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COMMENT: Kiwis punch high in hate stakes

Don’t rush to condemn NZ First list MP Richard Prosser’s uncomfortably blunt views on Muslims and those who “look like” Muslims.

He was voicing not only his own views but those held – rightly or wrongly – by a number of his fellow New Zealanders.

When it comes to the “hate stakes” Kiwis punch well above their weight.

In varying numbers and concentrations, and using the common vernacular, people in this country hate horis, coons, white trash, Jews, micks, prods, wogs, chinks, towelheads, Ockers, abos, Poms, commies, rich pricks, fags, dykes and Yanks.

The list goes on.

Remember the Yellow Peril and Bash a Pom a Day campaigns?

Remember the call from Maori to kill a white and bulldoze whites into the sea?

Remember the hatred of hardworking Dutch who came here and “took” our jobs?

The lazy whingeing Pom syndrome?

Calls to pack Maoris off to outer islands?

For a country made up of people from all backgrounds and from all corners of the globe – all of whom came here to make a better life – New Zealanders harbour many thinly-disguised prejudices.

It is a mark of national insecurity coupled with a massive self-conscious shoulder-chip displayed by some white folks who feel threatened by foreigners.

Drop by any pub any night for first-hand experience of typical “hate” conversation.

But also remember next time you are in hospital, the doctor, nurse or specialist keeping you alive is more likely to be – or look like – someone people such as Mr Prosser and his mates wish was not here.

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Comments and questions

These views are harboured by extremists. Trying to portray them as mainstream is plain wrong.

I’m really really sorry, in the back of my head I knew you guys are brighter team because your website is one of the coolest out there. I absolutely love smart people – don’t care where they from or look like.
To be honest, Kiwis are cool people but they need people like yourselves to keep passing on positive messages so we all the old and new can understand the world around us and adapt to it. NZ is far away from the rest of the world, and ordinary New Zealanders don’t really know much of the outside world. Remember an old Kiwi woman once asked me if China has skyscrapers hehehe
If only the old Kiwis can help the naturalized Kiwis on to help to build NZ, NZ would be one of the richest country's in the world – result, everyone benefit.
Thank you for not disappointing me, I’m happy that now I can continue visiting my favourite website. Love your biz news. Keep up the good work.

There is a truth to this article, however I put the more recent cause or more likely the reaction to simply the country embracing political correctness with world leading vigour.
NZ tops the world in warm feely fuzzies that now means we are within an inch of real apartheid or a raft of other abuses in our governance. My mental health requires that I find something to hate daily and in NZ its very easy to find.

As a North American I have been absolutely amazed by the rampant racism to all things non-Kiwi here. Having said that, I will also say that it appears to be certain socio-economic groups that are particularly well represented among the outspoken racists. With 25% of all Kiwis living overseas, it does raise the question of who is left behind and if those have a particular bias towards non-Kiwis.

Educational, thank you for that.
When you live in NZ for sometimes you naturally come to understand how to ignore and deal with some of the few less brighter Kiwis whom have forgotten the simple reality that, NZ is made up of people whom some of them came here many years ago and now calling themselves Kiwis, some just arrived here few ago and calling NZ home.
People move to different countries in search of better life.
So to those who harbour many thinly-disguised prejudices, adapt or live sad because we all live in a globalization era where people and trades move quickly from one country to another more than ever.

Go Stan Walker “take it easy”
Have a great day

Are you a proper North American? Or an ex-pat Brit like yrs trly, one of the interlopers who shot a wagon way across Native Territory for centuries? Dunno who's more represented in racist stakes since the last skirmish at High Noon....

Don't think we are the only country in the world like that are we?

Let's keep this in perspective - boorish idiots who pack a tantrum for having had their pocket knife confiscated by airport security and burst into print are hardly representatvie of "New Zealanders". The other genralisations in the article are and have been voiced - true, but "Kiwis punch high in hate stakes" - a long bow to draw methinks.

Unfortunately Jock is right - and may I say that some of the intemperate NBR readers who offer comments on articles come very close to the "Rapid Hate" specification.
Talkback radio can give a chilling view of the contents of some citizens' minds at times - if you can bear to listen.

I think you're WAY off the mark and quite out of line, actually Jock. It's simply not hate when you're at the pub and people are making jokes about minorities. To take your alarming prose further we must also hate lawyers, doctors, accountants... gosh, perhaps even journalists... I am sure I have a joke somewhere about one of those.

Opinions based on limited observation or charicaturization may be limited and inaccurate, but they don't constitute hate. We are not a hateful nation, even if we do form opinions based on generalisations it doesn't mean those generally result in hate!

Oh, yes, there is hate, but it's not as general as you try and make out and the observations you are making are not necessarily symptoms of hate, or even insecurity.

Unless maybe it's your insecurity or hate that leads you to that conclusion?

Whats left
Sounds like they also hate themselves

Jock, you left out Haggis Eaters.

country hate horis, coons, white trash, Jews, micks, prods, wogs, chinks, towelheads, Ockers, abos, Poms, commies, rich pricks, fags, dykes and Yanks. People like mr Prosser need to take a depth breath. He went this overboard over his pocket knife, goodness imagine if his car was stolen.

The most of your text I agree with but ....

"It is a mark of national insecurity coupled with a massive self-conscious shoulder-chip displayed by some white folks who feel threatened by foreigners."

Which text-book did you pull this psycho-babble out of?

Attempting massive generalisations and failed psychoanalysis of pub-going kiwis is sure to make anyone look like a sloshed fool. Like the kind you'd find knocking one back in most pubs for example.

" .... national insecurity coupled with a massive self-conscious shoulder-chip ...."

For me this is the most accurate part of the article.

This article appears to be just as balanced as Mr. Richard Prosser’s.

I am told that is forbidden to refer to towel-heads and in any event they are not towels but are in fact little sheets.
Please in future refer to the more acceptable reference of little sheet heads.

Hope nbr’s team aren’t one of the few insecure Kiwis hehehehe. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with what I write to publish it – we live in a “democracy”
Have a great day anyway.

The whole premise of the article is that Kiwis are proportionally more racist than the average country ('punching above your weight'). The evidence presented is from an, insular, sample size of one. Where is the evidence of the relative amount of racism compared to other countries?

This is about as informed and well reasoned as the article that sparked it.

Since when is it illegal to speak your mind. Only in the new PC era. Whether his opinion is right or wrong, the fact he has an opinion is a nice start. Polititians today are so PC that they are all saying what they think the public want to hear. We all jump on the bandwagon when a politician says something we agree on yet vilify them when we disagree. Give us more MP's who speak what they think, whether we agree or not. Its a nice change

some years ago I was in Italy having dinner and I got talking to the Maitr'd. He had spent time in New Zealand with the Italian America's Cup team and he came to the conclusion that New Zealanders do not like foreigners. I am reminded of this daily in the letters and emails to the papers and talk back radio.

So not true. Kiwis love foreigners especially on holiday in Thailand. Japanese and Russians are popular also, especially the girls wanting to live here with nice men.
Italian maitr'd working in Italy and on a yacht team was probably a German. I love Italians, can't stand Germans. Met a nice German once but I hate Hitler. German bloke was nice though, but I hate maitre'ds ... always trying to chat me up.

Although generalisations are in hot use in the column and comments above , I do agree that there are a lot of New Zealanders who dislike anyone different from them, and especially foreigners. I am not sure that this is much different from most countries though ... a defining characteristic of human society is this kind of tribalism - my group has these characteristics, I identify with it and feel safe within it, I am suspicious of, fearful of, dislike, and feel unsafe when confronted with anyone who is not my group ... no different in animals, other primates, etc. Like any fear, if you face it objectively it diminishes, if you feed it you reinforce it ... should we be afraid of politicians who feed it, exploit it, and are lauded for saying what everyone in their group is thinking ... should we just feel superior that our group is more enlightened ... or should we just recognise it for what it is and move on?

You forgot Camel Jockeys.

Anyone who thinks New Zealanders are more racist than most clearly hasn't spent time living in Asian countries. Phew, now that opened my eyes to rampant and open racism!

That said, the common heavy-set Kiwi girls one sees out at NZ nightclubs really don't seem to like my Asian female friends when we go clubbing. Always trying to push them off the dance floor because the boys stop paying attention to the overweight Kiwi girls. But is that racism?

Can you honestly say that you read reports of some of the horrific abuse meted out daily to innocent people in the name of religious or traditional beliefs in the Middle East, North Africa and the Indian/Pakistan/Afghanistan regions without thinking what an utterly loathsome culture it is?

That is very different from picking on fellow Kiwis, whatever their ethnic backgrounds.

I have lived here for three years and work in a department where native-born Kiwis constitute a minority. Nevertheless, I am struck by the total absence of snide comments from my white NZ colleagues about about members of another ethnic groups. I have lived in eight countries over my life, and I can safely say that the tolerance I have seen in New Zealand is much broader than I have seen elsewhere. Surely, the environment is better than in my own country, the United States. In New Zealand, by and large, you have nothing to apologise for in the area of race relations.

Thing is we like how we are warts and all and we don't want to change to be like the rest of the world - we know its supposed to be more efficient to have a huge population but the truth is we like it the way it is - happy to have new comers so long as they go with the flow of how we live here - we, I don't want to become a stranger in my own country.