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Builders: Nautilus leaks not from cladding

Developer Rick Martin’s $65 million Nautilus apartment complex in Orewa is suffering leaks, but the company behind its construction Brookfield Multiplex says it is not from the cladding.

Speaking to NZ Property Investor earlier this week, Brookfield Multiplex managing director Dan Ashby said he is not sure what the exact problem with the building is.

“People seem to be focussing on the cladding but it’s a very common building material that is used all over the country and the world,

“We don’t know [what has caused the leaks] because nobody’s bothered to inform us,” he said.

Property consulting company Prendos, which specialises in assessing leak damage, is investigating the effect and cost of water damage to the building. Part of its report was sent to Brookfield Multiplex managing director Dan Ashby in October 2008.

Mr Ashby said he offered to speak with the body corporate and developer but had had no response.

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Design by artists rather than architects with PRACTICAL building experience is the real problem.

How many architects have PRACTICAL building experience?