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Aussie muscle cars not so hot

It may be hot in Melbourne, but the two king brands of Ozzie tintop muscle cars are feeling chill winds.

Melbourne-headquartered Ford Performance Vehicles and Holden Special Vehicles, are both cutting back production and reducing their work forces.

Their iconic cars, mostly heavily-warmed over Commodores and Falcons, sell to muscle car enthusiasts and executives that love hrosepower, on both sides of the Tasman.

But demand has fallen and inventories have risen. HSV built hardly a car in January, and recently slashed prices between AUD6,000 and $14,000.

The company says it is continuing to look at the idea of diesel versions.

Similarly-affected Ford Performance Vehicles is reviewing the future of its only non Falcon-based hot car, the Ford Territory FX6 SUV. This has proved to be a slow seller and may not survive in FPV form.

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Comments and questions

Wouldn't 'Jumped Up' Commodores and Falcons be a better description ?

What the problem for these manufacturers has always been is - price point. They may sell well when credit extended (by themselves more often than not!) was freely available.

Cars are now horribly over-priced, and these 'Australian' cars are not the best in this dept. For less than a V8, you can buy a technically superior Japanese car, such as a Mitsubishi Evo. For 3/4 the money, a gorgeous Alfa Romeo V6 sedan or coupe.

Also, if you want a performance car for the same money, shell out for the new Nissan GT-R supercar, which is mentioned in the same breath as Ferrari's.

Aussie V8's (from Germany : Opel = Holden, Ford Germany => Ford Australia, V8s from the States) are less and less relevant now.

I won't miss them, except perhaps for that Munaro V8. That was the only good one in the entire lot of them ... and its been out of production for 4 years now.

Before you run you mouth about American cars being beneath Japanese cars, maybe you should do a little research on the issue, they are not superior to or cars.

If your talking technology only, how about that Japanese ON Star, or the German variable valve timing, and since your going to bring it up, name one Japanese car that get's better gas milage, and I'll prove you wrong