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Whaleoil stranding, day 3: Site back online; police examine DoS attack

UPDATE / Jan 30 - 11.15am: Whaleoil is about to come back online, founder Cameron Slater says [UPDATE: the site came backonline around midday].

The site's server has been moved from New Jersey-based cloud hosting provider Linode to a new, un-named webhost that is using the San Francisco-based, security-focused Cloudflare as its front-end and content delivery network.

Slater has also revealed for the first time that authorities are taking the cyber attack on his site seriously. Police requested a raw feed of the DoS attack that Whaleoil offline Tuesday morning, he says.

He says he has had no feedback from police so far on the DoS attacks, but is awaiting a phone call to go in and update his statement. He expects an update from police at that time.

Slater says Google Analytics figures give Whaleoil an average of around 100,000 page views a day from around 15,000 unique visitors.


After meeting with police, Slater preps new server for site's return

UPDATE / Jan 30 - 8am: Whaleoil is offline for a third day.

Founder Cameron Slater says a new web server is being setup

However, there is no estimated time for his site to come back online. This is no ordinary server propagation as an unidentified and apparently well-resourced cyber attacker continues to circle, and various parties involved in the relaunch proceed (or don't) with nervous caution.

He tells NBR he spent three hours with police Wednesday afternoon, outlining and filing a complaint over death threats to himself and rape threats to his daughter, delivered by text and social media.  He had previously forwarded police (and NBR) the phone number from which a threatening txt was delivered. 

NBR phoned the number; it belonged to someone who said he knew Greymouth man Judd Hall, a passenger in a fatal drink-drive car crash Friday night. A post by Mr Slater described the West Coaster as feral. The man, who did not wish to be named, said he was furious over the way Whaleoil had covered the incident. There was no apparent link with the DoS assault on Slater's website. 

Whaleoil down for second day; Dotcom tells hackers to back off

UPDATE  / Jan 29: Whaleoil offline for a second day.

The site, under siege from an unknown cyber assailant, is now using, Cloudflare - a service that tries to protect a site by absorbing a DoS attack at the edge of a network.. But that and other measures have so far proved ineffective.

"We have Cloudflare up and running and we got a new IP [internet protocol address] and they went after that too," founder Cameron Slater told NBR late Tuesday. He says he is being pitched by various web hosting companies, and is evaluating alternative options.

Slater's site was first hit Monday night, by intermittent attacks. It has been offline since around 8am Tuesday morning, overwhelmed by an ongoing denial-of-service assault that has swamped its servers with connection requests. Denial-of-service (Dos) or distributed denial-of-service (DDos) attacks employ a network of "bots" or automated software, often housed on hijacked PCs, to overwhelm a website.

Dotcom: "Nonsense"
On social media and story comments, some have speculated Kim Dotcom could be behind the DoS attacks (Slater, a frequent critic of the accused pirate, recently published a leaked document outlining strategy suggestions for Dotcom's Internet Party, and outed erstwhile Scoop editor Alistair Thompson as a party operative). 

Dotcom told NBR last night, "That's nonsense. I have nothing to do with the attack on Whaleoil. I'm for Internet Freedom, remember? That includes Whaleoil."

To his followers on Twitter, Dotcom tweeted, "Hackers, please stop attacking @Whaleoil. I really enjoy his 'Map of the day' section & shutting down websites is so 2012. #InternetFreedom."

Cheap to attack, expensive to clean up
"DDoS attacks are relatively cheap and easy to organise," says Robin Dickie, general manager of hosting company Web Drive.

Botnets, which are frequently used to conduct attacks can be rented from the murkier corners of the internet at low cost.

"The use of botnets makes tracking the parties initiating the attack very difficult, as generally they are not running the attack from their own network or equipment," the Web Drive GM says.

"On the other side, the mitigation of an attack can be very expensive, time consuming and disruptive for website owners.

The average DDoS attack requires 1 gigabit per second of bandwidth to handle, which for a website owner can mean substantial bandwidth costs, in addition to the labour and cost of mitigation, he says.

Webdrive, which hosts NBR ONLINE, uses a similar technology to Cloudflare to keep DDoS attacks at bay, Dickie says (although it has not been immune to attack; NBR was offline for an hour last July as it became collatoral damage in a site on another Web Drive client).

Attacks across the spectrum
While Whaleoil has no shortage of foes, Dickie says he's hardly alone in falling under attack.

"At Web Drive over the years, we have seen attacks on both sides of the political spectrum as well as outright extortion attempts," he says.

Cyber attack takes Whaleoil offline; Slater complains to police over death threats

Jan 28: Cam Slater's Whaleoil site was offline early this afternoon after being swamped by a denial-of-service attack (which sees a malicious hacker buy space on a network of hijacked PCs to send an avalanche of connection requests that overwhelm a website's capacity).

"It's a DoS attack, originating in New Zealand," Mr Slater told NBR.

The site went down several times last night under DoS attack, then was taken offline completely at around 8am this morning.

The controversial blogger has no shortage of enemies. He named a couple of people covered by recent Whaleoil stories whom he thought could be responsible for today's attack - but you'll have to wait until his site goes back online to read those (so far) unsubstantiated allegations.

"I have also been getting death threats via text and on Facebook," Mr Slater told NBR. 

The cellphone and Facebook threats do not seem to be related to the DoS attack; it's just a particularly bad day at the Whaleoil office.

"I have notified police, especially [over] the text messages," Mr Slater said.

He had the number of one of the text message senders, which he was forwarding to the police. NBR phoned the number; it belonged to someone who said he knew Greymouth man Judd Hall, who was killed in car crash Friday night. A post by Mr Slater described the West Coater as feral. The man, who did not wish to be named, said he was furious over the way Whaleoil had covered the incident.

"There's a town full of people bloodthirsty for that c***," he told NBR, before saying he did not want to answer any more questions and hanging up.

The blogger has posted two of the texts to his Facebook page (warning: language).

Mr Slater said he was working with Whaleoil's web host, Linode, to get the site back online.

"We're implementing some DoS protection and had to update the DNS [domain name server], but those changes are flowing through now."

More by Chris Keall

Comments and questions

Thanks NBR for this.

Keep at it Cam & crew.... and sort it quickly too please. We miss WO!

They sure don't like it up 'em!

Phew. I thought work might be clamping down. Damn cowardly mongrels

Withdrawal symptoms here...I need my WO fix..
Keep it up Cam and crew, we appreciate it.

Now I have to spend more time talking to the wife...Hope you get back up and running again soon Cam.

getting jumpy here!

Hang in there mate, we'll be back soon!

I really hope this problem is fixable :( The day just isn't the same not being able to drop into 'Whale World'.

Good work BIT.

Keep up the good work Cam! I think i speak for plenty of people when i say NEVER BACK DOWN TO BULLIES AND/OR TERRORISM. Albeit cyber!

You think hes not a bully hes the biggest bully.Brang it all on himself he gets everything he deserves.I hope he comes out apologies for his mistakes and accept he was wrong for the disgusting mistakes he has made.

You will never find out who we are

Love someone to explain briefly in laymans terms how this happens and how the techies can say it originated in NZ, especially considering I have been suffering from all sorts of Yahoo Telecom Xtra issues and those supposed experts cant tell us anything.

DoS attack means thousands (tens of thousands) of fake people (eg computers with viruses) all go the the website at the same time over and over. Eventually to many people are going there, and the website crashes and goes offline.

Anybody with a website can see where their visitors are coming from, so that can show them if it originated in NZ. Although to be honest, the location data is easy to fake.

Because its a ruse to make people think that the website is under attack, when in reality, its not.
The guy has made comments of late that are false, misleading & insulting to a grieving mother and deserves everything being thrown at him.
I for one have no sympathy at all for him, but do for his wife & children.
Maybe those supporters of his should think about that poor mother grieving, then finding out Slater has labelled her son feral.
The feral one in my books has gone running to the police crying wolf, when he has orchestrated his woes himself.

I totally agree Bloke. I have even had to resort to doing some actual work today!

Don't feel too sorry for this McCarthy-ite, although death threats are way over the top.

So you'd be one of those people who only read stuff they already agree with....?
That describes the entire left.

Describes the Whale Army just as well though, no?

I am an avid reader of WO, but I don't agree with everything he publishes.

Agree with you Glando.

I too find it despicable with what Slater said but that doesn't warrant death threats or verbal attacks on his family.

If I agreed with Slater we would both be wrong in my book.

Can't agree either with anyone that deliberately goes about closing down ones website , hacking it and so on.

On this issue with Slater's personal attack on a deceased person I have only this to say.
I do not intend to argue with this idiot on this subject, as I don't want to be dragged down to his level and in any case he will beat me with his experience.


Why don't you post the source IP address and then the upstreams of the source attack can deal with it? If indeed it's NZ originated then the customer of the ISP is most probably breaking their acceptable use policy.

It's also really easy to tell which ISP is carrying the originating traffic. But I suspect you already know that.


Gosh, hope the outage doesn't last too much longer....NBR and WOBH are the only comprehensive unbiased sources of up-to-date news out there....and the only ones that actually tell it like it is!!

This reminds me of the way Labour et al brought in the disgraceful Electoral Finance Act because they wanted to make it harder for people to legitimately express their political views. When the left doesn't like what you have to say, rather than debate you on the facts, the'll just try to silence you. Hope you're back online soon Whaleoil!

Lefty 101 - Suppress all dissenting views.

Key 101: Label all who disagree with you as "ill-informed" or "politically motivated".

Too easy to hide behind a proxy or vpn or even use a local infected computer, some of the best defense tools against these attacks are open source so there is no reason not to use them, the moral here is back up your database

Hope things work themselves out, keep up the good work cam. If they are trying to shut you down then they are hurting.

Would be great if the offender could be identified and prosecuted. No doubt Cam has a pretty good idea of who is behind it. I guess proving it may be more difficult.

Keep up the good work Cam, your blog is the only thing worth reading. would be typical of the left to do this - they can't stand to be shown for the two faced scumbags they are

Well perhaps he needs to be slightly more careful about such inflammatory remarks that are made towards innocent people. Reap what you sow brother. Xx

Slater was making some very offensive comments about the passenger who died in the Greymouth car crash this past week (before he knew the facts). His abuse featured in the Greymouth paper yesterday and has annoyed a lot of people. I wonder if it's related.

Generally intelligent, reasonable people will formulate intelligent, reasonable arguments as to why somebody is incorrect; with the hope of either generating an apology or, at the very least, persuading others as to why they are correct.

I would suggest that reacting by running a DDOS on the website, and issuing death threats against the blogger sort of proves the blogger's point.

But then you really can't expect much other than censorship and the shouting down of alternative viewpoints from West Coasters - they did, after all, found the Labour Party.

What absolute drivel - look at WC Party vote - it goes Nats & has for a while (excl all the bludgers on the dole in Golden Bay). Fact is CS got it wrong re the death & now won't fix it - an apology would be a start. If you throw it around expect some to come back.
Obv 2 wrongs don't make a right but he could start the process & hopefully stop the threats etc.

Keep up the good work Cam. We need Whaleoil. As cows4me says: if they are trying to shut you down then they are hurting........

Cam, missing WO and hope all is up and running soon. Death threats totally uncalled for. Read that article about the idiots that crashed drunk and speeding into a house..................

live by the sword..die by the sword..

Yep, make use of your right to freedom of speech, and the left are quite right to suppress your speech. Yeah, makes perfect sense. Any thing for the cause, comrade.

Yes - Mr Slater is only too ready to put various people in "uncomfortable places", whether they deserve it or not. With these comment he slurs a whole community The consequence of his ferral coments about coasters he has found a group who will bite back, (the hackers are probably well bred coaster raised with cunning and ingenuity in the last remaing pioneer community in this country with high paid jobs somewhere around the world, totaly because of the pioneer upbring). The fact that he now 'fears for the saftey of his familiy is unfortunate" - but "live by the sword, die by the sword"

Think carefully Cameron when you slur a whole community, somewhere in that community will be the red neck who might actually mean what he says

6:15pm in Auckland and TV one news is saying the blog is back online.
Well it isn't.
Just getting an error 522 from some place called cloudflare.

Confirmation that Slater is doing the job that the MSM have happily neglected.

If this doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger

I respect Cam, I may have chosen to go in a more tactful direction if I covered this, but death-threats, bitter vitriol and lame-ass DDOS attacks... way to show you're not feral [slow ironic clap].

No sympathy from will be fine without your poison for a day.!

Yes - because the suppression of free speech is the modus operandi of the, ever offended, left.

So easy to judge and label...... I imagine a discussion with you would be so rational, non-emotional and open to any sort of ideas......

Emotions are irrelevant and get in the way. They are an excuse for irrationality.

So yes, what you would get from me would be rational, non-emotional and open to any sort of ideas. I would, however, point out where those ideas were flawed, if necessary.

Hey John,

Nice own-goal with that statement, admitting you don't like what you read, but visit daily anyway...

It is kinda addictive eh!

Well, if Coasters are upset, then he must have done something wrong?

While I occassionally enjoy a quick paruse of Whale Oil, I must caution Mr Slater that the West Coast is a separate country.
The West Coast is not really a part of NZ, just like Auckland.

Please deal with any death with the common sense that it deserves.
South Islanders are not Aucklanders Mr Slater.

Mmmmmm the blogosphere smells somewhat sweeter today....

Damm shame...

With Whaleoil still being attacked... Seems we'll have the Internet version of a friendly "away game" here at NBR for the homeless Pod.

WOBH v NBR debate...

Let's hope NBR throws out the welcome mat for today's match up...

It will be interesting to find out who is behind it, this is pretty much unprecedented in NZ.
Bloke, I nominate you to "bat for the other team".

Looks like the NBR is suffering a Whaleoil fanboy attack today...

Oh dear !
An influx of whaleoil posters coming to NBR.
Mind you I reckon if you cut out the tourettes afflicted potty mouths there probably wont be that many.

My corner is behind you 100% Cam keep up the good work

Personally I don't think the DoS attack is your furry feral friends on the Coast, I can just see it now "Greymouth" the DoS capital of NZ hardly .... but I am sure they will take the credit for it anyway for sure, my furry feral cuzzie from Cobden says texting is probably as far as technology reaches down that way.

This is definitely a job from the outter reaches of this little Pacific tin shack.

How left, can't handle the message so they resort to the age old tactic of censorship. If those implementing this DOS attack had any true argument I'm sure they would be welcome to post on Whaleoil but of course they won't. Which just proves two things, one they are cowards and two their argument has no validity. This is an example of how many would love this country to be governed, they won't win.

Hang in there Cam. You have a lot of support.

Hope things get resolved . Seems a bit too effective to have come from a Westie ! This shows the vulnerability of freedom of speech on the internet !

Hope WOBH is back soon to shine the sunlight upon the dishonest - really missing the unspun news!

Whale Oil commentary was at best deeply insensitive to the friends and family of someone who's recently died through no fault of his own. And the reaction from them (while over the top) is hardly surprising given the situation. Put yourself in those shoes briefly.

It's disappointing that the comment stream sees the reaction as 'typical left'. Writing 'feral dies' as a headline was always intended to create a reaction and more coverage for Whale Oil - classic left or right shock-jock tabloid tactic, so Slater has more than achieved his goal while also being able to appear maligned. He must be pretty happy that making people really angry delivers a great business outcome for him.

"died through no fault of his own"?

He was in a car with a drunk driver. Unless he was abducted that poor decision was his fault.

At last, some non-aligned comment that isn't trying to exploit the situation. I agree with you totally Blair.

I feel so disoriented without the WhaleOil blog. It's like my right hand doesn't know what my far-right hand is doing....

“It’s a tragic situation but where is it written in the rule books that you have to take into account people’s feelings?"

These were Slaters words when he said did not regret the headline and would not be apologising for it.

Funny how his own words have come back to bite him on the arse, now that he's feeling some heat.

I note that WO has called the deceased feral. No matter that he was educated, and continuing his education to higher levels, and wasn't even the driver but a backseat passenger with no choice in the tragic outcome. Perhaps the driver of the car should be scrutinized for feral behaviour, not the victim. So, to date, the only feral person here is the ignorant Cam. If Mr Halls friends were so ' feral', they would not be able to provide a DoS (or maybe it's a DDoS) attack; perhaps some are even literate and technically savvy. Sorry, but sometimes you reap what you sow Cam.

Good comment - thank you.

Really can't stand Cameron Slater - but I defend his right to express his views as long as they are not advocating genocide etc.

I'm a criss-cross leftie (voted Labour last 2 elections, definitely voting National next election though) however I still get a certain amount of satisfaction every time I hear that one of these speeding, drinking idiots has taken themselves out rather than killed an innocent driver coming the other way. Does this make me a bad person?

Am in total agreement with you! And I had the same reaction to the horrific car crash. Obviously it's still a tragic outcome for the family affected, but at least some innocent person wasn't killed when the car ploughed through their bedroom.

the inocent person in this scenario was the young lad Hall

If you get into a car driven by a drunk driver then, unless you have been abducted, you are not innocent. Indeed you are equally guilty as the driver is as you should have stopped him.

If you read the article on the crash you will see that the victim was not the driver of the car, but a passenger. Yes, you are a bad person.

If they have set up Cloudflare correctly then the DDOS hack would be over. Sure they have a New IP etc, but why is it still down?

Why does this article not mention the comments he made that provoked this reaction? His comments on the death in Greymouth are despicable. The actions of his attacker are actually pretty understandable when you know what it is he said - in the same way you might understand someone striking a man who bullied a grieving mother.

Yes the very worst type of bully- Slater squeals like a stuck pig when others hit back.

A young innocent man was tragically killed by a drunk driver and Slater blames him, calls him feral, and celebrates his death.

The Great Slug then dances on this child's grave- publicly- for the whole country to see and hear- while the family are raw with grief.

The Great Slug thinks he is protected from reality because he wears the magic cloak of the blogosphere?

And some oiks here congratulate,emulate,and encourage him. Shame.

Quite an imagination you have there. You seem to have read between the lines and come up with your own story to get worked up about.

"innocent" - was he accused of something"
"blames him" - must have missed that
"celebrates death, dances on grave" - only in your head
"child" - bit of a reach

Fully agree with your Comment. Its all right for cam to say what he Likes about Others, but he runs for help when Others say things about him.
Hes been quick to show contempt of the law of name suppression when it suits him, and wont Reveal source names, but as soon as it Turns on him he goes Running to the law himself.
His tv Interview last night did him no favours. Cam came across as the narcissist that he is. Good Riddance, hope he stays Shut down

I agree with you totally Matt.

Welcome to digital reality, there is no such thing as a secure website, the internet itself is an open portal where a black hat can wreak havoc to the uninitiated and unsecured, my advise for a host use a virtual environment, use multilayered security and more that 2 solutions simultaneously, encrypt and backup data, use email and or phone verification to prevent unauthorised access and block IP addresses ( example I have blocked every IP range from China for my sites), you want to make it as difficult as possible. At home use a proxy if you can, sandbox your browser, use security software, the free ones are just as good as the subscription solutions, never ever open attachments before scanning them or move them from your sandbox.

Threats of death or physical violence are not 'pretty understandable' Matt. Don't be so feral.

WO is a boring glom who has set up shock-jock in a mini-mee of Rush Limbaugh and his band of bullying brethren in the US. For the record, I have never voted Left on anything, and never will - but do not see WO as "right" but as a bigoted media pulpit bully who has done a good job becoming the favored posting place for leaks by politicians who run that dark art programs such as McCully. Probably runs a decent business, and this will be very decent for his business.

I'm starting to get a bit feral myself waiting for the DDoS attacks to stop so I can get my WO fix...

Here's the Greymouth Star article, I think Whale Oil deserves all the negative attention he gets..

“It’s a tragic situation but where is it written in the rule books that you have to take into account people’s feelings?” what a jerk!

Provocative right-wing internet blogger Cameron Slater was today standing by a headline that described Greymouth car crash victim Judd Hall as “feral”.
Mr Hall, a 26-year-old from Runanga, died when a car in which he was a backseat passenger left the road and crashed into a house about 11 o’clock on Friday night.
At 7.21am on Saturday, Mr Slater’s Whale Oil blog site carried a brief story on the crash under the heading, ‘Feral dies in Greymouth, did world a favour’.
When contacted by the Greymouth Star today, Mr Slater accepted that he did not know Mr Hall or his family, but justified the “feral” description by saying: “It is Greymouth, isn’t it? Didn’t Helen Clark say that you are all feral?”
He said anybody travelling at 140kph in a car in a 50kph area was ‘feral’, whether on the West Coast or in south Auckland.
He did not regret the headline and would not be apologising for it.
“It’s a tragic situation but where is it written in the rule books that you have to take into account people’s feelings?” the blogger said.
Grey District Mayor Tony Kokshoorn said the headline was “an utter disgrace”.
“This young lad has a mother and father who are going through a great deal of hurt at the moment. It’s compassion and support they need at the moment, not condemnation from the likes of Slater,” Mr Kokshoorn said.
“They (the parents) are people that Slater has never met, does not know, so for him to describe their offspring as feral is the lowest of the low and an utter disgrace.”
The ‘feral West Coasters’ label has been around since 2000, when former Prime Minister Helen Clark was speaking on National Radio at the height of the native timber logging debate, but her comments were taken out of context.
A transcript of the sentence in question shows that Ms Clark actually said: ‘Attitudes of some on the West Coast could be fairly feral’.

He may well "deserve some negative attention" as you put it, that would be acceptable. Death threats, threats of violence to himself and his family are not acceptable in any circumstances. Those people making them are indeed confirming Cameron's (and no doubt others) opinions of them.

But threats, even death threats aren't harmful-

they're just sort of "feelings.

I guess Cameron, and his family are experiencing lots of 'feelings' right now.

I wonder what the rule book says about them? Do any of us have to take these into account?

They are not feelings, death threats are death threats and illegal that is what the "rule book" says; regardless of any perceived provocation. You cannot spin the threats of violence and death as justifiable no matter how hard you try. Cameron's words have upset people that's a given and it would acceptable to vent your anger in many ways but death threats and the like are not tolerable in any way shape or form.

Yep, his own words have put his family at risk and he's got nobody to blame but himself.

As he was penning his poison, I wonder if he took a few minutes to think what kind of reaction his hurtful words would cause.

When he posted it, did he really think that it was ok to say "Feral dies in Greymouth, did world a favour"?

Yes there is such thing as freedom of speech, but when you make comments like that, you surely have to be smart enough to realise there are going to be consequences.

He's reaping what he's sown, and while I don't agree with the threats of violence coming his way, this is all of his own doing.

Red, that's the most well thought out post on this thread. You nailed it.

*Cue the Cam support gang with their sharpened knives.

Your thinking, like your Schemes is somewhat flawed.

Ever hear of Cyber-bullying? Calling a spade a spade, no matter how brutally honest it might be, is not bullying either.

Inciting violence, threatening violence most certainly is. There are laws against it.

But I do wonder how many parents of young children who live on any kind of road with traffic, would praise drunken idiotic drivers clocking 140km/hr in a 50km zone? Or would they be calling the police to complain about boy-racers outside their driveway behaving in such a way? Most parents would call those speedsters plenty more words than just feral behaviour!

Behaviour like that is feral. Getting into the backseat with a drunk driver, who then drives like that is not the actions of anyone "innocent" either.

Saying all that though, perhaps Mr. Slater wasn't the most diplomatic, but don't berate the messenger because you don't like the message.


And you know he was drunk and over the limit how exactly? And you think Judd dying did the world a favour too I suppose?

What an idiotic thing for Slater to say, he brought this on himself, and his own pen put his family in the firing line. Maybe he'll pause before hitting "post comment" next time.

And when he offends you next time, we look forward to you not berating him in any way.

And for the record, no he doesn't deserve death threats, but when you poke a stick at a angry beehive trying to get honey, you are bound to get stung.

Am needing my WO fix, come back soon Cam

no need for the death threats

but then there is slaters way or the highway.

God forbid that people might disagree with him, after all he is always correct isn't he.

Cameron Slater for NZ dictator perhaps???????????

Perhaps Cameron Slater will be more circumspect about his posts in future, but more importantly perhaps young people will be more circumspect about getting in a car with a drunk driver, driving drunk, speeding, and fleeing from police.
Yeah right.

That Mr Hall died is..."tragic", BUT...he knowingly got into a vehicle with a drunk driver. He was not a victim, he was a facilitator and a party to this event.

It is typical of this subset of society, the boy racer generation, to loudly and forcibly voice their belief in their right to carry on with this level of behaviour.

New Zealand needs to stop treating boy racers that have come to grief as victims, and attempting to shift the blame onto everyone else including the police. Shine some light onto this antisocial behaviour, and let the younger generation know that the law is applicable to everyone, even the isolated West Coast.

Agree Brutus.

It's the PC effect. The other week there was a news article about vandals spray-painting someone else's property... And they were labelled "taggers" instead of "deliberate vandals"

If it was their property, they could call it what they like. On someone else's property, it's called vandalism.

It's this kind of kid glove treatment on feral behaviour that enables a "victim" mentality by the perpetrator... Who then in turn, has an expectation to be treated like a victim, instead of a criminal.

Whaleoil cry baby of the week is... ?

The Facts are:
150km in a 50km area
Evading police
Allegedly drunk driver
One passenger dies, the other is seriously injured, the driver is impaled with wood from the house HE drove into.

Understandably, tempers are running hot when this tragedy is so raw, but I wonder if the invective being directed at Slater for his comments, would be so vitriolic if the deceased had been in the vehicle and it had killed say a mother and her child walking the footpath or, perhaps someone in the house?

There is no doubt that individuals who behave in such a reckless matter as to endanger other people’s lives, are indeed feral and deserve all the opprobrium that society can muster against them. Indeed, if the deceased had lived but the vehicle he was in had killed someone, he could be charged with been a party to manslaughter. If nothing else, Slater's comments has highlighted this 'feral' behaviour and if it gets society talking and motivated to move against it and saves one life, then Slater has accomplished what he has sent out to do.

Perhaps that’s why he does not resile from his comments..??

Comment of the day Paul.

Hope you get the cowardly bastards soon Cam. Look forward to their full exposure on WO.

Interesting, saw the mother on TV last night, for a mother who has lost her 4th son she is not looking too worried or upset about it, I felt sorry for her until I saw the TV, I now understand what the word feral means, Helen Clark, came up with this word for those on the coast and Cam Slater used the word as well, may be all that 1080 they have been dropping?

Cameron Slater seems to be a "do as I say, not as I do" kind of guy.

I am reluctant to criticise another blogger but Cam's recent actions and his response to the reactions they created are nothing short of mind-boggling.

The blog suggested that the death of a West-coaster did the world a favour and regardless of any possible veracity the story may or may not have had, the headline was clearly nothing more than a crude attempt at sensationalism.

At this point it should be remembered that Mr Slater boldly disobeyed they ruling of a court's suppression order because *he* felt he had a right to and that the law was an ass.

Thumbing your nose at the law is one thing and, if you honestly feel that the law *is* an ass then I can understand such a stance.

However, if you are prepared to step outside the law, even on a matter of principle, it them becomes rather hypocritical if you start winging about others who step outside the law because they feel strongly about an issue.

In a radio interview yesterday, I heard Mr Slater telling the audience that he'd gone to police and was going to deliver a summary of information he'd collected about those who were effectively cyber-bullying him.

Oh Cam, grow a spine!

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen mate.

It's a really bad look to thumb your nose at the law and then go running like a sniveling kid to that same authority whenever someone says nasty things to you.

No, I don't condone the actions of anyone who launches DOS attacks against a website or who engages in cyberbullying -- but surely you've got enough functioning brain cells to realise that if you piss people off enough (perhaps by calling them "feral") then they may choose to bite back.

What's more, since you have put yourself *above* the law on at least one occasion, don't you think that those who you do piss off might feel they also have a right to put themselves above the law too?

But, you can't man-up, at least stop being such a damned hypocrite!

Yeah - nah...

I call BS on this. You are reluctant to criticise - so have limited your post to only 13 paragraphs. Who is the hypocrite?

Cam doesn't need anyone to fight his battles for him - and I'm sure once he has the time, he'll respond himself - but your assertions are flawed.

There's a huge difference between naming a rogue who gained "name suppression" because they might be a B grade minor celeb in NZ - and needing to report numerous death threats on yourself and family.

Get a grip - and by that I mean take your hand off it!

You claim you're a blogger - yet I don't recall seeing your handle anytime on Whaleoil...

Hear, hear!

We know that DoS attacks are illegal, and here we have one in progress for three days. What are the police doing about it, exactly? It's not exactly a minor crime, when a maximum penalty of seven years in prison applies. They wouldn't let a bank robbery progress for three days, would they? The fact is that cyber crime is on the increase, and if the police don't have adequate expertise in this area, it's high time they got some.

It is funny to see the 'Billy Bunter' of the right whining about getting alleged death threats. It is sad that he attempts to play the knight in stating he wants to prtect his wife & daughter. Hopefully, soon there will a journalist who will outline the real events.

Well this is fun, Whaleoil down for a while now. Those who have set up this attack should be aware that Cam will come for them

The cyber-attackers are ferals. haha I miss whaleoil. Stay with it Cam.

looking forward to Whaleoil's return, missing daily fix

he's baaaaaaack.....

general comment for when the unmentionable is busy hitting the fan:

"Sooner or later everyone sits down to the banquet of consequences".

None of us is immune and all are capable of making a BIG mistake - folks don't get too hubristic - your turn is coming too.

Wow, 'Cam' - as many of you so affectionately term this self-serving rabble rouser who's purely interested in generating traffic and hits for his own commercial gain - has really turned his conservative right wing mates out in force in support in these comments. Either that or it's what the NBR online audience has become.

Essentially this all began with a shocking lack of sensitivity from a recidivist cyber-bully, and it's path since then has been entirely predictable. Hasn't it Cam?