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Banks: 'ACT brand just about had its use-by date'

"I think that the ACT brand has just about had its use-by date," ACT's sole remaining MP John Banks told Radio New Zealand's Checkpoint programme this evening.

Mr Banks said it was time to take stock, rebuild and rebrand the party.

The rebranding could include a re-launch with a new name, the Epsom MP said.

Mr Banks added that, on a personal level, he got along well with Colin Craig, leader of the socially conservative Conservative Party - hinting at a possible direction for an Act restructure.

The Conservatives gained 2.76% of the vote on Saturday.

His comments caught a later interviewee on the programme - Former Federated Farmers president Don Nicolson, number three on the party's list - unawares.

Mr Nicholson said he was unaware of any rebranding or name changer exercise. He assumed Mr Banks had discussed the matter with the party's board.

Although Mr Banks won Epsom, ACT's party vote nationwide fell to 1.07%, reducing its number of MPs from five to one.

Mr Banks said ACT would not rush into choosing a new leader, who would not necessarily be himself.

Don Brash resigned as leader on Sunday.

Catherine Isaac, number two on the ACT's list, said earlier today she was not seeking an active role in the party.

Mr Nicholson said leadership could be in his future, but that he would have to get closer to the party's management.

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Comments and questions

"Banks Is Tough City Hero" Party

Revolving Doors Party? One Man and His Party? Hm...

Maybe its not the brand that's the problem?

the name 'National' suits them


Banks: the one-man party

If follow up on Brash's decriminalise dope pledge, then merge with Norml = Act-Norml

In more general terms it is time to split ACT into its two factions.
The totalitarians can go with Banks into the so-called Conservative party which seems to be the "christian" "spare the rod" hard liners masquerading as libertarians.
Stephen Franks jumped ship to National when the schism came out into the open, but it is doubtful that he finds many of a libertarian bent (in practice) in that party.
So for the true conservatives who just voted ACT for the last time, and who wish for minimal government intervention in private lives, where to now?

I don't think the Conservatives can be accused of 'masquerading' as libertarians - they made no secret of their desire for more government intervention in virtually everything (apart from the 'right' to whack kids).

Where to? Libertarianz perhaps. Although they seem slightly barking...

you know this how smart arse?

Banks for Minister of non-climate change. Scrap the ETS Banksie. Scrap the scam.

Dead right John-boy. Who cares about consumers and taxpayers anyway? Not you, right?

Banks is right ,just read how many voted for ACT ..He was the lifebelt for national ,but maybe no more.

Don't forget that in the final week of the campaign that John Key announced to farmers (who were likely to vote for ACT policy to repeal the ETS) that animals would not be entering the ETS. That was in contrast to Labour's policy of bringing forward the date on which animals would be included.
Of course John Key did not say that in so many words, but that was the effect of what he did say; mitigating remedies must be available , and N.Z. will have alignment with trading partners' positions on emissions.
End of story really.

ACT, without Hide, was always going to go the way of the dodo bird.

Hide ruined the Party. He is to blame for the situation ACT finds itself in today.

Hide may have made a mistake, but I'd rather have a fallen perkbuster trying to make mends to prove himself than John Banks anyday!


Forget ACT, join the Conservative party and make a right wing superpower that will pull Johnnyboy Key back where he belongs.

The last rights should be delivered to ACT and to Banksie. Both long past their use by date.

National Standards: Epic Fail.

"last rites", dude.

Why changing red light and beds, change girls if business is slow

There is no doubt in my mind that there is a strong demand for a party to the right of National that is socially conservative but economically liberal. Whether such an amalgam could be created by joining the new Conservative party with ACT is a question that should be up for debate. But please get rid of the tainted and tarnished ACT name. The name "Conservative" would appeal to many as a logical home.

Banks antagonise the voters. He is not popular. People voted for him with disgust. He has to relinquish his position in ACT to the young Campus ACT and to Whittington. Nobody wants Banks and Brash. Two dinasaures from a gone era.

I have only ever voted ACT, but I didn't bother this time around (for the first time).

What I want is an "economically liberal" party. I don't give a hoot about social issues.

IMO people can do whatever they like in their private lives - the only position a political party should take on people's private lives, is that government will stay out of it.

But an ACT party is still very much needed. National need to keep it close to Labour so as to haul in the swinging voters. But debate about important changes is required, and with National busying themselves sucking in votes from the left, who is there to raise solutions to the challenges NZ is facing? When we look at the debt debacle that is happening in the US and Europe these days, it's sorely evident that policies such as those proposed formerly by ACT have a very pertinent place in the world. Alas, there is no longer any one to carry the torch.

Hope the newbies just out of university can get organized, but realistically they are too wet behind the ears.

As for Don Brash - the man who will be credited with destroying the ACT party, not once, but twice. A shame since he wasn't a bad central banker.

Don Brash was always the natural leader of ACT. ACT stands for no government interference in our lives, free markets, free love, and the legalisation of drugs (free choice). Don understood this and was about to embark on a whole raft of new policies- sadly, ACT voters let him down. What exactly do they want, for god's sake!

Act needs to close and Banks too start a new party. ACT is so tarnished that people will not ever look at their policies let alone vote due to it being so badly tarnised. Banks to set up own party with many act members such as david seymour would be great

Act should merge with the Conservative party to form a necessary right wing bloc This would act as a counter to National's tendency to swing to the left.

Nothing Act has in place would help improve the conservative party, too many positive and enthusiastic people