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Collins settles Labour defamation slur

Labour MPs Trevor Mallard and Andrew Little have publicly regretted their implication that ACC Minister Judith Collins falsely told parliament that neither she nor her office was responsible for an ACC leak.

The leak centred on an email sent to Miss Collins by Michelle Boag, a former National party president and friend of Bronwyn Pullar, at a time Ms Pullar was wrangling with ACC for continued compensation.

Following an all-day, behind-closed doors settlement conference between Miss Collins and Messrs Mallard and Little at Auckland High Court, it was confirmed the defamation proceedings had been settled and the case would not proceed to trial.

The parties would not make any further comment this afternoon.

Miss Collins handed NBR ONLINE the following statement:

Collins v Mallard & Little

The parties agree the leak of the email Ms Boag sent to the Minister and forwarded on her instructions, as the responsible minister, to the chairman and chief executive of ACC, raised an issue of serious public concern and that Messrs Mallard and Little were entitled to question who was responsible for that leak.

The parties continue to differ over whether the remarks made by Messrs Mallard and Little respectively on Radio New Zealand implied the minister falsely assured the House that neither she nor her office was responsible for the leak.

Messrs Mallard and Little have confirmed to Ms Collins that was not their intention and wish to make that clear publicly and in the event such meaning was taken, they regret it.

The parties will make no further comment on the proceeding.

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Comments and questions

What a pure waste of time.

Not so smug now are you Mallard ??

Motor mouth Mallard and little man Little clear losers in this fracas!

#2, that is a really, truly immature comment, befitting the childishness and banality of all three parties to this story.

I thought his comment was totally appropriate. If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck.....

where do you get 'his' from that comment?

Could be a little duck shooting next week

Yes, a pure waste of time by Mallard and Little.

You've got it wrong Ross. Collins initiated the waste of time of a defamation case, not Mallard or Little.

A lot of huff, puff and hot air ! . A complete waste of tax payer money in legal costs and parliamentary time which would have been better spent sending them back to early childhood education classes.

If you & ya mate les below read the news occassionally maybe you'd know Collins paid her own costs - ignorance is not an excuse for plain ly stupid comments

how much has this cost the poor tax payer - yep just another example of waste

The issues of serious public concern have not been addressed, only the ego of the three MP's has been concluded to their satisfaction.
The opposition could always be in court on defamation charges, constantly if these Mp's egos get any bigger maybe they will.
Keep wasting the courts time, just to divert from the train wreck that is ACC.

No this is not a waste of time. This is a prime example of New Zealand democracy and politics working as it was designed. It is a fantastic spectacle to avoid tackling any difficult issues in New Zealand like taxing sheep's blow offs.

Peanuts in comparison to what Dr 'Dick' Smith of ETS renown has cost us over the years with his various cases......