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ATM skimming investigation linked to the use of overseas counterfeit cards

Police have been working with banks to attempt to identify the offender who placed a sophisticated card skimming device on an Auckland ATM in Mt Eden on Tuesday morning.

A skimming device is used to illegally copy card information which, together with the PIN, can be used to illegally obtain cash from account holders.

This investigation has now identified a spike in the use of counterfeit cards being used at ATMs in the Auckland area.

All of the counterfeit cards used so far are from Canadian accounts and two suspects were captured on CCTV using these cards to withdraw money on Wednesday morning.

Detective Senior Sergeant Aaron Pascoe, Auckland Financial Crime Unit, said "The general appearance of one of the suspects using the counterfeit cards appears to be very similar to the person who placed the skimming device on the ATM on Tuesday".

"The Auckland Financial Crime Unit are making enquiries to identify these people and are again requesting help from the public."

"Given the timing of the use of these cards, and the high probability they have been counterfeited in a skimming operation, it is highly likely these offences are linked," said Pascoe.

"The two people shown in the footage are likely to be foreign nationals. They may be from or have just arrived from Canada."