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Colin Craig not sure man walked on moon

The leader of New Zealand’s fastest-rising political party, Colin Craig, says he’s not sure man walked on the moon and hasn’t even ruled out conspiracy theories about the 2011 terrorist attacks in the United States.

On a radio show this morning, Mr Craig says he doesn’t have time to look into these matters and it’s not a priority for him – his priorities are making sure New Zealanders have jobs, houses and can succeed.

Less than a year out from a general election, and with National’s coalition partners ACT and United Future having their own issues, the Conservatives are being touted as a potential coalition partner for Prime Minister John Key’s party.

But Mr Craig’s moon scepticism might deter some voters, adding to those who were put off by his comments about young Kiwi women being the most promiscuous in the world.

Asked by RadioLive presenter Marcus Lush this morning if he believes man walked on the moon, he says: “I don’t have a belief or a non-belief in these things. I just don’t know.”

Asked again if he thinks man walked on the moon, he says: “I have no idea, mate. That’s what we’re told. I’m sort of inclined to believe it. But at the end of the day I haven’t looked into it. There are very serious people that question these things. I don’t have to have an opinion on these things, I don’t have time to look into it.”

Asked a third time, Mr Craig says he’s not going to judge something like the moon landings without the facts.

“I think we’ve had too many politicians judge things without the facts. It’s actually not a priority, surely, for me to have a position on these sorts of things when my job is ultimately going to be to fix the issues of New Zealand.”

Mr Lush asked Mr Craig about the Twin Towers of New York, referring to a conspiracy theory that the September 11 terrorist attacks on the New York World Trade Centre towers were staged and an inside job.

The Conservative leader replied he hasn’t had a chance to look at that either, and that US President Barack Obama would look at the original report and hasn’t – something Mr Craig says he should do.

“I know a lot of people do [believe the conspiracy],” Mr Craig says. “I know there was some criticism of the original report, but beyond that I don’t know and it’s not actually something that’s a priority for me.”

On politics, Mr Craig says ACT leader John Banks going to trial is a boon for his party and is significant for the government considering it is reliant on Mr Banks to pass controversial legislation.

Conservatives will stand a candidate in Epsom should there be a byelection, he says.

“John Banks is a pretty gritty sort of a person, he’s been in politics a long time, I think he’s hanging tough at the moment.”

Comments and questions

Marcus Lush is a very poor interviewer usually asking irrelevant questions, not listening to answers or not understanding them, interrupting and gabbling to the point of words being unintelligible, so hardly a benchmark of credibility. I can see that Colin Craig has no opinion on things that are not of major importance in NZ in 2013 and give him credit for being honest enough to say so.

I dont think its 'honesty' thats driving his awful responses- It sounds to me like he is so scared of saying the wrong thing or having the moral fibre to really say what he believes that he comes out with a whole lot of rubbish about "I havent looked into it..." come on, who on earth (no pun) doesnt have an opinion on something!! Another classy politician

Presumably Lush was asking about the Moon Landings and other conspiracy theories because last week Colin Craig suggested there might be some credibility in the 'Chemtrail' conspiracy theory. 'I don't believe or not believe' is not an acceptable response to any of these matters.

I think any interviewer or journalist has every right to probe what whacky ideas Colin Craig may or may not believe in. The man may end up with considerable influence after the next election, and the electorate has the right to know if he has a tendency to give any credence at all to conspiracy nut jobs.

To ask three times is ridiculous. At least he had an answer. Both Key and Banks would say they don't recall the moon landing.

Key's standard response on breakfast tv:

"Well, I don't have all the details of that particular case so I can't really comment on it, but in general ."

Similar interview 'tactics' to John Campbell, both of whom are more interested in hearing their own voices rather than the responses. Neither are particularly adept "journalists".

Whilst I personally think Mr Craig maybe walking on the wild side, it does not detract from Mr Lush trying to make something out of nothing. Asked about the moon landing Craig answered like many have in the past “I don’t have a belief or a non-belief in these things. I just don’t know.” “I have no idea, mate. That’s what we’re told. I’m sort of inclined to believe it.” Lush then went and asked again. Is Marcus Lush stupid or is he trying to make something out of nothing?
Where has good journalism gone? For goodness sake lets get past the tabloid rubbish everyone is going for these days.

If he cant judge the moon landings without corroborating facts how does he believe in his Christian god?

Read Rumpole & JP again

Just when you think ACT is self-destructing and the Conservatives will be National's next coalition partner - boom, it's even-stevens again

National will need more than the Conservatives to survive.

Dunne has worked this out. About the only people who havent are right wing journalists, whom seem to get more coverage due to vested interests.

who can be sure they actually landed?

look for the flag....if its there they were there

You wouldn' t want this guy anywhere near the Education portfolio. Clealy, not the sharpest knife on the Xmas tree.

Did you actually witness the appalling interview....Marcus Lush was twisting the few responses he bothered listening to.

How is he going to operate as an MP if he can never make a decision on a matter when there is clearly overwhlming evidence?

This is such a depressing read. National already has limited coalition partners to form a stable government. I was hoping National would find a good and reliable partner in the Conservatives for the upcoming election. But I was wrong. Colin Craig and his party are just too..... fundamentalist. Sigh.

Colin, do you really believe the earth is created (1:1) before the big bang (1:3)? Plants and trees were created (1:11) before the sun was made (on the 4th day!). The order of events known from science (or simple logic) is in each case just the opposite.

Us kiwis don't appreciate religious dogmas in national policies.

Agreed. Solid evidence based thinking which is not driven by one ideology or another at either end of the political spectrum is what will give us a rational stable government.

These are not irrelevant questions at all. A science denier has no place in government. Think education, technology, business, health. our very own (nutters) tea party.

Sounds like he might not be best to foster New Zealand into a knowledge based economy.

Look. There is no conspiracy about 911 . There was NO insider trading, ok. That report out of Geneva and the other one out of Chicago got it wrong. I tell you ! Do not google ODIGO or PTECH or 'Urban Moving Systems'/Dominic Suter - and totally ignore all that anti-semitic slander about the mossad/art/students arrested congratulating themselves on a 'job-well-done'..y'know, 'Lucky Larry' !...its all hokkum ! because they have nothing to do with anything even if they said they did. It was a mis-speak. . ok ! and Mohomad ATTA did NOT like cocaine and was NOT an intelligence asset pilot running the drugs and money through the Florida KEYS with his lap-dancer in the red trans-am. Huffman is/was NOT a CIA airstrip no matter how many people on the ground tell you it is. And actually, whoever tells you this stuff is just a nut job and does not understand that normal office furnishings fires CAN demolish 81 columned 47 storied steel framed office high rises at free-fall pulverizing all concrete floors in mid-air. Its basic physics. Marcus is HOT . Honest to GOD (GunsOilDrugs)

Whether politicians such as Colin Craig choose to investigate the scientific evidence of 911 provided by many scientists, architects, structural engineers, first responders or not; the result is the same. Mainstream media journalists like Marcus Lush continue to parrot the official conspiracy theory of 911 which is used to legitimize the never ending War on Terror, and to feed the paranoia for the wide spread spying on the innocent citizens of the rapidly diminishing free world. Despite this, the number of people being exposed to the scientific evidence of 911 continues to grow. A recent US survey by the polling firm YouGov reveals that one in two Americans have doubts about the government’s account of 9/11, and after viewing video footage of World Trade Center Building 7’s collapse, 46% suspect that it was caused by a controlled demolition. The 911 false flag event certainly deserves priority and serious attention by both our politicians and media otherwise we will continue to live with its dark legacy.

Wouldn't be the first time the US government used it's own people to stage an excuse. Nothing surprises me.

Craig needs to have the guts to tell these journo's to stop asking stupid irrelevant questions.

They are just baiting him to try to make him look silly(and to be fair doing a wonderful job as well)

If they had asked Helen Clark those sort of questions they would have got sharp shift while John Key would be quick enough to crack a joke in avoiding an answer

Dear Colin. We have definitely landed on the moon. I am Bing Gordon the 8th man to land on the moon.

Marcus Lush is asking questions irrelevant to NZs political and economic independence. What we do know for sure is that 911 killed over a million Iraqi civilians, spread depleted uranium throughout the region and resulted in continuous record breaking production of opium in Afghanistan which top US military has openly admitted it supports. . . Yet at this time of NZ history when internationalists are ransacking the kiwi economy, Marcus just wants to belittle Craig's open mindedness to irrelevant foreign politically charged beliefs. Marcus is either just another a massmedia robot, ignorant or a happy blending of these two.

That is a brilliant and correct as you can get JadeT. Lets face it, Craig is honest, and that is his strength. Anyone listening to the interview will realise the media got a sound bite upon which they will lampoon him. But the final comment by lush was about his honesty. Such a refreshing change.
Could Craig have been more emphatic given he understates his views as per his easy relaxed nature? Yes, but he stated he believed man landed on the moon, doesn't know anything about chemtrails conspiracies nor the conspiracies of 911.

We shouldn't even be commenting on Lush's pandering to the lowest common denominator.

I cannot believe that the NBR would be so gormless as to post such a tongue-in-cheek headliner and have so many gullible people then believe Craig had said he doesn't believe man landed on the moon. I listened to the interview just now, and all this was said in the context of his position about conspiracy theories surrounding Chemtrails, men not landing on the moon and 911. He was simply being honest and hadn't looked into the conspiracy theories.
I am a scientis. I believe man landed on the moonl. I haven't looked at the conspiracy theories so I have not been scientifically objective have I, so I say it to my shame that I, a scientist, have to say 'I don't know because I haven't the time to do a proper investigation of the claims of conspiracy theorist'.

Here's an all day 'sucker' for those who read without enlighenment.

It seems that when it comes to the Conservative Party
& Colin Craig, there are some in the media who want to ask every question
except a relevant question. I'm referring of course to the deliberate and
diversionary questioning of Colin Craig on various issues that have nothing to
do with either Colin Craig, or the Conservative Party. Outside looking in, I
would appreciate the media asking questions of Colin Craig pertaining to
Health, Education, Law & Order, Race Relations, & Welfare, because it
will be the answers to these types of questions that will determine my voting
choice in 2014. If some members of the media wish to engage in
self-congratulatory comedy at other peoples expense, then they are welcome to
enter "Novice Night" at their local Comedy club, and leave the serious
conversation and debate to the adults.

The controversy about a faked moon landing centers only around the first landing, with speculation that Stanley Kubrick directed a fake film. Even people who think all of the moon landings happened as advertised (as do I) have seen convincing evidence that a fake film was made, either as a backup document, as disinfo, or both. It has certainly been a topic that has needlessly wasted a lot of synapses that would otherwise be spent watching TV.

Who was the main person behind the push to get men to the moon and bring them back safely? JFK, that's who. The space program and civil rights legislation were the parts of JFK's legacy that were fulfilled in the Johnson and Nixon administrations. What would also have been part of JFK's legacy was nipping the Vietnam War in the bud, and an end to the Cold War. JFK was pursuing detente through back channels with both Kruschev and Castro. The murder of JFK just over 50 years ago was, as Jim Garrison first pointed out, a coup d'etat. 9/11 was the next coup d'etat, also followed by war, the unending War of Terror which has killed over 1,000,000 Iraqis and killed, poisoned and displaced thousands more in other countries. It affects us here in New Zealand as much as it affects Americans and other Westerners.

Marcus Lush is either a useful idiot or perhaps just a plain idiot. Either way, he typifies the MSM attitude towards serious political issues. He's not funny, but to quote Nelson Muntz, "Ha, ha, your media is dying!"

The real story is surely the lack of depth of talent on the right of the political spectrum.

Firstly we have a PM who wouldn't know a principle if it bit him on the @#$&,

An ACT MP who thinks he can avoid the obvious by not reading it...
and now .....

Which leads to certain conclusions.

Any hint that this guy doesn't believe in the Moon landings puts him in company with the 'tin foil hat brigade' conspiracy theorists, and makes me question his credibility as a political candidate.

I thought this guy was educated.

My Grandfather used to say "A halfpenny of commonsense is worth a pound of brains".

There were literally thousands of NASA employees involved in the Apollo Moon Project. Is Colin thinking that all of them -- along with their families, relations and friends -- were all sworn to secrecy in perpetrating a huge hoax on the world? That not one scientist within and outside the USA, has spoken out that the event, given the technology of the day, rendered the moon mission an impossibility?