Auditor-General's verdict on ACC board's handling of allegations

Auditor-General Lyn Provost has singled out ACC's board and management
Bronwyn Pullar

Auditor-General Lyn Provost has singled out ACC's board and management over the handling of the Bronwyn Pullar affair.

While raising the alleged failure of ACC board and management to recognise the risks of Ms Pullar's "wider allegations of illegality and fraud", Ms Provost had no view on the allegations and did not investiate them.

Her report investigated specifically the interactions between Ms Pullar and ACC chairman John Judge and deputy chairman John McCliskie.

Ms Provost says her inquiry found no evidence Ms Pullar gained an advantage by approaching Mr McCliskie for help with her case – a direct approach to a board member rarely made by any claimant.

"However, the board had no formal policy to guide board members on communication with individual claimants.

"Of greater concern was ACC's failure to recognise Ms Pullar's wider allegations of illegality and fraud as risks to the organisation.

"ACC management and the board members concerned failed to appreciate the risk that those allegations presented."

They were "so focused on the appropriate separation of governance and operational matters that they did not recognise these issues as possible symptoms of systematic failure."

The Auditor-General's report is one of two reports released today into the affair.

The other, from the privacy commissioner, criticises ACC for having an "almost cavalier attitude" to the privacy of clients. 

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Now that the AG has completed her report on ACC - they will have some free time and hopefully the AG will look into the "related party" funding rort between the unions and the Labour Party using ACC to fund various "initiatives"

Labour had 9 years of government appointing the ACC Minister, who in turn appointed the management team at ACC - who then offered multi-million dollar "grants" to the unions for "training" and the unions then in turn offer very large "donations" to the Labour Party.

Maddoff would be envious as all hell at such a set-up!

Let's hope for NZ Inc sake Labour weren't as corrupt back then as they have demonstrated recently with their "Citizenship for a few pieces of silver" fiasco.

Maybe the intrenched corruption goes so deep, for so long, that only a Royal Commission of Enquiry could get to the bottom of it?


Hi, Are you sure of this money go-round you describe. If you are, then surely we must be able to drag it into the sunlight??


Yes - in the annual financial accounts all the unions need to file each year, have details of how many millions they have received for various "training initiatives" off of various government departments.

ACC has granted the unions Millions. During Labour's 9 years was there an increase in "training funds" given to the unions? Who is checking?

What was delivered for these millions? What was the objective? What was achieved? What does the tax payer receive in return?

And Yes John - all the unions are affiliated with the Labour Party and the unions combined donate thousands and thousands to the Labour Party - so no wonder Maddoff will be greener than the greens!

Now factor the corrupt "Citizenship for a $15K donation - we don't even need to know your name, even though we know Interpol are chasing you" fiasco with the Labour Party again and the rorting and corrupt underhand dealing happening in Aussie with the Aussie Labor party and it's not hard to ask if birds of a feather flock together?

There's a festering, stench of long-term troughing it up on the tax payer rorting going on - and no one from the MSM seem to be interested in investigating? Could be the political scandal of the century if investigative journalists would only grow a spine...

I'd start looking at the "incorporated societies" unions that are years and years late in filing their financials correctly.... smoke... fire...


If what you say is true, then surely the media must stand charged as party to it? And that is barely believable, or at least I don't want to believe it.
But you keep digging and keep posting, never know what might fall out if you give the tree a good enough shake. Cheers.


Solidarity you have knowledge of corruption and Incorporated Societies?

Keep posting please on this legal corruption in NZ, maybe the MSM will start actually investigating the stench of long term troughing it up on the taxpayer.


Dear oh dear. Are you so paranoid (or politically motivated??) that you turn the AG's report into unrelated accusations against the Labour Party? You poor person. You have my pity.


Did she coment on why Pullar took so long to return ACC's property?


From what I've read the "return" "was contingent on the favourable processing of the Pullar file. That is what Boag was alleged to have emailed ACC!!
Maybe Ms Boag or/and Ms Pullar can come in and enlighten us!


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