Telecom, Vodafone and 2degrees' mobile broadband rated Wellington

Who's the fastest mobile carrier in Wellington?

It depends where you are, and what you're doing.

Comprehensive testing carried out by TrueNet (a broadband testing company majority owned by Wellington-based Catalyst IT) has found the three major networks all capable of hitting a 6Mbit/s download speed - very respectable, and in keeping with the speeds claimed by Telecom and Vodafone on their websites (if a far cry from the 21Mbit/s theoretical maximum of the HSPA+ technology employed by both companies to turbocharge their respective 3G networks).

Using a single router board equipped with a HSPA+-capable modem and SIM card for each network, a TrueNet vehicle tested each network simultaneously in multiple locations. Methodology developed by OfCom (in broad terms, the UK equivalent of the NZ Commerce Commission's Telecommunications Commissioner) was employed for the the tests.

Its headline results (click to zoom):

Although 2degrees has yet to upgrade its 3G network to support HSPA+, it seems to hold its own - possibly reflecting the fact the carrier has fewer customers overall, and fewer using 3G data, leading to less chance of congestion.

On the map below, each coloured dot represents the best-performing network in each area of the capital:

Tests are planned for Auckland later this month, TrueNet's John Butt told NBR.

RAW DATA: read TrueNet's full results here.

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very few people actually care that much about speeds beyond 2Mbps, so when all carriers can achieve that speed the test is largely pointless.
what would be much more useful would be to show on the map the areas where networks were either unable to provide coverage at all, or the data speeds were below 1Mbps.

Personally I couldn't care less that 2degrees is marginally slower than XT in [x] suburb if both networks provide >2Mbps, but I *would* care if they couldn't provide coverage at all, or the attainable speed was only 0.5Mbps


I have an iphone with voda in wellington and their much hyped "most reliable" network is driving me bonkers

My phone keeps switching between 2G and 3G which is killing the battery. Dropped calls are the norm and calls that arent dropped are usually garbled beyond comprehension.


put it like a lot of others on the XT net work .Wont change to 2G then


In East Tamaki (Auckland) XT gives me peaks of 700kbps, 2degrees gives me typically 1.6Mbps to peaks of 2.7Mbps.. The company I work for uses Vodafone and had to put in femtocells before 3G could be received. Even with those installed in the building my Vodafone coverage often drops to 2G (and therefore GPRS snail speed for data) otherwise I was getting about 1.4 to 1.7Mbps. If only Vodafone had the forsight to upgrade the 2G network with EDGE.... My smartphone typically achieves 180 to 190 kbps on EDGE with 2degrees. That's quite usable for basic browsing on a Netbook (as I'm doing now!)


just read the actual report.
one of the key outcomes in the report which is not mentioned in this article is:
"for slow results of 2Mb/s or less, Vodafone had 43%, 2Degrees had 55%, and Telecom
had 24%."

so Telecom is slower than 2Mbps only 24% of the time, but the others are slower around 50% fo the time.
That is far more important IMO than any ability to download at 5Mbps vs 4.5Mbps


I'm still deciding which network will help me 'work from home' as I'm walking around the Miramar pennisula. Unfortunately this report didn't really test that scenario which is frankly a major oversight.
Since when is a key area of the city just ignored from a proper test sample. Not really impressed.


I work from home frequenly and use a MyZone router from Netcom that I bought from Telecom.. I've not tried it in Miramar tho but you should be able to get a refund if it doesnt work


i live in CBD wellington and have both vf and xt mobiles. when i connect to internet using mobile connected to laptop, xt works significantly faster and also i noticed it still lets me answer calls. sometimes vf phone did hang when i connected to internet and someone calls me! i am all go for telecom !!


Telecom is far superior than the other networks believe me, unbelievable but they are


I dunno if thats so unbelievable? Telecom have a long track record of building pretty decent mobile networks.....


"Telecom is far superior than the other networks believe me, unbelievable but they are"

Yes but what is their average speed when you factor in the huge number of hours their network is actually totally down!


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