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Commercial property confidence on rise

Commercial property investors and professionals are more confident than a year ago. 

A Colliers survey found confidence for the year ahead increased from a net positive 11% in the September quarter to a net positive 15% in the December quarter.

Respondents in eight out of 11 centres surveyed showed an improvement in confidence compared to last quarter. 

The exceptions were Christchurch, Palmerston North and Tauranga/Mt Maunganui.

Christchurch for the first time since June 2011 experienced a drop of 1% in confidence in the December quarter. However, it is still the highest among all the centres at a net positive 53%. 

Investor confidence in Auckland increased the most, by 9% to 33%, Napier/Hastings rose 7% to a net negative 10% in this quarter, after dropping the most in the September quarter.

Overall confidence in Tauranga/Mt Maunganui fell the most, by 6%, over the past three months to a net positive 13%. 

Palmerston North is still the most pessimistic centre at a net -26% overall. 

By sector in the three main centres, Auckland retail investors show the most improvement in confidence, up from 2% to 14%. Wellington office and retail investors remained the most pessimistic at -18% and -12%, respectively.

The survey received 4485 responses.

More by Chris Hutching for NBR NZ Property Investor