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Chorus contractor wipes out Space Sloth

A number of big questions hang over Chorus at the moment, including: Is the government just letting it sweat for a while before it intervenes and over-rules the Commerce Commission? And is Gigatown the most awkwardly-timed competition in NZ history?

To those - at least until yesterday - a less pressing but still disturbing question could be added: who painted over Paul Walsh's Chorus cabinet art in Auckland?

Since October, the artist has painted four Chorus cabinets around Mt Eden and Greenlane and plans another 20 over summer.

It was Mr Walsh's initiative, and Chorus was been good enough to give him permission, then keep out of his way. The artist raised $1300 on to cover costs.

Things went south on November 6 when a Chorus contractor painted over the art on three of the cabinets, returning to them to a uniform industrial green.

Chorus did not immediately return a request for comment, but Mr Walsh says the company told him the contractor mistook the cabinet art for graffiti or "tagging".

"It's kind of frustrating but Chorus are reimbursing me for paint and time," the artist and illustrator tells NBR.

He finished repainting one of the cabinet works (Space Sloth on Mt Eden Rd) yesterday, and is in the process of restoring the others.

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Comments and questions

What a champion this guy is. We need more of this brightening up our streets.

Also, what kind of Muppet would paint over that?