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Canberra-isation under way in quake city – Moore

Former Christchurch mayor Garry Moore says hundreds of Christchurch commercial landowners are being “shafted”.

He told NBR ONLINE his widely reported comments this week were made after he sat down with prominent developers and landowners to gauge their sentiments.

“My comments reflected the general views of landowners and people close to a number of property developments," Mr Moore says.

“My phone and email is running hot with communications from all sorts of people who support what I’ve said.

“This is eastern bloc stuff. Individual investors are going to have their land taken off them by a supposedly private enterprise government. It’s absolutely weird.

“Everyone accepts that the central business district needs to be consolidated. But the local smaller investors and developers are being shut out.

“There needs to be a vehicle that allows existing owners to be part of the bigger picture.

“But they’re going to lose their equity over this compulsory buy out and the ones that still have equity won’t have a look in.

“The only groups that will be able to afford these large blocks of land are big corporates from Australia.

“It’s the Canberra-isation of Christchurch.

"What makes it worse is that if you’ve got a contrary view to the old boy’s club you’re told to shut up.

“We’re under a command and control mechanism with our city council just an outpost of a Wellington ministry, almost in the same way they sacked elected representatives from the regional council,” Mr Moore says. 

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Comments and questions

Writing from Christchurch, this fellow is part of the problem, not part of the solution. We don't need more stirrers and obstructionists (especially anyone with anything to do, past or present, with the Council), we need more entrepreneurs and can-do'ers.

Gary Moore has long been a festering problem for Chch, that's true. But, surprising though it may seem, he's absolutely right on this one.

roger that sutton

is that the same gary from my kitchen rules ?

lord help us. as i recall, the time under Garys mayoralty was a large part of the reason the cbd was dying pre quake.. hang up the gloves gary.

More is a Labour Party hack who perpetuated the Peoples' Repubilc of Christchurch, under the patronage of Aunty Helen.

Meh, can't win.
Everyone here in Christchurch wants things to happen "quick", but when they happen "quick" they complain that they didn't follow due process and do an ecological analysis of every ant in the area.
I do think that National was foolish to get involved with the CBD plan however. They should have left it to the Council because it was always going to have some element of unhappy people, now those unhappy people are unhappy at National instead of the Council. That was predictable and preventable.