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Campbell Live claims second win as Seven Sharp hits all-time low

UPDATE / Feb 16: Friday night Nieslen ratings were more bad news for TVNZ.

Campbell Live, with 285,910 viewers, claimed its second 5+ audience win over Seven Sharp (and only the second 7pm win since the TV3 show was launched in 2005; both wins have been claimed since Seven Sharp launched).

Seven Sharp slumped to an average 5+ audience of 234,980 viewers Friday night, or roughly half that achieved by Mark Sainsbury's Close Up during September last year.

Industry site Throng points out Seven Sharp benefits from a much larger lead-in audience (courtesy of One News much larger viewership over 3News). But last night 55% of the One News audience, switched channels or otherswise switched off rather than sticking around for Seven Sharp.

Again, a possible read is that Seven Sharp has alienated the older One News audience without attracting younger viewers from TV3.

Seven Sharp vs Campbell Live: The first two weeks (via Throng. Click to zoom).

Campbell Live claims historic ratings win over Seven Sharp   

Feb 13: TV3's Campbell Live out-rated TV One in 5+ audience for the first time ever last night, MediaWorks says.

The broadcaster has circulated Nielsen figures (right) which show Campbell Live beat Seven Sharp across three demographics.

Campbell Live had 352,000 5+ viewers to 296,700 for Seven Sharp.

One read on the figures is that Seven Sharp's assertive use of social media has alientated older viewers while failing, so far, to attract a younger audience.

Seven Sharp debuted on Monday February 4. It replaced Close Up, which averaged 456,000 5+ viewers last year.

Promotion for last night's episode of Campbell Live centred on an exclusive interview with Sanitarium CEO  Pierre van Heerden, who revealed the date Marmite would be back on shelves (March 20) and an Auckland vs London supermarket price comparison.

TV One's departing head of news and current affairs Ross Dagan says it is too early to judge Seven Sharp's ratings.

Ironically, Seven Sharp's historic slip happened on a night when media commentator Brian Edwards judged the show had displayed "a real edge."

Comments and questions

Most interesting thing on Campbell Live last night was the cost of living review between Tescos of Knightsbridge (cost of shop $128) to New World and Countdown (Cost of shop $201).
Who cares about Marmite?

I agree - rarely watch either channel but the TV3 expose of how we are being royally scr*wed by the duopoly was fascinating. We have had visitors from both the UK and Aus over the last 18 months and without any prompting by us (we are even too embarrassed to comment) they all have bemoaned what a shock buying food here was. AND as what I think about Sanitarium and their tax dodging games is unprintable.

The beginning of the end. Soon there will be a night of the long seven sharp knives.

Get real. Mainstream media is controlled by international news organisations. Editorial policy, hidden contract agreements, etc … basically prevents freedom of speech. Now who's sponsoring the nightly news these days? ANZ / ASB - all Aussie banks.

"One read on the figures is that Seven Sharp's assertive use of social media has alientated older viewers."

No, it's just that older viewers can recognise cr*p when they see it.

That graphic is absolutely meaningless without error bars. It would be a lot more meaningful to graph the difference and add a significance level (I have no idea if Nieslen make the required information for that calculation public).

I only watch 7 sharp to see Ali ... yummy.

News and current affairs are what they are - not comedy or social media
TV 1 has got this totally wrong - they will not increase the ratings - they will continue to drop until they face reality and pull the show under the current format.

This is as bad as Paul Henry's show in Australia that failed.

In the real world the supplier normally delivers what the customer wants and if they don't they go out of business - TVNZ will lose 50 years of market dominance of prime time tv if they don't act quickly - all for a producers ego who thinks this is what we want to view on prime time TV.

TV3 will be celebrating and also gettting the advertising dollar that pays the bills

Seven Sharp insults me. Why would I watch that? TVNZ need to throw it out and start from scratch. Now.

Can it really be that hard to produce a decent current affairs programme in NZ? Something along this template:

a) You have 25 minutes - so you can cover 2 or 3 stories in detail, derived from news worthy events of the day or the week. No more than 2 or 3.

b) Things you do not cover - anything generated by the 'entertainments complex' - so nothing about 'celebs', royalty, sports 'personalities' or associated tat. Pet stories at an absolute minimum (Morgans felicicide excepted), ditto baby stories.

c) Things you do cover - events relating to governments, finance, the environment, industry, global events as impacting NZ, social policy, crime.

And lo and behold people will watch.

Sell off TVNZ

Seven Sharp is exactly what we do not need on TV. There is so much pap and rubbish broadcast already - now a news programme has been given the breakfast TV treatment.
I want to see stronger news, current affairs and meaningful documentaries - not carnival shows featuring the God forsaken, the sick and the deranged.

I'm being honest: those 3 presenters (of which 2 are superfluous) have to have rhino skins to not know this show, reeks. So rank, that maggots won't go near it.

Deleted TV One from all my Digital TV's and Freeview HD Hardrive recorders back in November 2012. TVNZ lost the plot some time ago and will continue to shred viewers until changes direction or is shut down.
A dinosaur on a hiding to nowhere !!!
I am a viewer that wants to be kept informed on what's happening both in N.Z and internationally.
TV One these days is totally redundant at meeting my my needs.

Time to kill this dog.

TVNZ try to dumb me down
I turn over to TV3 at 6pm and watch their news as well.

And even if they get Mark Sainsbury back I would not watch them.
They need to learn that most views of news are in their 40 plus age group.
Younger ones are not interested in the news, never have been, never will be.

That's a wild generalisation Digby. My four-year-old son is interested in the news!

Just complete cr*p TV. Never thought I would be a Campbell Live watcher.

Given it is older viewers that mainly watch news and current affairs, I say bring back Lindsay Perigo. That would be a show worth watching.

Watching Seven Sharp invokes a blend of horror and awe. Just when you think it can't possibly get any worse, it does.

It's not good, but nothing could be as unwatchable as Campbell for this kid.

Seven sharp is awkward like a gangly computer nerd and the camera angle is too close..
But Campbell Live is the dog poo on my shoe entertainment and is so annoying.

In desperation I have turned to Campbell live after persevering with Seven Sharp for it's first four shows.
SS has absolutely no solid content; this is where it is failing.

Regretfully, SS has failed and should be canned.

Now that Seven Sharp is well and truly on its knees, someone do the decent thing: creep up behind it and deliver the coup de grace.

TVNZ have scru'd up big time. So, advertisers didn't want to pay premium rates to access the close to half a million viewers of CloseUp because the demographic was non ideal. So the answer is axe CloseUp, develop 7Sharp, loose more than 50% of the audience and ... what...

Bleat to the govt that they can't make TV pay a dividend, need more funding, need to change policy. What a bunch of idiots, time to wield axe and admit the giant stuff-up before TV1 news is sucked into the downdraft.

7S is totally devoid of merit, Campbell Live is OK if you can stomach Campbell self-promotion. TVNZ need a miracle - a presenter with huge presence and intellect to save them.

I am 66 and I like Seven Sharp for what it is. Its not Campbell Live or the Holmes Show. It's quite a diiferent kettle of fish. Yes I think Seven Sharp could be improved but will refrain from giving my suggestions. I don't think it should be canned. I think it could pick up as it improves and goes through some innovations.
At least we have a choice of CL and SS whereas CL and Sainsbury were directly competing by doing the same sort of show, albeit a bit differently.

If 7sharp would quit force feeding tweets on the tele instead of online where it belongs. Some viewers might stay tuned.

7 sharp is the food entertainment news for small brain appetite. Tv reflects just how we deserved to be 7 is gone and that was sad for viewers who could understand better. 7 sharp keeps on delivering what's been out there with a twist, why being surprised. It' s always been bad...both channels. No wonder why people watch soap...can not complain as they have no obligation to deliver quality show. National pride...priceless.

The ratings spike is over from something new. Its no substitute for content and now we are seeing the results of insulting the intelligence of the viewer.

Simpsons on TV4 in the same time slot. Better current affairs than the both of them.

Seven Sharp is immature clap trap. And 3 presenters? Come on.TVNZ are really underestimating the intellect of its viewers. I am furious that as a Rabo Direct investor and shareholder my money is being used to fund such an awful programme. I would have expected better of them because as far as financial ability /products to satisfy their customers are concerned, they are right on top of their game

I agree with Anonymous #10. Sell TVNZ.
TVNZ no longer has an inherent public service role. They'll only put on something less commercial if they're paid to, as would a buyer or a competitor.
The issues around Seven Sharp only highlights what a a volatile, competitive business TV is. There is no need to have taxpayers unnecessarily involved in such a risky venture.

Always been a Campbell Live watcher, more in-depth stories with some great results - i.e., lunches for kids in school, have helped many ChCh problems and now blown the lid on Novapay with hopefully some results eventually.