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Brendan Horan gets a new seat

Under-fire Tauranga list MP Brendan Horan was back in parliament today in a different seat.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters sacked the former TV weatherman from his party caucus last week and urged him to leave parliament.

Mr Peters says the full reasons for Mr Horan’s expulsion will come out in time and he admits the MP's phone records which show 144 calls to the TAB during his time as an MP made up part of the “decision-making process”.

“If he thinks he hasn’t done anything wrong, he obviously doesn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘wrong.’”

A defiant Mr Horan, wearing his trademark grin, turned up to question time this afternoon, arriving from his new office in the back blocks of the parliamentary complex – the library building.

“It’s great to be back at work. I’m sitting sort of at the back of the House – that’s where they put the independent MPs – the Chris Carter corner.”

He has been repositioned from his New Zealand First second front row seat to the back of the House.

He says he has not had a chance to consider the party board's decision to end his membership without giving him a right of reply.

He likened his situation to dumped Labour MP Chris Carter. But unlike Mr Carter, Mr Horan was not given a chance to defend himself.

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Comments and questions

Don't know why, but Brendan Horan reminds me of a young Winston Peters 30 mumble years ago.

Horan won't be around after the next election.


Does anyone remember Horan stumbling his way through One News weather reports? Looks like he's stumbling his way through politics as well.

How can Brendan Horan be a independent MP if he came in on as a list MP. That meants that NZ First is one MP less, and that not right. He should go and the next MP on NZ First go in.

Why? He hasn't been tried or found guilty of anything yet. Things may change, but so far Winston has been the judge, jury and executioner.

......but this is MMP......designed by US academics to ensure no country could succeed with it (failure, as we now know is intrinsic to its anatomy).
Germany were sentenced to it....and most of you -- I must conclude, 'cos I didn't -- voted for it.
If Key wants to get re-elected, and his chances are looking bleaker and bleaker, he'll ignore the puffed-up Joyce and follow his traders' gut....and nail it....esp if he has the balls to insist on winning constituencies....and save us from the Pseudo-Greens.

So how come he can sit on 140k per, doing sweet sod all, and there are so many people out there struggling to find work. This is a travesty of our parliament. Hey Mr Businessman John Key, fix this one.

Narcissistic comes to mind.

If you do not believe in MMP then, yes, he should not be there.
As an indepentdent list MP on the gravy train - lots of money for little or no work or output.

One would think the Nats will need NZ First at the next election and this could be the reason JK is not saying a lot about what can only be desscribed as a strange situation.

I agree, very strange, especially given Peters' record. Remember when he said "No", and he meant "maybe".
Then there was the episode of the scampi quota, remember? Meurant (with the brown paper bag)? Peters on the select committee and Peter Sonovab*tch gets the quota!

Does he get a pay rise as well? Complete farce if he does and needs to be stopped or all 'one-termers' will do it.

"Brendey. I love you, bro."

Don't blame Horan, blame MMP and the idiots who voted for it in the first place, and then voted it in again. You know who you are and you've got what you deserve, so stop whingeing.

MMP justice is served.