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Sally Ridge, Adam Parore asset battle stalls

Sally Ridge and Adam Parore’s court battle over assets was stalled by an attempt to get the dispute away from the High Court today.

Lawyers for the former couple appeared in Auckland High Court on matters relating to Ms Ridge’s attempt to place a freezing order on Mr Parore’s assets.

But it was slowed by Mr Parore’s attempt to get the matter dealt with in a smaller court. NBR understands Mr Parore, a former Black Caps cricketer, thinks the Family Court would be more appropriate.

Ms Ridge’s lawyer, Daniel Grove, said he had received a notice protesting jurisdiction from Mr Parore’s lawyer on Friday.

But he said Ms Ridge had “urgent circumstances” and wants the court to set that notice aside.

He said he would also be filing evidence, on behalf of Ms Ridge, in relation to "injunctive relief" later today.

In order for those steps to be taken, Justice Murray Gilbert stood the matter down this morning.

But the dispute will return before the court later this month.

Neither Mr Parore or Ms Ridge appeared in court today.

Their nine-year relationship ended in 2010.

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Comments and questions

Poor Adam. Don't blame him for wanting the anonymity and automatic name suppression of the family court for all details.

Sally Ridge should get a job like everyone else.

Pablo - still, given he trained as a lawyer you would have thought he would have got a pretty good prenup.

I would say that Sally would have with held the goods if even a prenup was discussed so definitely off the table

This looks more like a Woman's Weekly story than NBR to me. Why is it on this site?

Because we like to be both informed and enertained! Keep up the good work NBR - maybe some of the moaners would be better off subscribing to War Cry.

Such a shame really... they both deserve each other

Wonder what the "urgent circumstances" are...perhaps some cosmetic surgery to appear more attractive to SBW?

hey, thats a bit cruel - for all you know maybe SBW likes having a mother figure in his life.

What about the unsecured creditors of failed business ventures

I'm betting, Sal will take Adam to the cleaners the same way she did with Leo Molloy, when she went to town outfitting his Cardiac bar in High Street. Over a million bucks went down the gurgler.

Why is this 'business' news?

This is the boy that wrote articles on his famous brand. You can't have it both ways

I thought she was still married to Matthew Ridge. I must read my NBR gossip columns more often!

When it comes to furthering her own interests, Sally will stop at nothing. as shown by her giving the nod to SBW dating her kid.

So the NBR continues to turn into a gossip mag. Actually thats not strictly true - it covers a bit of rugby as well. No wonder folk wont sign up for the subscription only servuce.

I typed in and thought I was getting the National Business Review. Somehow I got the National Bullsh!t Rumour.

come on adam - where's ya' funnybone man?

Check out Sally Ridge's tweets. I wonder how someone having such a flippantly lovely day could be seeking urgent injunctive relief at the high court at the same time. Wasting the court's time perhaps? Still, perhaps there might be some good photo ops later.