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City father doesn't care if mass nudity offends

Listeners to a small-town radio station reckon large-scale skinny dipping is a great promotion for Mt Mauganui.  

But not everyone will agree with The Edge's plan to mark the start of summer with a bid to break the world's skinny-dipping record on December 1.

Mt Maunganui councillor Wayne Moultrie can already see the idea dividing the community and offending a lot of people.

However, he says that is probably a good thing.

“As a nation we do need to lighten up … if they don’t like it, they can stay at home,” he told NBR ONLINE.

One person has already labelled the proposed dip indecent.

He says he can already see a picket line forming on the beach, but thinks as long as it does not offend too many people it has got to be good promotion for the beach.

“Let’s just hope it’s not a cold day.”

Mr Moultrie will not be taking part himself.

The record is held by Wales, where 413 people went mass skinny dipping last year.

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Comments and questions

"Is that Jock Green over there?"

" I don't think so dear, it looks more like it's blue with the cold".

Did you have to?

I suppose you did, didn't you.

Oh dear.

As a ratepayer, and God-fearing father of 14, the only thing I can say about this is: where do I sign up?

Sounds like a good idea!

Good luck for the event.
I think it is a healthy, decent, fun, lighthearted thing to be doing, especially during the not-so-fun times we have been through lately.

bit of a double standard down at the Mount.. given a workman lost his job for looking at naked people on the net

What is it about these weird people that have to enjoy looking at other naked bodies?
Perhaps they should get another hobby.

is this the only way to 'lighten' the nation?

Many things other than this can be done to 'promote' the beach.

Trust the oil is long gone......imagine tar babies in the sand...

Well I'll be going to have a look!!! ;)

Detractors - Get a life!
If it is likely to offend don't go watch.
Stay home if you don't like the idea.