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Construction industry still stunted

The month of April brought no significant stimulus to the construction industry, a new research report from Pacifecon reveals.

The report finds that twelve new major construction projects were commenced and ten tendered during April 2009.

“Of the projects reported by Pacifecon nationally during April 2009 only a third of these are in the private sector and of the total only about a third again are relatively short-term,” the report says.

In the North Island, a $12 million medical centre is being built in Silverdale, and the relocation of wards at Auckland City Hospital is due to commence with a value of $8 million.

Auckland’s Langham hotel has tendered an $8 million upgrade and refurbishment, and the Thomas Building at the University of Auckland is being extended to the tune of $30 million.

The installation of CCTV and gantries between Manurewa and Drury is costing the New Zealand Transport Authority $61 million, and the Mataharua Gorge realignment is worth $40 million.

The refurbishment of the RNZN Torpedo Boat Museum at Devonport is worth $11 million.

In Wellington, Stage 1 of the Forte apartments at Te Aro is beginning at $10 million.

Construction at the Hikurangi Forest Farms in Gisborne is worth $100 million, and stream decontamination and flood control in Wellington is $6 million.

The Picton and Marlborough District Council is spending $5 million on the London Quay waterfront, and the Blenheim Aquatic Centre will cost $14 million.

Other major projects include the new Dunedin stadium construction commencing shortly, worth $188 million, and Christchurch International Airport terminal upgrade at $195 million.

Pacifecon says this is not enough to give the sector the boost it needs.

“No great stimulus to building and construction activity can be anticipated from the April crop of new developments,” the report says.

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Comments and questions

After all the talk the Nats have nothing anywhere to help the building industry. Quite the opposite with no action on the RMA or crazy building requirements imposed by the last Govt. A 12 month "do anything you like" period would get everything going again. Given that 95% of the current buildings in NZ wouldn't comply to todays planning or building regs what would it matter. why not let people do anything they like on their property - why even a have buidling consent? Smoking kills 5000 a year and it you don't need permission from the govt to do that? Gee how many people could get killed from a building anyway?

Get real Nats - fast asleep at the wheel like they always used to be. Bring back another Roger Douglas Labour govt! Its the only time anything happened in this dump!