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Briscoe Group to pay special dividend, Duke to reap $16.7m

BUSINESSDESK: Briscoe Group, the homeware and sporting goods retailer, will pay a special dividend of 10 cents a share, generating a windfall of about $16.7 million for managing director and controlling shareholder Rod Duke.

The dividend will be paid on June 28 to investors on the register at the close of trading on June 14, the company said.

Interests associated with Mr Duke own 78% of the retailer, which has about 214m shares on issue.

Shares of Briscoe rose 2.6% to $1.60 after the announcement.

The stock has gained 14% this year, outpacing a 9.4% in an NZX index of consumer stocks.

Last week the company reported a 6.5% gain in first-quarter sales while warning that full-year revenue may be flat because last year’s result was inflated by Rugby World Cup turnover in the second half.

Sales at the retailer, whose brands include the Briscoe, Rebel Sport and Living and Giving, rose to $102.5m in the three months ended April 29, from $96.3m a year earlier.

Homeware revenue rose 5.7% to $66.1m and sporting goods sales climbed 7.8% to $36.4m.

Comments and questions

Good on him, he's earned it

One of NZs best retailers. He has indeed earned it

I do agree strongly with that!
He's not a "manager" that has no skin in the game and bamboozled an inane Board here. Here you have an entrepreneur, and his interests are aligned with the (few) other shareholders.
He lives and dies by his results.
Good on him!!

nice doing business with you Rod

If previous dividends are anything to go by I would bet a fair chunk of that $16m will be used to buy Briscoes shares. It is slow and steady, but I think that eventually it will be 100% private.

Rod should but The Warehouse and show Tindall and co how to run a real retailer

That's Rod should Buy The Warehouse and I should learn to type

Everything is @ Briscoe .
Wonderful .

Congratulations Rod, you have stuck to your formula which works. You deserve the rewards. Other retailers should remember the importance of getting the basics right and sticking to what you do well.