your counting doesn't appear to be that good. Act and United also support which takes them to 61. Add in the Maori's who will also support after being bribed with some blankets and muskets (Iwi getting a decent allocation) and you have far more than a majority.

Labour specifically campaigned on this (the ad was a banner being through off a dam - they might have been more successful if they were throwing Goff off) so people had the option at the election to choose NZ direction. This is therefore completely different to the education U turn.

Get one of the IPO's off the ground and reassess. It will be interesting to see if they manage to flog them off before the next election. If not, we will get another option to choose NZ direction.


"Partial" is the compromise to the socialism.
Truth is Government should not be in power generation at all.
I say sell everything and Government stick to governing.
That's wot I say Herb, and wot do you reckon Penny me darling?.


Yep – the biggest mandate for these partial asset sales was the referendum held in November – where National secured over 1,000,000 (1 Million) votes for their strategy on managing the finances and how they will go about it.

This was their biggest ever win and Labour’s biggest ever loss. There’s an answer right there for you.

Besides, even if the Greens and Mana get somewhere near the 310,000 odd signatures needed for a referendum, why do you think those 310,000 can trump the 1,000,000 who have already given the Government the “yes” tick at election time for the partial asset sale?

Besides even further, the Partial asset sale is a carbon copy of Labour’s partial asset sale with Air NZ. Just look at how successful Air NZ is now – they win awards all over the place – especially for their leader. A huge success with this model.

Instead of banging this tiresome drum to death – why don’t Labour, The Greens and Mana come up with other viable options? It would do their credibility no end of good to be able to offer a viable alternative instead of shrilling about progress, bereft of ideas and alternatives, beyond just shrilling loudly in the cold…

50 protesters is barely enough to fill a bus… huge credibility gap there…


Solidarity.. to answer your question and to purloin and coin another reprehensible reprobate's phrase who John Key delusionally compared himself to once from memory
..One that has proved to be parlous in America too..
Incidentally am collecting signatures daily, and when we have reached a million if Key & Joyce ignore that.. I am going to inform the media overseas that NZ is no longer a democracy but a plutocracy..

Since no one I know even amongst the National voters gave a mandate for that.. we need a Bastille Day type of solution..
I expect full support from people like Michael Laws too..
His kind of shotgun advocacy to stir up the Crimpys needs a little reverse spin..

Mind your own brass neck & there were more than 50 Hilarious that you would believe those sort of reports but wait a minute? Guess-timates rule? ..
Expect us..;-)


Love your work..
Bank ruptions & Un Dunne deals are an absolute necessity now..
Key even (sic)
The only 'honourable' thing for the 'people' to do..;-)
Ass et sales..
Mandate schmandate..


errr...... I would have thought this is a 'no-brainer' Solidarity - but it's actually votes INSIDE Parliament that count when it comes to passing legislation?


National have 59 out of 121 MPs.

THAT is the number that counts?

FIFTY-NINE out of 121 MPs is NOT a majority.

National campaigned on 'partial-privatisation' and DID NOT GET A MAJORITY OF MPS.

No majority = NO MANDATE.

Can't spell it out more clearly than that Solidarity.

Got it?


Kind regards,

Penny Bright
'Anti-corruption campaigner'

PS - checked out yet ?


No mandate - consider that the vote for the amendment and motion was 61-59 consider that Shane Jones was stood down [ no vote] why the hell is the corrupt John Banks able to vote? why is this man in parliament still? Further Maaori party whats happening here 3 votes entitled and they submit 2 against- Mandate where does the mandate come from? Everyone keeps referring to the elections - unlikely - you cant obtain a mandate without being fully informed on what exactly the issue is that youre voting on- mandate is on the consent once informed- there are too many grey areas and 61-59 isnt a mandate- go figure those that consider this a safe majority - NOT


Despite some of you playing with numbers, National doesn't have a mandate. 59 seats out of 121 ain't a majority, and Banks got in only with some fairly dodgy machinations.

As for Dunne - when did he ever campaign openly and honestly on asset sales?

If that's a majority for you peiople, then you're clutching at straws.

@ John Morrison; why shouldn't governmrent be in power generation? Sez who? Your precious free market didn't buid this country - the taxpayer did. Your "free market" ideology is simply a parasitism on what others have built.


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