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CERA'S Christchurch brothel demand

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority has told the city council that it doesn’t want brothels near its Canberra-style layout of civic amenities.

The demand also raises wider questions about the length and extent of central government control over Christchurch’s city planning.

CERA chief executive Roger Sutton is already on record with his suggestion that an intact Calendar Girls building standing in the way of the Central City Development Unit’s blueprint would be less likely to remain than other commercial buildings in the Lichfield St area.

The brothel debate is an unintended consequence of city council urban planners seeking to control red light districts.

The 2011 earthquakes breathed new life into a council committee charged to consider brothel signage.

Over the past couple of years it has been holding meetings and commissioning staff reports and community feedback on brothel signage and location.

There have not been any complaints. But some councillors were concerned that with 12 out of 13 central city brothels knocked out in the earthquakes there might be a public nuisance problem if they tried to set up again.

So council staff and the committee members composed maps of the city where brothels would be allowed to go, with a view to incorporating them into the city plan.

The result has outraged communities such as Lyttelton, where the main street has been deemed a commercial area suitable for brothels, even though there is no record of them there.

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Comments and questions

Wheres the wizard when he's needed?
So the cycling cera bloke satisfied by long cold pedalling alone has decreed the burghers of chch cannot provide less strenuous and warmer occupancy. Wots a poor eqc fifo contractor supposed to do during his idle evenings after a days hard work saying no ? Big red signs saying yes, is what they all want with discreet credit card facilities to claim the gst.

We already know that buildings are being demolished for reasons other than the impossibility of repairing them.

It seems that the powers-that-be want to demolish all brothels, as well as all churches and cathedrals. No doubt to demonstrate that they are even-handed when it comes to the planned and deliberate destruction of the city.

Funny. Glad the cathedral's going though.

That's because you are a bounder and a cad.

Surely this type of blatent discrimination against a perfectly legal business is illegal. Sometimes I'm ashamed to be a Kiwi when I read such bigotry.

Don't worry mate you can still visit your whorehouse - you just need to travel a bit further, thats all.

Well in the same way "distasteful" agricultural activities are already "regulated" by resource conesent, what's the big issue. How would you like a cow farm or pig farm next door to you?

Just make the brothels a consented activity. How would you like to live next door to a pig farm ... or a stud farm full of rutting, squealing animals ... or a brothel?

My business has a brothel as a neighbour, and nobody would have a clue as to its activities. Without exception, the clients are intent on one thing when approaching the door and are not interested in anything but clearing out when they have completed their business. I can't say it would affect the area one jot.
However mum was not that keen to be involved when the building was offered for sale I must admit.

After the imfamous Boobs on Bikes under old Parker boy, then surprise surprise along came a response called, Quake on Square.

Good to see that God is watching and knows that there is justice after all.

When we all stop playing evil , then maybe God will grant Chch some rest.

Of course the quake was in response to boobs on bikes it all makes sense now, fault lines and the like were invented by the godless heathens who so evilly display their bodies on motorbikes... grow a brain. Please.

Funny when God was talking to me he denied all responsibility. He suggested a build up of stress along the Chatham Rise as the Pacific Plate plows into the Australian Plate, something to do with the orogeny that is creating the Southern Alps, he said.

I suppose He should know.

I'm neither a brothel user nor work in one but i think both CERA and the CCC with their maps are seriously overstepping the mark.
They should be sticking to their core business and quit the moralistic pandering and meddling .

Maybe they should ban accounting practices from these areas as well, given that accountants keep on getting locked up?

I'm surprised there were never any brothels in the Lyttleton area, seeing it is a sea-port. I seem to remember a Bonners (? spelling) hotel near the ChCh railway station - in the Good Old Days of 6pm closing, one could drink at the bar after hours if you were staying at a hotel, or if you were a guest of someone who was. Bonners would hire out rooms at a very low rate - I looked at a room, once. Mattress on the bed, and not much more in the room - wouldnt want to sleep there.

Press editorial is on its high horse big time

The Temperance Society is alive and well in quaky town.

Though I might usually disagree, they are entitled to their opinion.

the point is, many of these women are not willing, they are slaves, forced to have sex for food at the expense of starvation, where is the welfare here? rape is not some kind of employment and sex-slavery is not work.

That whole "slave" thing is an urban myth. During the last Soccer World cup for example the German Politzi raided hundreds of brothels, interviewing 10's of thousands of their workers. How many slaves did they find? Fewer than 5.

The banning of brothels within the CBD area may possibly increase rates, taking into account the additional costs of taxis to ferry council and CERA management to the suburbs.