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A case of animal racism from Gareth Morgan

My daughter Naomi is an actuary and occasional stand-up comedian. Her on-stage persona is a not-very-bright young woman called Dolly Putin. Dolly was responsible for this gem: ‘I can’t understand all this fuss about endangered species.  How can they be endangered when there are more and more of them all the time?’

I was reminded of Dolly when I read a story in this morning’s Herald, headlined, ‘Morgan calls for cats to be wiped out’.

Morgan is economist Gareth Morgan who, according to the first line in the story, is launching a campaign to ‘eradicate’ domestic cats.

Despite the Herald’s sensation-seeking hyperbole, Gareth Morgan doesn’t actually want to kill cats; he wants cat owners to keep their pets permanently inside and not to replace them when they die – a sort of benevolent eugenics. No domestic cats would be killed, but the species would die out in New Zealand. 

‘Cats,’ the Herald reports Dr Morgan as saying, ‘are sadists and natural-born killers that destroy native wildlife.’

I’d like to avoid a fruitless debate about the relative merits of cats and dogs as species or pets and look at the wider issue of the categorisation of species generally as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

The common feature among all species, it seems to me, is that they want to survive. They neither want to die, nor to die out. The survival of one species, however, is often dependent on killing and eating members of another species.

We admire ‘big cats’ for their prowess in this, but condemn the same instinct in the domestic cat. I can see the logic in it – the domestic cat doesn’t need to kill birds or rats and mice to survive; its killing is gratuitous.

But this is equally true of humans. We don’t need to kill sheep and cows and pigs and assorted birds and sea creatures to survive. We do it primarily for our personal gratification. We could survive perfectly well on grains and vegetables and fruit. Millions of people do.

More interesting to me is the distinction which we make between cats killing birds (bad) and cats killing rats and mice (good).

Such distinctions directly reflect our view of the victims themselves. Birds are ‘good’ and ‘nice’, rats and mice are ‘bad’ and ‘nasty’. Neither the birds nor the rats and mice know this of course. They’re just getting on with following their instincts to breed and survive.

But if the rats and mice don’t know that they’re ‘vermin’ – perhaps the most derogatory word in our language – they certainly do know that they exist in constant peril of their lives. Their highly successful concealment and escape strategies attest to that.

Rats and mice are clever creatures. So I have mixed feelings when our cats deposit a dead rat on the rug in front of the fire. I don’t like rats either, but I feel sorry when any living creature is killed.

I also feel sorry when the corpse on the carpet is a thrush or a finch. But I don’t feel more sorry. I don’t make that distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ species in the animal world, since animals don’t have consciences and can’t  make moral judgements.

Gareth Morgan’s desire to eliminate domestic cats from New Zealand (and presumably everywhere else) involves a further refinement of the ‘cats bad’, ‘birds good’ argument. Not all birds, it transpires, are created equal. The killing of an immigrant bird may be regrettable, but the killing of a native bird is an absolute tragedy. I have trouble with this argument on two grounds.

The first I’ve already advanced: one species may be more attractive than another, but its degree of attractiveness, let alone its nationality, ought not to confer on it a greater right to survive and breed. That is akin to animal racism. I find our native fantails absolutely charming but the death of an immigrant sparrow will cause me just as much grief.

So the issue finally comes down to Dolly’s endangered species. She’s right of course, there do seem to be more of them all the time. But society’s concern for endangered species seems to have more to do with sentiment than reason.

Other than through the activities of men, most notably in the case of marine mammals, endangered species are the corollary of Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’ – the non-survival of the less fit, the less well adapted.

Our national bird, the kiwi, is a popular example of an endangered species. Would it be sad if the kiwi disappeared? Well of course it would. And all the more sad because it’s neither gorgeous nor gainly and the silly thing can’t even meet the most basic qualification of birdhood, to be able to fly.

People say, ‘Just imagine what it would be like if you could never see another kiwi again.’ Well, it would be a pity but we’d get over it. For just as some species disappear, others are discovered. We will never run out of species to admire, love and have as national symbols.

Well then, Brian, why all the fuss about Gareth Morgan wanting to eliminate the entire cat population of New Zealand?

Well, it’s based on sentiment rather than reason; his facts, as Bob Kerridge points out in today’s Herald, are (uncharacteristically in my opinion) wrong; it’s counterproductive since cats kill rats which eat birds’ eggs and kill their chicks;  it’s entirely impractical since the only way to keep cats in the house is to close every door and window; and, even if it were possible, it would bring enormous sadness to more than two million New Zealand men, women and children. I’m not in favour of that. And neither are Max and Felix.

Finally, as for cats being sadists and natural-born killers. Well, that bit’s probably right.

Media trainer and commentator Dr Brian Edwards blogs at Brian Edwards Media

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Comments and questions

Gareth, buy a hat. The summer sun must be affecting your brain. On a more serious note, this cat nonsense will compromise your credibility on other subjects.

I think the money as well as the sun is affecting Gareth. There's been a noteable ramp-up in his profile (self-funded vs outcome based) since cashing in on Sam's successes with Trade Me. Unfortunately, Gareth's become an expert (not!) on everything he decides to become involved with, including football. It's time somebody like Holmes gave him a public working-over!

The basis for New Zealanders owning more cats per capita is an online survey of 1570 people, 1062 of which owned pets. From this online survey, they have extrapolated that there are 1,419,000 cats in NZ. I can't see any indication of a margin of error in the survey, nor how they accounted for the 1/6th of the population who don't use the internet (or whatever the percentage might be), nor what the response rate was. You would think that pet owners would be much more likley to respond than non pet owners

It always amazes me to see "gardeners" complaining about free manure. Would you prefer rat droppings?

A trite answer, Alan, but wrong. We don't have cats to keep rat numbers down. We have the technology, Alan. It's called rat traps.

Nothing trite about it. What have you got against free garden manure? And I suggest cats kill far, far more mice and rats than traps do.

Get a life.

But on the up side, if every cat owner kept the damned things inside, they wouldn't be wandering all over my place digging up my plants and cr*pping in my garden. Grabbing a handful of catsh*t while gardening isn't a hell of a lot of fun. Dogs have restraints on wandering, why not cats? And, why aren't cats required to be registered?

Good on ya, Gareth, eliminate cats.

Who the hell do you think you are? Have you ever felt lonely to the point where you feel like you're the only person on earth and there is no one out there who gives a damn? I have been a cat lover since I care to remember they don't ask for anything, don't answer back and just because they aren't supposedly as clever as a dogs suppose to be means nothing. They have feelings, they feel pain. I love my cat with all my heart and I'm not ashamed to say so, and I'm sure every other person who owns a fur ball will say the same thing. To hell with you. They know who loves them and if it's a riot you want, that's what you'll get!

That's fine, Debbie. And maybe you are one of the (many) responsible owners who keep their cats inside, have it desexed, and would have no problem registering and microchipping it like dogs are required to. But as a cat owner myself for many years, with a few years' gap, I've seen first hand that cats don't cr*p in their own yard. When I don't have cats, the neighbours' cats cr*p in my garden and when I do it's totally clear (pity my neighbours). Dick's right, actually. What right do I have to put cat poo in his garden? To say my cats do it unbeknown to me is disingenuous; they do and I know, I just don't see it.

Get a dog. Cats suck.

Darn right, Debbie.

You're as sick and twisted as Gareth Morgan. Had a sad childhood, did you? Plants are more important than animals are they? And...surprise, surprise...cats kill birds. Wow! And guess what, Dick? Birds kill worms! Shall we kill the birds, then? Stop interfering with nature, all you idiots, as nature has a way of getting back at us. It's the law of nature. Why don't you try and love an aninal for once in your life. It might surprise you - you might even like yourself!

It would be poetic justice if you could exchange your cat problem for wild weka and pukeko in your garden. Then you might a) know what you are talking about and b) have a real problem.

It might be time better spent if he sorted out the pussies in the Phoenix first...

Great idea. Much rather have native birds than cats.

Those aren't the options. Feral cats are the problem, not domestic cats. When did you last see a domestic cat kill a tui or a fantail?

Did you see @rawdonchristies picture of his cat on Breakfast this morning?

If you didn't, I will ruin the surprise. He went home yesterday and his cat had caught a native bird.

Feral cats are a problem, but not the main problem. I have had cats for years and have seen them kill birds. I've tried to dissaude them and think I've succeeded, but the reality is they're just not bringing them home so much (and they only brought some home, anyway). I like your article, Brian (it brings some sense to the debate, much like Gareth himself has; unlike so many others). But to say domestic cats are not part of the problem is plain wrong.

What's wrong with a bit of feral pussy hanging about the place?

I just don't understand where all this felinephobia is coming from. The number of rats and mice would be at plague proportions without cats.

Anyone who hurts a feral cat or traps them is a scumbag, too.

See what happens when the Phoenix are the resident cellar-dwellers.
Someone, send Gareth a budgie and tell him to STFU.

We fully support Gareth Morgan in his campaign to get rid of cats. We are sick of them fouling are garden and scatching plants out of the ground. Also, I would like to get the irresponsible people who release there cats into the scrub country near towns when they want to get rid of them.

Ohoo, goodness me, how tragic for your poor garden. You put some plants ahead of an animal life. You are twisted, you morons.

Yes, I place my plants (paid for by me) before someone else's vermin - vermin whose owners happily allow to cr*p in someone else's place. Have your mangy bloody cats by all means - just don't foist them on me.

And, incidentally, because I don't want to harvest your cat's turd, don't label me a moron. Or give me your address, so I can pop said turd back in your letterbox.

But you are a moron for being so cruel. Your plants are more important than a cat? LOL - what planet are you from?

But I'm not advocating cruelty, simply asking you to keep your poxy cats out of my place.

Interesting that no one has reponded to my earlier questions:
1. Why are there not constraints on cats being allowed to wander?
2. Why aren't cats required to be registered?

Good enough for dogs...

1. Have you ever tried to herd cats?
2. Why would you want to set up yet another government bureaucracy? If we really feel the need for additional registration, I'd go for cyclists first. They cause far more trouble to me than cats (a non-cat owner).

As a general observation, it's always seemed to me that it requires a fairly interesting kind of individual to get so worked up about the presence of minute amounts of cat manure in one's garden.
I remain grateful to the owners of the stream of cats that wander across my property for (i) keeping the rodent population under control and (ii) providing an endless source of entertainment for my dog.

From the City of Melbourne website, "Responsible pet ownership " page (

Did you know...
Your neighbours are entitled to enjoy their garden without your cat or dog roaming onto their property killing birds, digging or leaving excrement in their garden. If your neighbour asks you to stop your cat or dog from coming onto their property, you must do so. If your animal strays onto their land without permission more than once, it can be seized and you may be fined or prosecuted.

There are cat enclosures available that allow cats outside but keep them confined, which is safer for your cat, too. Ensure your fences are in good repair and your dog cannot be let out accidentally.

If you pet is found wandering off your premises without its council identification tag it can be seized.

Well, this is to you Dick and every other Dick out there! You can't restrain a cat because a cat is a cat and not a dog. A bird is a bird and not a fish. Get it? Do I need to simplify it for you? They''re different species. And so what if they defacate on your garden? Be jouful. Think of the free fertiliser you're getting! And cats are the cleanest animals on the planet. No other animal buries its excrement like a cat does. And as far as killing birds go..most animals including ourselves kill to eat. So unless you're a vegetarian, you're a hypocrite. Don't kill your own food? Then you're a lazy hypocrite! And birds defacate on your car. Shall we pass a law forbiding birds to fly over your house then? Get a life Dick!

Try to get a hobby so you won't be so darn angry with your life.
I'm just glad there is punishment at death for the cruel.

I'm right with you Eliza. Dick is an idiot. I would like to add something to Gareth's slogan: "Cats to go .. .and spray on Gareth's face." Let's all aim for a Gareth-free New Zealand. What a wonderful world that would be! AAAHHHH....

Ha, ha. Well, I know its naughty but his name says it all!
I and my family (kids + including sis) are born-again Christians and
we constantly get answered prayers and speak in real tongues
language. So we will pray Gareth Morgan won't have a leg to stand on with this and we will see it answered, praise God. He's just a cruel little crud.

You're a Christian? Fantastic! So am I. I have finally found a comrade in arms. lol Yes, they mess with God's creation at their own peril. At the end of the age we are all going to be judged on how we treated His creation. Yes, the world is going to be destroyed in the end but He is going to destroy, it not us. We are instructed to be caretakers, not abusers of it, until then.

Hi Shanna, I revisited the thread and it's neat to hear you're
a Christian. U can send me a mail if you want on

You are just angry at the world and you know it. Well, there's payback when your life ends, and anyone's life can end in an instant. These are creatures from God we are talking about.

Who cares about your plants. Just do what I do and place a stone or
small plastic plant pot in front of the plants. Stop worshipping
a garden. It's a sin you have made it an idol as "Wes" and others have.
They also use "birds" and "gardens" as an excuse as they are
full of hate for cats and, I'm guessing, all animals.

Sounds as if Gareth is bored and wants some attention.

The only thing killing our birds is 1080.

This comment needs is factually wrong, as Forest & Bird, DoC and Federated Farmers will testify to.

Gareth are you one of those sociopaths who probably hurt cats when growing up. No idea about feelings, thinks you know everything better than anyone else?
What would be a better statement. I wish people who have cats take total
responsibility of them. I have always owned cats and they live inside and if out only in my backyard.
My cat runs inside when birds chase it. Same as taking responsibility of your children.

Very sane response! :)

As I recall Gareth was very clear that he perfectly understood the need for companionship, etc. Let's have the debate on logical grounds, not mischaracterise and attack people advocating those views.

Really it would make more sense to kill off a few 100 million human beings... lets face it we are most pestilent and destructive animals on the face of the earth . The cat or any other animal for that matter is only following its instincts ...natural born killers...for heaven's Gareth get a grip.

Here's hoping Gareth is one of the few 100 million :D

All those who say they care for birds are such liars. They hate
all animals and just want an excuse to hurt cats... Seen it a 1000 times.
The guy Morgan is a total geek, and knows he is, and wants to be seen
as a "tough guy". You reap what you sow, Morgan.

As far as devastation to wildlife is concerned, humans have done far more harm than the feline population could ever dream of. Unless he has something sensible to say, Mr Morgan should keep his arrogant, ill considered thoughts to himself.

Bring back fur coats, Isay......

SPCA could sell fur coats to fund themselves off the cats they put down each year.

Would love for Gareth to throw some money to the fight to eradicate the feral cats, not the NZ ordinary pussy. I have six cats, all have been neutered and speyed, are fed well, and I have never seen any catch a native bird, the occasional duck (was rescued and survived) lots of rats and mice and the odd steak (neighbours dinner). We have to change people, not cats, not their fault, silly people getting kittens and not looking after them properly, need to have some education about rearing cats and dogs and KIDS.

Gareth Morgan has no chance of getting rid of cats but he has a great chance of inciting other cat haters to cruelty. It would be far better for him to help the SPCA with their education program for children in schools to learn to respect all animals. the true sadists are not the cats but humans

Well said, Charlotte. Drop me a line, too, if you want at

also to have no empathy for animals means you are a screwed
up old man Gareth Morgan and hate people too.... but put on a facade
for the public. cheers

Why the personal vitriol? You have strong feelings? Great. Present a logical argument then. Please.

Cats are part of NZ's history. I don't even like them, but in saying that to try and remove them is crazy.

What is it about so many ageing single women who end up with cats, yet as any animal lover will know, a dog is a true companion.

Those "ageing" women do what mean creeps don't do...
caring for lonely, loveless animals. Admittedly, you get the odd
crazy hoarder who hoards cats like books, I guess, but only a person
with real empathy and love cares for strays.

As an ageing (now) single man with multiple cats I can assure anonymous that cats are - like dogs - true companions, just of a different nature. More equal, less subservient.

Gareth, may the fleas of a thousand rats and mice infest your armpits.

All animals are precious and from God... only those who love all animals are true animal lovers. A cat will sit by you when you are sick and walk miles to be reunited if something goes amiss during a shift.. and they give joy and love beyond measure and still love cruel lowlifes.
God watches all meanness and does punish in this life and after death for cruelty to his creation. Make no mistake on that. Losers need to get cats fixed at the vet, too, to avoid poor cats having terrible lives.

A very narrow and one-sided view from Gareth Morgan. Can he not see the whole picture? Does he not think about the circle of life and the joy and pleasure cats bring into people's lives.

I have owned a number of well cared for cats over 30-odd years and none of them have ever caught native birds.

It is not feral cats that are attacking and killing the native birds in our garden that I feed every day. It's the local domestic cat that lives next door - have seen the cat stalking them. Perhaps a possum trap in the garden will fix the problem.

My cat has taken a native bird, but the two rats and five mice it has also killed means native birds and lizards are so far winning.

That's just what you've seen, David. We hardly see cats. Get skinks and geckos, etc, because (a) they're small and easily eaten on the spot, with no tell-tale feathers or fur to leave a trace, and (b) they've all but been eradicated in our gardens anyway. Get a rat track and a mouse trap and the birds and lizards will really make a comeback.

The same tired old argument by the same boring little people like Gareth. Funny how I bought land that had been cleared of all trees - planted heaps including fruit trees- and now have bird life in abundance, including natives. I have never seen a rat and have very few mice. Oh yes, nearly forgot - lso have five desexed cats.

Sometimes there are people who come along, whose thoughts and behaviour might convince us that post-natal abortion is not such a bad idea...

LMAO!!!! Omg, that was funny :)

One should remember "The Great Sparrow Campaign" in China led by Mao Zedong.

Perhaps Mr Morgan would like to call this "The Great Kitten Campaign".


Wellington ecologist John Flux studied his own cat for 17 years and found out that native birds were, in fact, the winners.

While there was some collateral damage, 54 native birds, in fact, over 17 years, his moggy also killed 221 mice (predators of native lizards and possibly eggs/chicks), 63 rats (eat eggs, chicks and attack birds), 35 rabbits, 4 hares (land degradation and attracting predators) and even two weasels (massively destructful). All animals far more devastating than a single indolent cat. 

Indeed, Flux concludes the advice to keep cats in at night is wrong because that is when they most hunt predatory mammals. While the odd native bird is taken, the balance of the ledger is massively in favour of having cats because they keep these mammalian predators in check, creating a safer zone.  

Morgan's argument shows no logic because if you eliminate the apex predator, those lower down the chain fill the void.

What also needs to be said is why does Morgan think the public of NZ want to hear his uneducated opinion. He is not an expert on everything so why do the media let him have his say on whatever topic he chooses? The man obviously has a highly overrated opinion of himself.

The media are giving him the opportunity to make a right tit of himself. Nothing wrong with that!

I feel Gareth is ahead of his time. This campaign should only be run once all feral cats, rats, weasels, etc, are exterminated.

First Total Football, now Total Idiot. Stick to what you know, Gareth.

Surely this is said with tongue in cheek? This is like saying that all men with no hair on top of their heads should be put to sleep.
Onya bike, Gareth.

We got a boxer dog as they naturally feed on cats - soon got rid of all the cat poo in the garden. It's also good to let the dog run around the neighbourhood a little so the cats know who is boss.

Gareth Morgan's latest book, soon to to be released, is titled Famous People Who Have Met Me.

It's a Wellington thing. Small pond makes a fish look big, plus believing your own BS. I can see it all ... academics and do-gooders drinking at some bar in Courtney Place. Cardigans undone, p*ss-taking Aucklanders, etc, etc.
Tax-payer funded nonsense discussions. Vomit!

Any chance Gareth Morgan is jealous?

Apparently Orlando the cat is a better investor than the pros:

[NBR had this story, too. See ]

Gareth Morgan: 2,270,000 results.
Cats: 365,000,000 results.

Sorry, Gareth, cats win.

Trust an article on cats to get the most comments all week.

This is to Dick, and every other Dick out there! Your question was: "why can't cats be treated like dogs and prevented from wandering onto neighbours' property?" Ah, duh, that's because cats are not dogs. Birds are not fish. Do you get it? Cats roam and hunt and are free spirited. You can no more make a cat a dog, than you can a bird a fish. Get it yet? To try to do so is not only ridiculous but abhorent. Cats defecate, so get over it! So do birds. They defecate on your car. Shall we ban birds from flying over your neighbour, then? And cats are the cleanest animal on the planet. No other animal buries its excrement like a cat does. Be joyful that it defecates in your garden because it's free fertilizer.


Dogs are every bit as "free-spirited" as cats, and if it weren't for the legal requirement to keep them on their owner's property would love to roam free as the cat is allowed to do. Cat cr*p isn't fertiliser, it is a health hazard to those who enjoy gardening.

There is no logical justification for allowing cats the freedom they currently have. Chip and register them as dogs owners have to, lock them up and fine the owners when they roam, and use the proceeds to hunt and destroy pests and predators [feral cats included] that are killing our native species.

I must admit, Shanna, you made me laugh with that first sentence. Good on you girl.

Brian Edwards can airily dismiss extinction of a species, but it is the thin edge of the wedge when that happens. One has to look at the bigger picture to see what happens when a species becomes extinct. It has a knock-on effect that may not be noticeable for decades. And wouldn't the world be poorer without them? Introduced species are usually more aggressive, compete for the same food or prey on native species and therefore occur in far greater numbers (just see how many mynahs there are compared to tuis). Wouldn't you rather preserve our native species. And there is well-documented proof that cats play a part in the decimation of native wildlife. Why do people need 4, 5, 10 cats? Have one or two, have them registered, micro-chipped and desexed and they can still be good companions but in fewer numbers.

Jeez, people (cat owners, I presume) are going nuts over this. The guy is probably right about cats causing environmental damage, but I disagree on his proposed solutions. Why not legislative compulsory bells for cats? That would be a good compromise.

And the writer of this article is a brave individual for challenging the taken-for-granted sanctity of native bird species, and, for that matter, endangered animals everywhere. Their intrinsic value depends on who you ask (e.g. possums here are over-abundant and a pest, different story in Aus).

To that line of thinking I have this to say - an army of domestic cats is not going to make NZ more attractive to the rest of the world, but our strange and at time idiotic birds will. I'm sure some analyst somewhere can calculate the monetary value of that distinction.

My god, animal racism, now I've heard it all. I certainly hope the author has never squashed a cockroach or sprayed a fly. After all, they're just going about their business trying to survive, just like the birds and the cats.

So cats kill birds. So what! Would you rather the alternative which is: a rat plague which would destroy crops and bring the economy to its knees? Wake up people. Even feral cats are needed to keep control over the rat population. Get you head out of the clouds and stop dreaming of fairies. We need cats ... end of story. If you don't believe me, go look up Streaky Bay on YouTube and watch the video of the rat/mice plague that took over the town - all because they banned cats. You have been warned.

Keeping cats inside at night or contained on your property is the worst thing you can do. Cats are nocturnal and so are the rats. Brilliant! Don't fix what is not broken.

Next cat that p*sses in my shed is gonna cop it!

My advice to you Gareth Morgan is to immigrate, you selfish nasty ridiculous human being. Find something constructive to change and leave our beautiful domestic cats alone!

He shows off about money, too. He's such a misfit and so lost
but , we all meet our maker and some a lot sooner than others.
Wait until Morgan meets the Lord (hell is real).

Comments like Mr Morgan made turns our psychos into animal killers. Next you know who they will practice their skills.

you are the mongrel morgan,you dont know what you are talking about,pity the cat doesn''t have your rotten tongue!

the cats win you prick!

I was thinking about organising a Safari Round Up starting in the Auckland region. Selling tickets with the proceeds going to the S.P.C.A. to help continue their excellent work. We will be tracking down the Morgan Bird before he becomes extinct like the Dodo. Equipment needed is steel cage with plenty of weights. Dumping site the ocean where the fish will have their fill.

Good job you don't live in Egypt, Gareth, because you would be a mummy by now.

My cat kills heaps of birds even with a bell, it brought home a wood pigeon a while ago. There is no place for cats in nz. The man is right.

Well, I won't be getting rid of my cats for you. Yukky man!

This reminds me of the whole save the dolphins campaign. Much was achieved by besotted acne prone teens by covering their books in dolphin contact, wearing dolphin charms and cooing over pictures of dolphins.

I have a house cat that is indoors at night and supervised when outdoors, microchipped and desexed and registered.
It is illegal to sell kittens here that have not been registered and desexed.
Free or cheap desexing is a regular council event. Cats for poor people will become obsolete in time no doubt. Pedigree breeders and pedigree cat owners will have exclusivity. Behind any environmental campaign stands someone who will benefit. We're talking about thirty thousand dollars for a breeding queen.
Price fixing in order to ensure kitties don't have to be put down and will go to good homes with responsible cat owners ;) how kind.

We had a treasurer that spent a lot of time saving hairy nosed wombats whenever he got a day off. He didn't have time to complain about cats. Nor did that guy with his Easter bilby campaign. If these guys had focussed all of their efforts on saving hairy nosed wombats or bilbys by campaigning for cat eradication both these species would be extinct by now.

Passion without action is somewhat crazy. If the treasurer had stuck pictures of hairy nosed wombats everywhere, waxed lyrical and taken sinister photos of cats and uploaded them to the net we'd hardly want him in charge of holding the nation's purse strings.
He didn't.
Instead we have a whole thriving colony of wombats and pics of the treasurer getting dirty and dusty in the enclosed colony. He took off a fortnight during the gfc for wombats. The gfc will pass - hairy nosed wombats will be around for longer.

I believe for any personal narrative or wisdom you want to impart to others the golden rule is - show, don't tell.

Kitty genicide may not be the kind of personal narrative that captures a nation.
It doesn't make for cute, heartwarming photos.

Greeny campaigns without a feel- good factor feel
They feel wrong.Perverted and twisted.

Focus on the good thing you want to achieve and work backwards from there.
There is hardly a mention of the animals he wants to save on gareth's website - it's all about cat culling.
Is cat culling your passion or is it saving native animals?

I think Gareth just needs to look at the economics of his beliefs and what he wants to market, give currency, have as a brand name and what will inevitably be monetized.

Belief consistency should also be looked at - do all domesticated animals impact native animal survival and require eradication? How many more native animals can be saved by eradicating cows, chickens and pigs and vegetarianism? Do introduced bees impact on native bees and plants? Have European honey bees exterminated more native species alone simply by not pollinating native food species? Indigenous people say the entire landscape changed.

An entire landscape.

And Gareth wants to save the world via clicking on an Internet yes box.

nothing wrong with cats,lots wrong with you tho.

Goosey Loosey said to Henny Penny, the sky has fallen on Mr Morgan's head. Never mind it wasn't much of a head, anyhow.

I'm with Gareth

I'm disgusted with Gareth Morgan and his campaign stinks. Didn't know such mentality existed. You couldn't crunch any numbers if you tried. You'll be forever remembered as a melon, and your destination is the town of Hamlen. Get it!!!!!

Not with Morgan. Wouldn't be seen dead with him.

What a whole lot of evil bile, Gareth. You know where you can go.

Who in the blue blazers do you think you are Morgan, making decisions for the Universe. Sooner you fall off your perch the better.

Who in the blue blazers do you think you are Morgan, making decisions for the Universe. Sooner you fall off your perch the better.

My cats aren't going anywhere, you oddball.

The rats will take over if theres no cats, you idiot.

Absolutely no logic and you are not an expert Gareth so back off! If you came back as a cat, the paw would be on the other foot.Not the shoe you wear.

Your personal opinion, Gareth Morgan, won't gain any traction. More people out there with clout and common sense than you!

You are an unbelievable bully in the animal world. Can't bully enough humans Gareth so pick on the ones with no voices. You total rotter.

You are clearly out of your depth here, Gareth, and three words spring to mind about you: sadistic, spiteful and lunatic. Take your pick.