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ATM cash run averted as strike ends

Striking Armaguard Currency Management workers in Auckland and Wellington have agreed to go back to work - with minimum upheaval to money machine users. 

Forty ACM staff, who service bank ATM machines, walked off the job today over collective agreement negotiations.

The industrial action took banks by surprise and the Service and Food Workers Union stoked fears that ATMs might run out of cash.

Union spokeswoman Jill Ovens says the strikers will return to work tomorrow after assurances by management.

"The guys have made it very clear that unless they're happy with the outcome, they have shown they will strike."

Kiwibank says its machines might have run out of money in a couple of days if they weren't serviced.

Ms Ovens says an ACM manager and some cash processing staff topped up some ATMs today before the striker workers agreed to go back to work.

Many banks dropped Chubb in favour of ACM, an Australian company, in 2008.

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Comments and questions

I thought robots and fairies topped up the magic money machines..

ACM have a history of poor service history to banks, etc, and a bad name in general for cash handling, so I wouldn't be in hurry to pay them more!!

ACM pay their staff more than ADT Armourguard , that's why many of them have changed companies.
Correction to the article..... Chubb exited the NZ market in 2009 not 2008 because they were losing $4m per year. ACM were asked to come here because many customers were unhappy with ADT.

Acm thinks these guys can survive by giving them 30 hours per week most of them have families kids to feed bills to pay. They work them hard and often dont have time to take a break they are proud to work for acm but management need to open their eyes and realise they are humans and deserve a fair go!!