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Auckland Boys' Grammar embarks on biggest fundraising campaign

Auckland Boys Grammar School is seeking $4 million to build Augusta 2015, a state-of-the-art classroom block in the heart of the school’s campus.

The project will receive $2.4 million from the Ministry of Education but still needs donors help to reach the $6.4 million required for construction.

Auckland Grammar School headmaster Tim O’Connor says it’s an ambitious goal but believes it’s possible with public support.

“The project is only partially funded, so our board of trustees is canvassing the wider Grammar community to secure the balance of the block’s construction cost," he says. “We are excited and proud of the potential of this new development and what it will mean for our students.”

The block will contain 12 classrooms and three teaching resource rooms on three levels which will create a “campus style environment” in the heart of the school.

Board of trustees chairman Jeff Blackburn says the community is a big factor in the project.

“We’ve developed a campaign around [this project] with a model of the building and informative material to target people at different levels of our community to ask for a contribution.”

Mr Blackburn says the school's "old boys" will play a big part in helping raise the funds. “They have made a contribution towards the cost."

Mr O’Connor says the new building will continue to attract and retain the best students and teachers.

“The new block will facilitate modern teaching practices using the latest technology and support [our] vision of pre-eminence in boys’ education.”

Construction is expected to start in June and final completion is targeted for the end of term one, 2015.  

Jason Walls is an AUT journalism student

Comments and questions

interesting choice of name for a class room!

The school motto is 'Per Augusta, Ad Augusta' so not that interesting

It is part of the school's motto I believe.

"Per Angusta, Ad augusta" is the school motto which loosely translates to "through narrows to great heights". Pretty cool name for the building

Definitely something Bill Liu could be interested in.

I'm not sure that a person of Citizen Liu's "colourful history" is necessarily one that the school may want to be associated with.

Construction isn’t just expected to start this month, it’s been underway for quite a few weeks now.