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Callaghan Institute kicks off high-tech push

The government has launched the cornerstone of its policy to encourage new, high-value, high-tech products and services across science, engineering, design and technology disciplines.

To be known as Callaghan Innovation, the institution brings together the former Crown research institute Industrial Research Ltd, the business investments team at the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment, the Auckland Foodbowl initiative and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise's Lean Manufacturing programme.

It will start operations with 400 staff and offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Its early focus will be "to refine the services and support it provides to best serve New Zealand business – driving innovation and commercialisation of products and services and economic success", Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce says.

"Callaghan Innovation will work across industries as diverse as food and beverage manufacturing, agri-tech, digital technologies, health technologies, therapeutics and high-value wood products.

"The common theme is encouraging innovation and higher value products and services."

Callaghan Innovation, named after inspirational New Zealand scientist Sir Paul Callaghan, has no permanent chief executive yet, with a search ongoing.

Its creation follows a prolonged period of restructuring of the government science and innovation effort which first saw two agencies folded into a Ministry of Science and Innovation, which lasted little more than a year, when it was folded into the new MBIE super ministry.


Comments and questions

I love the irony - a large cumbersome bureaucracy to drive innovation by business. Yeah, right.

Monty Python is alive and well in the muddled minds of Wellington.

Forget the theory. 95%+of NZers are fundamentally lazy. All the institutes in the world will not change that.

Please tell me this will eventually absorb all of NZTE. Or replace it with carefully selected staff. The duplication is deplorable.