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Bob Jones voting National for first time since 1981


Sir Bob Jones writes:

When I wrote recently that this election was done and dusted, a storm of protest erupted on the New Zealand Herald’s website from Labour’s deeply unattractive, rabid tribalists.

Abuse aside, the common theme was that I’m a die-hard National supporter. That gave great amusement given that I last voted National in 1981. Excepting the New Zealand Party in 1984 and later Act twice, I’ve voted Labour ever since.

So in seven of the last nine elections, Bob Jones has voted Labour.

Policies, not parties are my guide. But while I’ve given financial support to Labour MP friends, I certainly don’t want to see a change of government.

I wonder which Labour MPs will declare donations from Sir Bob?

Aside from other disturbing considerations, a Labour government is currently only possible by incorporating the most abysmal line-up of no-hopers ever to have presented themselves in our history. The Nats’ rowing boat television advertisement is spot-on; consequently, this time National will get my party vote, although I’ll opt for the Labour seat incumbent.

A Labour-Green-NZ First-Mana-Internet Government propped up by Kim Dotcom makes many shudder.

Political commentator David Farrar posts at Kiwiblog.

Comments and questions

Great, my vote will cancel his out then.

No I will cancel you out, so Bob's still counts...

Interesting Rogernomics historical factoid: Labour's Judith Tizard came within 406 votes of winning Remuera in 1987:,_1987

Then National won Otara three years later in 1990.

Oh this is just perfect but unfortunatre, Sir Bob probably did not make the donation big enough to be on the register, or if so perhaps it was a few dollars and a nice bottle of red to raffle.

Best thing Bob has done in 10 years

Grumpy old bugger...

And Labour Knighted Bob says lot about their Judgement

The way national is bleeding votes I M will be on the side lines, a labour greens NZ is looking possible. This looks much better than national conservative s act and UF