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Auckland tunnel cleared after truck crash


Auckland's Victoria Park tunnel is open again after an earlier truck crash which blocked all three north-bound lanes. 

The NZTA has confirmed the road is now clear and all parts of the motorway have reopened. 


Auckland motorists can expect massive delays as a truck crash closes a key part of the city's motorway network.

The truck, which was carrying a shipping container, rolled just before the Victoria Park tunnel about 1pm, blocking all three north-bound lanes.

Traffic is backed up along the Southern motorway for several kilometres.

Two people have been taken to hospital as a result of the crash, according to unconfirmed media reports. 

The southern motorway is closed north-bound from Nelson St and police have set up diversions.

North-bound drivers can exit at Nelson St and rejoin the motorway at Fanshawe St, but motorists are being advised to use the northwestern motorway and State Highway 18 instead.

The New Zealand Transport Agency says there will be "widespread congestion" as it will take some time to remove the truck.

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Comments and questions

Why does it take so long to clear crashes in New Zealand? Anywhere else in the world on a main road - after getting injured people out - the first priorty is to get traffic moving, not muck around like they do here "investigating" the crash. This is two hours old. The vehicle should be moved by now.

Mate, what did you expect when it takes the cops three days to pop the boot of a car?

Because there is no common sense in NZ any more. What happened ?

I feel your rage wMc, but that is simply not true. I have lived in Sydney, London and Frankfurt. Everywhere has significant delays when a crash happens.

I disagree. The cities you mention have an exponentially larger number of vehicles. I witnessed a very serious crash on an autobahn and I was in awe that despite a tailback developing, I am told, near 20km and the police and services cleared the site of victims and debris in a time I didn't imagine could be possible, even including a helicopter arriving and taking a victim away. Minutes rather than hours comes to mind.
The greater problem on Auckland motorways is the lack of speed control and failure to keep left by heavy vehicles.

This is why the top priority should be another harbour crossing.

Smart design would allow for a cross-over point between N/S bound lanes so a couple of lanes could be converted and allow some traffic though at reduced speed! But no, we have to drive around the houses to bypass 1km.

You do know one way is a bridge and the other way is a tunnel. Cross over points would be difficult.

It takes so long because it becomes a 'crash site' and 'crash investigators' must get their tape measures out and measure everything and take some pictures. It's stupid.

Fingers crossed that Transit don't use this as an excuse to close the recently reopened Wellington St onramp, on the pretext the driver was alarmed by traffic joining the motorway.

I've travelled (and driven) a lot overseas and they seem to cope fine and without the palaver we have here.

Transit have got egg all over them re the farce that was Wellington St onramp and will be gagging for any pretext to soothe their ego. Notice that for weeks the ramp (with no traffic!) has been on the slowest red light cycle and invariably active when even the ramp lights at Greenlane (another ramp light stuff-up if ever there was one) have been turned off. The morons running these new toys haven't a clue.

Don't get me started....The Greenlane ramp lights create congestion in every direction. Northbound traffic can't even exit and head east without getting snarled in the queues from east waiting to join the northbound onramp.

They won't close the Wellington St onramp. They'll drop the speed to 60 and make it a "safer speed zone". Or better yet, they'll identify that only trucks have rolled there, therefore the tunnel is incompatible with trucks, kinda like the wings on the harbour bridge.

Yet another great reason not to live in Auckland!

I dont suppose Wellington or any other region would be any better.

Two or three cars stuck waiting for a cow might be considered "traffic" in some rural towns.

They would prefer to waste a half day's productivity for our largest city so they can be assured the truck driver gets a $600 fine and 20 demerit points.

At least the cops will achieve their performance target for writing tickets.

The rest of the city loses millions that cannot be clawed back.

There are all kinds of bad ideas and incompetent rules that have been rolled out (mostly by local bodies) that govern roading and traffic, particularly in Auckland council(s). The thrust of it being that they hate cars, roads and want everybody in trains ... the more they can stuff up the efficient functioning of the roads, the better.

Take a look around, roadworks at peak traffic hours in critical locations, accidents taking forever to clear, poor road layouts. It is worse that benign neglect, it is almost like a willing act of sabotage. I think they might even hire the worst candidates to look after roads intentionally.

No it wouldn't - it an NZ wide problem. .. mainly because the people who design & run our roads don't actually want us to drive on them.

Just be thankful that the committee, to appoint an investigator, was empanelled in reasonably quick time.