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The baby bribe goes mainly to the rich and beneficiaries

As we all know now Labour lied when they said 60,000 families a year will get Labour’s promised $3000 baby bribe or “Best Start Payment”.  We now know that the 25,000 families who get paid parental leave will not get it for a year, just six months. So they’ll get $1,500 only – not $3.000

But the fine print also reveals that the 15,000 families who get the Parental Tax Credit of $1,200 will lose that, so their net gain will be a mere $1,800.

The PTC goes to families who do not get paid parental leave, are not on a benefit and earn under $80,000 to $110,000 (depending on number of children).

So that means only around 20,000 families will get the full $3,000 that Labour claimed 60,000 families will get.

So who are those 20,000 families. They are either beneficiaries or those earning around $100,000 to $150,000. They are the only ones who get the full $3,000.

Not exactly well targeted support. And very different to what Labour’s speech and advertisement said.

If Labour hadn’t wanted to deceive, they would have done tables showing how different families would be impacted – what they gain and what they lose. But instead they did tables just showing what they gain.

Political commentator David Farrar posts at Kiwiblog.

Comments and questions

It does make you wonder why there wasn't a $100k cut off as that would target it in a sensible way, and even more so from a Labour perspective.

I still haven't seen anywhere that details how 'Family Income' is determined. Is it piggybacking off WFF or a totally new concept.

Can anyone trust David Cunliffe about anything, when he deliberately obfuscates the facts every time he talks or puts something in his own CV even?

He's got form too in speaking out both sides of his mouth at once - even has different accents and different messages for different audiences... but I guess perceptions matter.

..and remember, after a long, 3 week leadership contest this is Labour's talent cream who rose to the top - and it was he who was anointed "The Leader"

It;s not only cream that floats on the surface.

This policy and its communication has got to be the end of Labour's challenge doesn't it? It is abundantly clear that these clowns have got no idea what they are doing and are not fit to run a school raffle let alone a country. If I was a Labour supporter (which I am clearly not) I would be wanting heads to roll over this shambles.

But don't forget that his target audience, those potential Labour voters who don't bother to vote, won't read this, not will they dissect his words -they'll just recall that "Labour will give me another $3,000 pa if I vote for them"

Actually, the full policy was there in black and white on the Labour Party website for anybody to read - Pity Patrick Gower was obviously too busy checking out the latrine acoustics to bother checking his facts before he opened his mouth! If Labour were trying to hide things and mislead people, why were the complete policy details printed on their website? No speech can have every single little detail in it - Did Key's education policy speech have every minute detail in it? Don't think so!! Patrick Gower is just plain lazy!