Auckland Council declares CBD parking price war

Auckland Council has pulled out the big guns in an effort to undercut its competitors by offering hugely discounted parking rates in the CBD.

Starting on Monday, the casual parking rate in its Downtown, Civic and Victoria St carparks - with 3500 parking spaces between them - will be $17 maximum a day, down from $29.

The hourly rate will be reduced to $3 an hour, down from between $4 and $5.50.

In comparison, Tournament's City Centre carpark on Albert St charges $8 an hour or $32 a day for the casual rate.

Wilson's carpark on the corner of Queen St and City Rd also charges $8 an hour, or $32 for 12 hours.

Both companies offer cheaper rates in other locations – for example, one of Tournament's Hobson St carparks offers an $18 daily rate.

However, the change in rates from Auckland Council is a clear line in the sand to drive prices down and it is expected private carparking companies will be forced to respond in kind.

But while the price for parking in a building may be reduced, drivers wanting to park on Auckland's streets face big price hikes from Monday.

In the CBD, on-street parking will cost $4 an hour for the first two hours and $8 an hour thereafter, meaning a four-hour stay will cost $24.

The council says it wants to give people an incentive to use parking buildings, leaving the on-street parks free for shorter stays.

Drivers who want to stop in a park for less than 10 minutes will not be charged anything.

The prices will be monitored and prices will be adjusted depending on demand, the council says in a statement.

"For instance, prices will be lowered by $1 per hour when the average occupancy is less than 50% in an area.

"Both on-street and off-street parking prices will be reviewed after six months."

No one from Tournament or Wilson had responded to NBR ONLINE's request for comment by the time this story was posted. 

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It is still cheaper to and convenient to go to CBD by public transport. You not only save money but also time wasted hunting for a parking space. I still hope one day there will be a charge for entering or existing the CBD during peak hours with less than 4 passengers. This will drive down the parking rates and sale of parking lots which is prime land. At the moment the parking spaces available in the CBD is insufficient to meet the demand. Especially now with the increased rates for on street parking. I doubt if reducing the parking fees will change anything. May be council will get filled sooner than others.


Sorry mate you are living in a dream world. Your car free Utopia is as laughable as your claims that public transport is a time saver. Waiting times, breakdowns and slow speeds, they are not for me. Not to mention all the other downsides!

ACC have reduced their rates because they were too greedy. They put their rates up massively earlier in the year which saw a biblically worthy exodus from the one I parked in!


spoken like a true socialist......


this is the same council that has set itself a requirement to"double passenger transport passengers" in the next 10 years.
What message does cheaper parking send to the poor sods who have to achieve the bus and rail targets.


Anonymous. Is that you Red Ken? When did you emigrate from London??
What is more bizarre than than that, though, is the fact that suddenly AC appears to have reversed its rabid hatred of cars in the CBD, and now seems to be encouraging them (sort of) with much cheaper parking rates.
Maybe this is an acknowledgement that the Public Transport network cannot yet deliver a product that removes the need for citizens to drive to the CBD, and therefore AC also needs to cater for the needs of these ratepayers as well.
Is there an election coming soon?


There goes short-term parking for visitors to the CBD. It wouldn't be so bad if there was sufficient parking for park and ride at the stations - but there is not.


Congratulations to Auckland Council. Some common sense at last. Many people no longer care much about the CBD and some of the Council plans like closing Quay Street seems designed to drive people away.


Perhaps the best solution would be to encourage decentralisation of businesses out of the city centre to satellite locations closer to residential areas so everyone travels less. If AC is going to have denser housing, let the business relocate out there too. High rise buildings can be built for housing and offices out in the satellite locations.


It will take more than a few discounts to get me to waste my time and money going to the cbd. Far rather spend my money in the burbs. Not the slightest bit interested in catching public transport either so rotate on that Auckland Transport.


Public transport is only convenient if one happens to live in certain places close to efficient routes to the CBD. Otherwise it takes twice as long (at least).

This is good news. It's about time someone took the prattish Tournament and Wilson down a notch.


Some of us have no choice as to where to park and where to travel to based on where we work...if we want to keep our jobs we are forced to drive when there is no reliable public transport in the area we live in that gets us to where we need to go or if we don't want to spend 2 hours each way on the bus or waiting for it....and parking buildings are not always where they need to be so for the same reasons street parking is a necessity for many of us! Wake up AC and provide the basic amenities at a reasonable price or fix your crappy public transport system for the whole city not just parts of it!


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