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Banks’ lawyer: 'there has been an absolute litany of untruths'

John Banks’ lawyer, David Jones QC, says the people he has labelled the “Dotcom witnesses”: Mr Dotcom, his estranged wife Mona and bodyguard Wayne Tempero gave false evidence in court last week.

Today, the second week of Mr Bank’s trial began, and Mr Jones delivered his opening defence submissions.

Mr Jones told the court: “there has been an absolutely litany of untruths” and evidence from the defence witnesses would prove it.

Mr Banks is on trial for filing a false electoral return in the Auckland High Court before Justice Ed Wylie.

The defence disputes the prosecution’s evidence surrounding events at the Dotcom mansion during which the prosecution says Mr Banks asked Mr Dotcom’s donation to be split into two.

Mr Jones told the court Mr Banks will not give evidence at his own trial, saying his police statement, presented last week, was enough.

Defence witnesses to give evidence over the next few days include Mr Banks’ wife Amanda, his media adviser, Scott Campbell, and Rodney MP Mark Mitchell.

Mr Jones told the court a number of other witnesses will also give testimony to Mr Banks’ character.

“The essence of the defence is quite simple. Mr Banks did not do anything wrong. He did not know the falsity of any return,” Mr Jones told the court.

Before the morning break a statement of evidence from Mr Bank’s wife's employer at Remuera Life Pharmacy was read. The statement confirmed Ms Banks worked on the day the Dotcom witnesses say she was at the mansion.

Ms Banks is due to give evidence this afternoon.

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Comments and questions

I wonder how long dotcom will actually remain "estranged " from his wife now that this ploy of bolstering her credibility has run its course. Why are we wasting time and taxpayers money on this nonsence?

@ Brownie: John Banks is the one on trial and there are signs that he may be short of nourishment. Best you leave it to the court to deal with the spins and twists, and simply offer John a box of cake.

He will remain "estranged" 'til he comes back from the clink in the US of A. She will have the 'mega' share of his money that Uncle Sam cannot touch now he is 'estranged".

Litany of untruths from whom??.....

Goodness, as an outsider looking in, this whole ridiculous saga seems a total waste of time and money. To be putting someone like John Banks through such ignominy as this, a man of undoubted honesty and integrity, is nothing short of pathetic vindictiveness! Dotcom, McCready, Brown, et al, I know who I'd prefer to believe. I can't help think how much better things would be if Banksie was still Mayor of Auckland.

Not a waste if we get rid of John Banks and slap a conviction on him like he deserves

"Nothing to fear, nothing to hide", so why won't Mr. Banks take the stand.??

It is the dock and/or witness box actually. This is an important case of principle or is it principal?

Peoples behavior have got them all here

Lets trust in the system to unearth what truth possible

Banks made unusual comments on Mrs DC

Banks forgot a helicopter ride at the start of all of this. Tells me all I need to know,